Night time hide and seek

It happens in night…when you come back from work…throw your car keys on the chest mantle and think now what? What do I do?

After few moments of pondering you open the fridge grab a cola or some water and take a sip…..After a long day’s hardwork you get so used and adaptive to work that it takes you time to settle down in the calm domesticity of your room. Sometimes my room appears to be someone elses…theres always a difference between how I leave my room while leaving for work in morning and the way I find it in night.  😉

The room seems to ask me questions….’hey now you don’t know how to kill time till sleep knocks on your eye lids??’ And I get irritated not because I don’t want to answer rather at my loss of answer.

I switch on my laptop..frisking away from my official files and head for the firefox….trying to connect to long lost friends…..and then I feel little secure knowing am not alone…people are there on the web asking me how am I?

But the worst nightmare is when I don’t find anyone there….I feel lost and I feel like a little kid sitting coyly under the table t obe found by her friends in the game of hide and seek…

No wonder why I lose everytime I play this Night time hide and seek…

Have you ever played?? Or more important -won?


3 thoughts on “Night time hide and seek

  1. Hi Mehak!

    I seem to be the first one to write a comment here!

    I have been looking for a nice template for my blog..and lo you’ve found it! Cool template!

    Gr8 going..i m looking forward to the nice and creative writing of yours in the days to come.

    i can understand the loneliness of being alone or without any contact from frens..ah yes! after 2 bottles of beer,evrything seems fine for me! And i won the game most of the time that way!!

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