Beautifully ruined

It had been almost three months after my recovery from that accident. I was dying to be my normal self again and go back to normal life.

Next fine morning I decided to go out while my mother was sleeping and grab a cup of coffee. One simple task it may sound! But with my mom on my side I had no recollection of being out of my bed.

I grabbed my coat and walked towards the door and saw my neighbour’s dog coming out of the door across the hall. ‘Dollar Dollar!’ –I called and he looked at me shyly and coyly moved back to the door. ‘How queer‘- I thought to myself remembering the jolly good times I had spent with Dollar when old Mrs. Francis had some work.

I kept thinking while walking. I finally reached my favorite place in world- the place where I felt comfortable smelling the aroma of coffee beans, freshly baked bagels and muffins, bristling sound of coffee mugs and spoons.

The cafe was unusually empty and I conveniently found a place in the corner where little sunshine came. I admired the little flowers on the centre piece while waiting for Ronaldo to take my order. I shifted my eyes outside the window and saw Barney’s Florists- I again admired the beautiful blooming flowers he had. There were blue, some pink, lots of yellow and nice white ones wrapped in nice matte paper sheets and all sorts of flowy ribbons.

I was memserized by the look of something so beautiful and natural after so long. I was still admiring them when I heard Ronaldo’s voice asking for the order. I ordered for my favorite coffee while still looking at the flowers across the street. ‘Will that be all?‘. I was finally taken out of my visual treat and I turned my head. ‘Ginaoh is that you?’- Ronaldo somehow appeared little braver than Dollar at that moment. I said offcourse its me you fool. He just went away after leaving the newspaper there.

I wondered what happened to him. He didn’t ask me anything, he didn’t chat about his paintings, he didn’t even ask about my accident. I was wondering how everything has changed since my accident three months ago.

I decided to go back and buy some flowers to cheer up. As I prepared to leave I saw Ronaldo weeping a little. I went out of the cafe with surprised emotions. I waited to cross the road. I saw a woman and her kid looking at me and the woman trying to close the kid’s eyes.

I knew it and was pretty sure somethings wrong-my hair, my face ,my clothes or something. I turned back and tried to see in the glass window. I shrieked.

Mom was there when I opened my eyes. She was holding my hands. She told me I had fainted. I asked her why she never told me my face was ruined. She said how could she tell me knowing that I was a model and my face was my asset. She even told me its going to take many surgeries more for me to get back to my original self again.

I asked her to hand me the mirror. I kept looking at this strange face which had earlier launched a milion products and appeared on hundred magazines. I saw it and remembered what Matthew Simons the best photographer had said after my first commercial -‘Gina your face has been beautifully chiselled by god himself‘.

And now I wondered -‘My face has been beautifully ruined by god himself‘.


7 thoughts on “Beautifully ruined

  1. ahaan…..okko…

    wat abt :
    ’My face has been beautifully ruined by god himself’…

    just kiddin ya 🙂

  2. @ Sridhar- Thanks for your comment. The pic goes with the story line as the last lines say- ‘’Gina your face has been beautifully chiselled by god himself‘’

    This face has arabic aayats written all over it….
    fruity !

  3. @ Prakhar- Thanks. Keep visiting the blog for more. Read She left and so did she. Its quite interesting too.

    fruity 🙂

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