Sleeping tantrums

I have always had trouble sleeping. I have always had a thing that would actually have me enjoy my beauty sleep. As a kid I remember my dad use to put me into a cradle but I still use to cry. So he invented this unusual ideaa of pulling my cradle up near the fan. And that I fancied a lot.

In my school days my elder bro and I shared a room on the first floor while our parents slept on the ground floor. My brother use to tell me all those stories using his hand shadows in the dark. He use to make amazing peacocks and rattly snakes and bunnies. His stories amused me a lot and I use to sleep peacefully. We use to sometimes even make tents of quilts and use torch to see ourselves.

We shiftd to a new place and we still shared a room together. The hand movements went away but I still nagged him for his stories. His stories had all the unimaginable things lined up-my favorite being the elephant’s birthday party where all the animals were invited and big hoopla was done. It amazed me to all the inner and wildest chambers of my little inquisitive brain. And yeah how can I forget the silly bunny stories.

We grew up. I moved to high school he moved to college….but my story session still came up once in a while and I still fancied the elephant’s birthday party story. Now I had my little sweet stuff toys-Mr. Bubbles, snoopy, madonna, adam and eve, Sylvester and so many more. I use to grab them and hug them and go to sleep.

My brother got married and timid little girl me I was scared of sleeping alone in my makeshift room. I use to sleep with my parents. My mother always preferred the corner so I had to sleep in between. Those were the best nights I slept cuddling her and also feeling my dad’s protective self around me. I always had the habit of putting one of my leg on top of my dad’s waist and my hand on my mom’s. Awkward position- You betcha!! I loved it. And then there were times when I had a rough day at work-I use to tell dad to put both his legs over my feet so that I could forget the pain. And it was always relieving.

After I got engaged I use to sometimes feel my parents caressing my forehead and the next morning I use to ask my mom about it. She use to just say that Papa is worried what will he do when I will be gone. 😦

Well now I wonder a lot what am I gonna do coz he is gone.

Okay coming back to the post. Now that I am all settled I still have trouble sleeping. Initially my sweetheart tried putting me to sleep by caressing my hair (sometimes whole night!!!!!!!!). But now I have got so conditioned to it that he had to resort to another method.

Yes he is using the good old- story telling technique for the past three days. First day he told me old honest carpentar story, next day he tried selling me story of Khiladi (yes the Akshay Kumar flick) and then he tried telling me story of Omkaara using jungle characters…..Phewwww it helped me a lot..coz as quickly after 5 minutes I was off to dreamworld forgetting the story and all weird characters. Next night when he questions me about the last night story- I am at loss of words coz I simply can’t remember anything! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..

Hmm now I am sure he is gonna stop telling me stories-wonder whats my next sleep thing is gonna be!


4 thoughts on “Sleeping tantrums

  1. Sleeping Tantrums.

    This is the true story that my little sis has depict and I am missing those wonderful best days of our life.

    Missing and love you a lot dear sis

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