Mind flirting with thoughts

I want so many things badly and the world is conspiring against me having them. It happens to me on a regular interval- this phase strikes me. A phase where I have bad mood swings, I do not feel anything positive around me and everything depresses me. I feel lonely in crowd. I get silent when everybody’s talking. I deal with my own escapades to a far world. The mind constantly thinks harder and the veins dilate till the cranium.

The talks sound like a background score and I have my talks going on in my mind. I am with my own self. I discuss my own thoughts- defend them and speak against them right there in my mind. The sonorous mind aches too but still the discussion keeps emerging stronger till I am perturbed by someone -‘hey what happened to you? why are you so quiet?‘.

I really do not know what to answer as I am already upset over the untimely abortion of new ideas. I smile and say- ‘nothing-I am fine‘. I long to go back to my flirting session but the real life objects keep pulling me back. They don’t let me escape to nurture my thoughts. They conspire together to kill them at the nascent stage. I retaliate and try to cocoon myself.

The mind flirts and keeps puking on paper-posts after posts. But I am not seeking any cure for it-I enjoy its puking. It lessens the burden of all flirted amalgamated idea off it. The load feels lighter and encourages me to go back to the real life objects.


6 thoughts on “Mind flirting with thoughts

  1. Flights of fancy , the mind is the one part of our body which is ever active, even when we are in a state of rest , unconscious of the world around us .

    The truth is that the mind forges us into becoming what we want to be , our sub conscious while we are asleep, decides our actions while awake.

    Our thoughts are the most powerful weapon we have which can take us to uncharted and unexplored territories that we ourselves may not be aware of !

    Truly , that is exactly the reason why it is often said that do you know yourself , i mean do you really actually know what you stand for – and what keeps you ticking !!

    Give that one a serious thought ! Mind power !!

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