Grass is always greener on the other side!

……………………………………..It was getting unbearable….my mind was all set to explode any moment. I was choked out and my level of asphyxiation crossed the zenith of sanity. I looked down and I saw the household disinfectant there. I looked at it. And rating it as the best optical illusion- I saw it smiling at me with arms outstrecthed. I grabbed it and tried opening the inexorable cap. I tried hard. I ran to fetch knife to cut the bottle off. While coming out of the room I saw a picture of a kid crying on a magazine cover. I don’t know what made me look at his face and grab the magazine. It was a picture of a kid who has lost his parents in Kashmir Militant attack. His face told me many stories- of devastation, lament, angst, hatred, weakness, helplessness and hatred. I thought I am better off than the little kid.

I grabbed my phone and thought will talk to my friend about it and share my paranoia attack. Even before I could tell him my side of story he told me his’. He was frustrated with the large volume of hours he was putting into work and not going anywhere. He was frustrated with his manager who never thought he deserved a good appraisal. He was frustrated with his girl friend who never understood he was earning to secure their future. He was frustrated with the coffee machine which wasn’t working well for the past two hours. Yes he was frustrated. He asked me in despair- ‘dear !Tell me what should I do? Am so done with my life’.

I simply told him just one thing – Do you even know why did I call you in the first place? It was because I couldn’t open the bottle of a disinfectant. And he went like-‘What? You called me simply because you couldn’t open a bottle of disinfectant….what kind of crazy problem is that?

I silently told him- to drink it.

I told him how I was looking out for a knife and saw the picture of a crying kid. He said he saw it too in the morning.

I told him we were atleast better off than the kid. We have everything except peace of mind.

We just remained silent for a while and realized-‘Life isn’t too just teases you with its silly jokes…it just takes your surprise tests, it just makes you aware of the existence of people who are better off, it scares you with the presence of people who have nothing, it just questions you to question yourself, it just makes you jealous of high spirited souls, it just pushes you to run, it just makes you exasperate, it makes you vexed on its irony, it makes you ponder over its length, it makes you look back to correct the past happenings, it makes you wonder when is the end……………’; but life has its own length..its same for all of us…We all live to live….we all have one purpose…to sustain ourselves…god has given more to few and less to more(oxymoron intended)..but god has taken care of all! All have their own share of problems…..unique, big,frivolous, trivial…

But all do have problem. That’s the only same thing with all of us.

Suddenly life didn’t seem to be dull that moment. My headaches went away. I could feel my heart and mind regain some sanity…..I could breathe properly. I kept down the phone.

I knew its not the problems we have…..its just that we feel our problem is bigger than the other….and that’s because……………

Grass is always greener on the other side!

7 thoughts on “Grass is always greener on the other side!

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  3. yeah when ever I see a spastic child or a handicapped person I thank god for all the luxuries he has given to me! Being pysically normal and knowing we have money in our wallet to buy next meal is indeed his choicest blessing on us!

  4. hi,
    thank god u realized that we see our problems bigger….visit my site and read that poem do we have time?u will come to what hell of a time that man must be having………live life smiling at your blessings

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