Valentine’s Day-commerical gimmick or really mushy?

Well as its about Valentine day..let me choose the color of valentine.

Valentine Day creates a huge fervour every year. One can see emails being exchanged, communities being created on the networking sites and yes greeting card companies putting their glossy signs everywhere -’14th February is Valentine Day’. It is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending cards, flowers and confectionary. Valentine day was mainly a festival for Europeans and North Amercans. But thanks to concentrated marketing efforts (a la Archies, Hallmark et al) it has emerged as a goldmine in Asia. It has become more or less obligatory to buy Red roses which cost stupendous on this day, buy assorted chocolates and other gift items. In India-the Religious Police imposed a ban on the celebration by creating mayhem in Archie Galleries and hitting the loving couples. The religious groups believe that the concept is hampering our culture and heritage.

My viewpoint here is- India is a country of Lord Krishna whose love story with Radha is still preached in temples around the globe. We are a country where Love is found in all forms of relations- brothers, sisters, fathers, daughters, mothers, grandparents…What we actually need to understand is the true spirit of Valentine. It doesn’t demands buying expensive roses or gifts. It is a day whose significance belongs in the spirit of thanking our loved ones-our parents, our friends, our wellwisher sand our lovers too.

Hardcore marketing strategies have commercialized the whole concept. Jewellery ads, mobile ads and other FMCGs ads are targetted towards Valentines Day. For the companies it is yet another day to make some good business. The restaurants are booked and have big waiting. In India valentine Day is more of a commercial celebration rather than the emotional one. I remember my grandparents and parents wondering when did they celebrated in their time? They didn’t needed a day to express their loves as the couple always had leisure time to sit together and listen to the radio, go to market to buy vegetables, think about new saving schemes and asking what to cook for dinner. Now that was real romance.

Couples today are busy-the concept of Double income is ubiquitous. They don’t find time for each other. Cellphones and emails do the magic. For them this day is a reminder to take out time from the regular schedule and just hold hands and say I love you one more time.

One more info- By a further marketing effort, a reciprocal day called White Day has emerged. On March 14th, men are expected to return the favour to those who gave them chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Originally, the return gift was supposed to be white chocolate or marshmallows; hence “White Day”. However, lingerie and jewellry have become common gifts.(Source: wikipedia)

My take is- Say I love you as often as you can-just don’t publicize and commercialize love. Its too sensitive a concept to bear the brutality. To each his/her own!


4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day-commerical gimmick or really mushy?

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