New age Indian Cinema for Children~Taare Zameen Per

Kudoz to Aamir Khan………..Kudoz to you!!! You genuinely deserve a standing ovation for the extraordinanry performance as Director an actor you actually never had anything to do in front of that kid -Darsheel Safary (Ishan)…a gem has been found…The kid deserves Best Actor Award in National Awards category…….not a la Screen Awards Best Child Artist.He shows an entire gamut of emotions-laughter, angst, frustration, humilation,sparkle,separation, joy,solitude et al….

The entire movie kept me fixated…although the year 2007 did manage to have a movie dealing with the similar theme-Apna Aasman starring Anupam Kher and Shobhna. But somehow it couldn’t touch the heart like Taare…did. Its beautifu, pure and transparent. It shows the simplicity glorified in its finest sense.

I also somehow had problems like Ishan in my school days. I was always confused between ‘Lesser than greater sign < or >‘. I could never get it. I knew which number was greater but still don’t know why always put the other sign. Forget that till today I spell one letter backwards while typing like problme(thanks to Spell check you hardly see them here). Analysts say that this is a sign of getting Alzheimer’s disease in old age.

But I did face lot of problem back in school regards to my< or >. 🙂

The treatment of caning is another important aspect which gave me goosebumps.

The title track makes me move. Every word that comes out reminds me that truly-‘Child is the father of the nation.‘ Its simply beautiful, the words are carelessly comparable to every child. Little dreamy eyed angel full of hundreds of questions and with their own interesting answers, their long explanations, their long sequences of whys, their genius discoveries….

The Maa song is beautiful. It belongs to all of us-ain’t it? All kiddies, rebellious teengers, carefree college kids, messy working those hwo( I am leaving this otherwise who unattended to show I still make my spell mistakes) even have their own kids. We don’t show but we do love our Maa. After all she was indeed our first friend. Miss you Mummaa!

I feel it is brave on part of Aamir Khan to carefully select children as his theme for his very first directorial venture.

Rockford by Nagesh Kukunoor is another gem that falls into the same category.Few years back NDFC did produce few films for children but it also faded away like an old book under dust! NDFC lost its focus but its good to see a mainstream actor choose a subject very well avoided by film makers.

Film makers like Vishal Bhardwaj (Makdee, The Blue Umbrella) have made an earlier attempt and they deserve their fair share of accolades too.

Thank you makers….for enriching the film content for children and why only them for elder ones too. For reminiscing us of our old school day; for making us aware that we are not going to throw our children in the competition or rat race. we are not going to compare them with our relatives or neighbour’s kids and we are not going to make them believe they’re going to be future doctors, engineers, CAs or Managers. They will be what they want to be!

This movie should be straight away made Tax-free and be declared mandatory for all schools………..

Aamir-You did manage to make me teary eyed in the last few scenes……

Will wait for your next venture!!!

All the best! ) to you Aamir and all future film makers of multiplex movie or crossover trend who dare to think different and make something for children!


15 thoughts on “New age Indian Cinema for Children~Taare Zameen Per

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  4. @ Ashutosh- Thanks for dropping by. It a great movie………..every should watch it.

    Hope Aamir Khan keeps gifting us with such gems regularly.
    fruity 🙂

  5. Just want to say THANKS for this kind of great movie. I think every human being should see this movie. I have seen this approx 13 times and can watch it any number of times.

    Thanks again to Aamir Khan…

  6. You are right But we can’t complain more about it.
    Because Today, young directors have talent, they want to show creativity but main problem is money, After all its entertainment industry everybody want to earn…

    If we think carefully then we can understand Hollywood believes in story whereas Indian film rely on show of…
    like in SRK they have less concentration on character story, they think, public like them. But reality its wrong.

    So i always prefer to watch Hollywood movies rather than Yash Raj family(their is no Indian culture in this movies)movies, But also i like Hindi movies like JWM,Munnabhai,RDB,DCH…and so many…

    By the way thanx for reply

  7. @ Vicky

    Thanks for your comment. It was really nice to have brainstorming. I am not comparing Apna Asman and TZP. My point was Apna Asman was also a movie which was on similar theme of a child. The blog post was regarding Hindi movies for children. That’s why I mentioned Rockford and Blue Umbrella also.
    My main complain with hindi cinema is they hardly make any movies catering to children audience. NDFC was being founded but how many movies has it made so far?
    Though the silver lining is the advent of animation movies like Ganesha and Hanuman.
    Hope somebody does something about this target audience or else they will go and watch Yash Chopra artificial churn outs.

    And I’d also suggest you to read Movies section in the blog to read my verdict on latest releases.

    fruity 🙂

  8. Well! Its really great that Indian Cinema are changing their views and having new subject.
    Thanks to share your view about TZP.

    As you mentioned about movie Apna Aasman, well its movie carry the same theme, But you cant compare these two movies.No doubt TZP is always better than Apna Aasman.

    TZP is more about parent-children-teacher emotional relationship which touches our heart where as Apna Aasman is about Side Effects of dreams which parents force on to their children. Every parent wants their children become super genius, For that they force their children.

    Well i want to say only that its just because people only like those movies which are full with emotions But Apna Aasman is more about thriller So it may be chances that it not touches heart..
    Don’t take it hard, It is just my opinion who likes beautiful movies.

  9. @ Dayanand- its true that the movie is a unique masterpiece. Hope Aamir churns out his next production with yet another unique concept too.

  10. Thanks for producing such a fantastic Movie. I have not seen such a movie in last 35 years. It made me teary and from the bootom of my Heart I congratulate you Aamir.

  11. Hi Sheeba,

    Many thanks for sharing your experiences. This is a personal blog….Aamir Khan has nothing to do with it. I am Indian based in New Zealand who too had the same issues in childhood.
    I was touched to know your son’s story. I hope he too comes out with flying colors like Darsheel Safary (our Ishaan).

    All the best. Please keep us posted about your son’s development.
    God bless you and Shawn and may he give you strength.

    I request all my readers to take out few minutes and pray god to help Sheeba and Shawn.

    fruity 🙂

  12. Dearest Mr Amir Khan

    it is really nice to watch ur movie it a absulutly diffrent subject movie same case in my house i live in pakistan Rawalpnidi my son his name (Shawn samuel) now he is in 6 class but still he is very week in all subject he dont know about urdu n english sound but now i m going to apply ur method i dont know how he will come in 6 class anyway ……when i was watching movie i was crying u done very good job sub ko maat dey di. now i requst u u have a pawerful mind plz dont stop ur production i know ur every movie lessonful for us..if u reply then i will tell u one more points to help u make a another movie …………God bless u Amir khan jeetey raho shan sey

    sheeba samuel

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