Missing my Grandpa!

I was born after alomst a decade of marriage and a miscarriage. I was my parents hope and a surprise bundle which god has sent wrapped with love.

When my mom was nine months pregnant she slipped in the bathroom and was rushed ot the hospital. My papa was tensed and nervous when the doctor told him-they can only save either mom or the baby. He ran away fom the hospital. And then I arrived at 11:20 pm with blue birthmark on my half body on right side (my mom fell on the right side).

I was a very chubby baby and my mom took hours to make me ready. Papa got ribbons and all sorts of hairclips and frocks for me. I use to get dressed up and aunties of our colony use to come and see me. What I simply abhorred was when they pulled my squishy cheeks. And how repugnant I was towards people who kissed my cheeks and say-‘allleeeelle lelleleee-how cute are you-come to us…..‘. Awwww …… 😦 how I hated it.

I was in the afternoon shift at St. Josephs back then.

Once I was packing my bag and learnt that black color was missing from my color box. I was at my teary best(quite typical of me in childhood-super sensitive I was 😉 ) .

I ran to my grandfather’s house which was few blocks away and told him about my lost crayon. H e could never see a child crying. So he took me in his lap and said -‘baby no need to cry…….‘ . The more he convinced me the harder I cried..heheheheee.

So finally he said ok try to open my fist. Must say it was a very tight grip and after many attempts I opened it and lo behold I found a new black crayon…..

And till today whenever I lose anything -I remember you baba !! And then I open my fist and try to find you in my lines..

Miss you! Hope you’re happy and taking care of Papa! 😦

Till date I don’t know how he managed that?


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