Autumn Chill caressing Delhi

The best time is here…the autumn is here. People who have experienced the Delhi in October will agree.

Its unusual because people take autumn as the weather of desertion-where leaves leave tree [pun]. For people who are hard core romantics and who like me long for a person to hold hands and walk hand in hand with cool wind flowing through the hair know what magic am talking about.Autumn leaves

The chilly wind cuts through my arms and gives me little goosebumps telling me -‘honey winter is knocking on the door’. Prepare yourself to wrap in warm embrace.

The dawn gets a new shimmering delight, the afternoons get shorter and little cozier due to warm cups of coffee, the evenings get immeresed in intoxicating  sweeping breeze and the night-oh they are the best-romantic, serene, pristine and quixotic.

 What do you think?


9 thoughts on “Autumn Chill caressing Delhi

  1. Hi Leana,,
    This picture is a wallpaper included in WINDOWS XP. You can find it there and yes go ahead and paint it. I feel its an interesting scenery to paint. I also like to paint sometimes specially trees.

    Fruity 🙂

  2. hi,

    this picture reminds me of a scenery in a disney story. it’s so beautiful. i would never get tired of looking at the picture. if i may ask, is it permissible to paint it? you see i like painting as a hobby and i would like to paint it.

    Leana from Malta

  3. @ Pinaz- Yeah definitely delhi is delhi….be it any weather..its beautiful. And true-its not important to have someone walking alongwith you..but persons who are hard core romantic like me do feel like having someone along. And how can one forget lonesome walks in winter mornings in Lodhi Garden-the dew on your feet…that time even I don’t miss someone!! It is then my date with nature!

    Take care

  4. delhi is delhi…beautiful always…especially autumn n winters…

    long walks in autumn definitely epitomizes its magnificience but its not necessary that u have someone walking along with you…

  5. hmmm…very nice ! makes me feel nostalgic. I used to live in Delhi..and I can imagine this weather..when the winters flirt with Delhi..its very so romantic then.

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