Saawariya-the music review

I recently added Saawariya to my iPOD. Trust me ever since I have heard this new maestro Monty’s work I am mesmerized.

The title track-‘Saawariya daras bina nahi chain‘ simply lingers on and on in your mind and the echo effects of all the taals and dhinakdina from again a new found maestro-Shail Hada are spellbounding. The song is divine and touches your heart and makes you close your eyes and just meditate and think about your love.:) The lyrics take you back to era of 60s with silent S and no shhhhhhh..The avadhi flavor of the songs leaves an enchanting aroma to the soul.

Richa Sharma has sung the song in saintly manner like Mirabai singing for her Krishna (Mirabai was a devotee of the high, higher, highest order. Among the saints of India, she is absolutely unparalleled. She composed many, many bhajans, which are prayerful songs to God. Each song Mirabai wrote expressed her inspiration, aspiration and sleepless self-giving) .

My next favorite is Jab Se Tere Naina. What a piece of pure music and melody by Shaan. This is one of his best works and one that he must be proud of. You feel like going back to the song again and again. Lyrics are just what you feel like singing to your beloved. The taal and refrain by chorus is commendable.  The opening of this oyster song is wonderful-the ‘lage re lage re lage nayanva lage re‘- they drop a hint a pearl has been found. Shaan sounds soft and tender. Innocence is what defines this gem to the hilt. No wonder this song ranks in the Most Played playlist in the iPOD. For all first time and new lovers..enjoy… 🙂

The next best is Saawariya track again by Shail Hada. Kudos to sanjay Leela Bhansali for finding onem ore gem after exploiting the talents of Shreya Ghoshal. My only regret with the song being its length. I mean at 2:47 till the time you sip in the feel of the song-it runs over leaving you wanting for more of it. Leaving you wanting more of -‘I wanna be your date tonight ,you gonna be my princess‘. Oh c’mon Mr. Bhansali-why you did this to wonderful piece..why theres no second stanza ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..loved the way it has been crooned with the haaa haaaa hassssss after the refraining Saawariya.

The next one is Masha Allah-this ones by Kunal Ganjawala-lovely poetry. But the song reminds me of trademark Kunal Ganjawala. Must say this guy arrived with huge bang but needs to reinvent himself-his usual crooning and love ballad stamp somehow lets me down. Its a typical Kunal Ganjawala but beautiful Allah refrain by Shreya Ghoshal. Shreya Ghoshal does the same magic in this number as what Kailash Kher did to Chand Sifraish by crooing Subhan Allah!! Ever wondered how it would have sounded minus the lovely subhan allah………….naah I don’t even wanna make a sin by wondering! ;). For all hardcore romantics and Mills and Boons lovers-this is the song for all those who want to woo their loved ones.

Now comes the Pari track-again a Kunal Ganjawala number. No I don’t have any repugnance against this singer, I o love his work but feel free to confess he needs to reinvent himself. The usual pitches he uses and the usual blues he sings in-is typical of him. I felt little let down by this song. Monotonous and unusual music arrangment somehow kills the essence of this otherwise could have been better song. 🙂

The other trackes inculde Chabeela-Alka Yagnik number. Kunal Ganjawala should take inspiration here-the way Alka Yagnik has sung it-she sounds everything except Alka Yagnik. Totallay naughty, expressive and juicy. The wordings tease you Rani Mukherjee the courtesan teases Ranbir …good work.

Rest of the songs are good but not with repetitive value.

All in all-wonderful finding Mr. Bhansali-kudos to both Monty and Shail Hada.

But I just hope and pray they don’t turn out to be one time 15 minutes of fame success like Ismail Darbar. Don’t know why he could never come up with wonderful album like Hum dil de chuke Sanam ever again?

The album reminds you signature Bhansali tracks-the dhol and lovely music arrangement.

Will keep updating this post for new songs of Saawariya I hear ! Watch out for this space;)

What do you think -listeners of Saawariya?


7 thoughts on “Saawariya-the music review

  1. i had already been here inspite of u sending me the link. I simply loved the songs of Saawariya. My fav ones are the title track, yoon shabnami, jab se tere naina, badmaash…oh my god, im in love wid all the songs, cant single out any one track as fav.

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