There’s no place like Home

I landed in Auckland city on Monday-12th November after two days of gruelling journey. I was badly jetlagged and tired of airports-first in Delhi then in Kuala Lumpur and then in Auckland.

The moment I stepped out of the airport I felt like an alien. I felt disassociated and felt like taking the trolley back and go home. 😦

Auckland is a very nicely planned city and has no errors to point out. Its beautiful and people are warm and friendly. One can see many Indians here. But still every morning when I get up in my plush apartment’s bedroom I feel a pain in my heart, I hear it crying begging to go back. I still feel sad unpacking my luggage. I am clueless why people leave India and come abroad? One has to really take care of every cent spent. I crib about the royal life I had back in Delhi-pampered by my mom and relatives and friends.

I miss my home town….theres no place like it. 😦

I just look forward to the day I complete my aim I had set for myself in NZ and go back to India.

Pray for me readers…….pray for me…………………… 😦


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