My fake side is on

I said Hi to her and talked for another long ten minutes forty five seconds. I know the exact time because I looked at the timer at the end of the call. We didn’t liked each other for so many years but still continued to give each other complimentary formal hellos and how are yous? We know we don’t like each other but the hooded pride always steps over the strong inner self . The heart pangs grow higher at the mere presence but a stretched smile runs across the lips as a reflex gesture. A prompt greeting pops out of the muttering lips on its own.

As soon as we cross paths- whispered swearings ooze out on own inside the heart. The feminine characters come out to prowl on the past 00:10:45 of my life.

Meeting people at parties who I hardly know is another sad saga. Kissing ass is most torturous here. I feel like shaking the person sitting opposite completely and yelling till my lungs protrude- ‘You’re the biggest jerk I’ve ever known-get the hell out of here‘. But instead the same fake side takes precendence and my usual reflexes prompt a stretched smile and a sweet hello.

I don’t know for how long will I have to keep my fake side on?

I know we should have-‘ in your face’ attitude but I guess I don’t belong to that race. Being nice comes naturally to me. My fake side is on.

🙂 🙂


One thought on “My fake side is on

  1. HAHAHAHAHA..!!!!!!!!!! I know what you mean! Oh my god, even in NY, people were so fake!!! I think the cartoon you’ve added above describes them the best… At times, even I wanted to slap someone silly and scream that they’re a big jerk!! hehehe…
    Ah, but what to do? we have to be our fake selves or else we’ll be disowned by society… 😀

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