Life is gloomy

Life sometimes turns out to be gloomy,sad and depressing. I stand outside my apartment balcony and look at the sky high structurs, crowded roads, busy pavements, swanky cars and people walking steadily. I check what all I have-plush apartment with all necessities, swanky car, nice family, cool branded clothes, funky jewellery, matching sandals, bags….but the more I have these the more empty I feel from inside………I feel theres a big vaccuum inside me-thats never going to fill…….its a black hole-an infinite loop that goes on and on…

I feel cursed and severly inflicted with mental agony and pain… agony goes harder, tougher and challenges me that every time it will come with bigger and harder effect..

I feel like begging to it-please leave me, have mercy on me…. I feel like turning the cycle of my life back to two years…………..

I feel alienated from the rest of the world…..I feel somethings pulling me from my heart and I hate it when my heart comes to my mouth and I get asphyxiated…

Is there any end to this god??


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