Fruity is back

Hi Readers,

I am back after my easter break. It was strange we had easter here and holi back home. Anyways holi was spent relaxing in the spa.

Keep watching the space for more flirted thoughts I pondered over while staying in the lodge on a maroon island with no electricity, no internet and absolutly no fake smiles!! 😛

Beaches were beautiful with white shimmering sand, water glittered with sun’s rays and mountains standing with glorific chivalry. I did kayaking too. Rowing is a great experience. I still remember rowing the Shikara in the mystic Dal Lake.

Holiday always rejuvenates the mind. I know it for sure because I have had minimalistic holidays since my childhood. We never went out on trips as kids. I can count using only one hand’s fingers the trips I have ever taken. But now I know holidays are a must have.

I missed playing holi too. But now I somehow feel holi is a long gone story for me. I have gained a higher level of mind than the earlier one where the colorful mind tickled weeks before the main festival.

We came back and I first checked my fish tank. All my goldfishes (Ross, Rachel, Phoebe and Joey) got excited to see me after so long. Then I headed to the laptop to check my mails. I also got messages from my friends suggesting to watch Race . I liked it. Overall the week started on a great note and ended on a great one too.

So I will be back in full swing. Keep watching and not to forget commenting.

Till then as I say- Let my mind flirt with thoughts! 😉

fruity 🙂


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