Orkut V/S Facebook

Lets admit-we all are bitten by the networking site virus. Be it hi5, friendster, yaari, myspace,orkut or facebook….we do have an account on either one of them or two of them.

I opened my account on Orkut after much much pushing by my friends who thought if I wasn’t on Orkut I was out of the circle of friends !!!! duh huh…. Well being a QA person my first thoughts on Orkut were- BUGS BUGS BUGS & BUGS. My god the biblical version of Orkut was full of bugs and had several cosmetic issues. It was pain even to scrap a person because one had to first open a person’s profile and then the scrapbook to scrap. Orkut improved once adopted by Google. It still suffers from several issues-like it still can’t count (there are various communities standing testimonial to this fact, it allowed no album like structures for photos, it allowed to upload only 10 photos, there was no option to crop the display picture, there were no updates available and the serious of all- Security and privacy issues.

But even above all this Orkut has changed my life-thanks to it I landed up in NZ meeting my soulmate! Still it has given me pains several times. Till today when I very enthusiastically plan to add the latest pictures on my album-I hate doing it one by one, I hate the order it presents the photos, I hate it how I have to individually delete each and every picture, I hate it as it doesn’t allows to tag people and so many more. I hate how incorrectly it counts- number of my friends, my fans and my communities. One day I was frantically searching for a particular scrap which is another pain in the neck-cause it simply doesn’t allows you to sort your scraps friendswise. I started from the last and kept clicking previous and previous but after 2-3 clicks it simply denied to show me anymore previous scraps and kept taking me to the first page of my scrapbook.


Joining Facebook was entirely a matter of being in touch with my pals and cousins who stayed abroad. And I joined it like a confused kid on her first day at school. The obscure applications baffled my mind, the zillions of notifications got on my nerves and I just used it to send a Wall message to my friends. Slowly slowly I got addicted to it-the cool applications proved an instant timepass telling me stuff about myself and my friends, the Likeness application told me how much similar I was with so many of my pals, the quiz helped me prove my winning streaks, the crazy Flixster and iLike application took me by my heart.

Orkut is orkut-it does have its own charm for being the pioneer in India, for revolutionising the concept of networking sites. It encouraged so many dorks to get hooked onto internet. But it did give way to many notorious activities and pervs out there-the guys with weird english sending even weirder add requests. And how can I forget the sad cases of Adnan Patrwala or Koushami Layek?

Sample this one from my last pages of scrapbook-

u r beautiful then aishwarya rai not other girl will be challenge u in orkut . can u become my good friend if u thnen pls contact me at abc@iabcdggjgjgngjgr.com.
because only u are very very beautiful girl in orkut i have not seen any other girl like u all girls are lower then u .

THANKS xxxxx xxxxx

🙂 😉

Facebook is safer, orkut is more desi cause it has all my Indian pals there. I just wish Orkut takes security issues to the top most priority and finds ways to fix the several numerative bugs it has. Technically the difference is in just pure aspx coding and the php. But as the end user- my rights make me ask for more security and privacy.

Hope Orkut people listen to numerous users like me. And for those out there who haven’t checked out Facebook yet-do it…agree its American in all its way-but it has its own charm! Trust me.



6 thoughts on “Orkut V/S Facebook

  1. @ Yaake- Yeah you’re right it ounds funny when you read it in your way. Its ture someone actually scrapped me this weird message. Actually there are more of them in the ast pages of scrapbook. Now I simply delete them.
    fruity 😉

  2. @ facebook.blogspace4you- awesome…….my post was added onto facebook’s official blog right after I posted it….

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