All the rings ring at the same time

We are always busy. Life seems like a fast forward motion picture track. Running to get hold of time, working, studying, crying, whimpering, cursing, swearing, drinking, wondering, sleeping, eating, walking, smoking, thinking- always something or the other is happening.

Sometimes all the rings ring at the same time- be it the landline phone, cellphone, oven or doorbell. Life is just like this scenario-all the rings keep ringing at the same time. I get nervous and wonder what to do first and what no to do. Everything seems to vacuum me inside its own blackhole. I try to run here and then there. But still it keeps getting obscure and I give up. All things question you, you get baffled up, feel like going far away from all the things. But you can’t let go of yourself. You don’t remain the master of your own self. Situations conquer you- domineer you. People who aren’t important command you.

I tried running from it once. But got vacuumed deeply into the blackhole. And here I am writing this. Why don’t you try too to escape? Even if you don’t succeed- don’t worry you’ll have my company!

Come to me ……………….


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