Morning Thoughts- I am ALIVE

When I am asked -‘which is my favorite song‘ I ponder over too -yeah why it is indeed my favorite song???????????

I got up this morning stretched my arms………….and thought oh I am late for work. I looked at my cellphone and realized oh no not again I overslept-have just 20 minutes more to head to office! 😦 And again like a typical morning a long yawn followed by rubbing my eyes vigorously. I tied my hair and headed to grab the newspaper…same old stories..I felt bored and headed towards my radio after a long separation. Poor radio must have felt like a 40 year old wife who must have managed to steal a compliment on her looks from her otherwise busy husband. 🙂 Well after few minutes of cajoling the old maid-tunes finally came out with well sync disturbances in frequency. I gave my ears some work and stressed on guessing the song they played. It was my favorite number-I am alive by Celine Dion’.

That moment I just forgot my morning rushes and the struggling hours I had in bathing and dressing up and managing to gulp warm cuppa coffee in all those precious 20 minutes……….I forgot the rushed feelings that crossed me every morning..while waiting for the elevator and muttering underneath over why its taking too long. I forgot the haste I felt while waiting to cross the streets. I forgot how I swore under my breath with a fake smile – 🙂 ‘O Hello Mrs. Stevenson how you doing this fine lovely morning‘. I forgot how I never stole a glance to catch the fresh flowers at Barney’s Florists. I forgot all that and wondered what all have I been losing in my early morning hours.

I wondered how keen I had been on getting that mascara right on both eyes but never wondered how dew looks like on the leaves from those eyes. I wondered how keen I had been on getting that hair prim and proper and never worried about the wind that flew through my hair and softened it. I wondered how keen I had been on getting that sandal well matched with my shirt and never cared about the contrasting clouds that swayed over my head. I wondered how keen I had been on getting that lipstick and gloss right on my lip-line and never on the songs I heard on the streets and felt like sing along.

That moment I felt alive when I did all this what I had been missing for so many days. And trust me morning didn’t looked that rushy to me. It appealed to me and freshened me up in its own busy odd ways. I felt ALIVE….ready to kickass..and felt rejuvenated.

Now I don’t wonder why its my favorite song! You too listen to this song and you will find your morning blues fade away!

Have a nice day and a lovely morning! God Bless 🙂


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