Torch or torture?

Every evening I sit down to have dinner and watch news. The story of worldwide outrage against Olympic torch in various cities upsets me. I see people crying and bleeding for ‘Free Tibet’. The campaign has become a hope of deliverance for people who have lost their home, their country and their family. Chinese media is not reporting anything about it on TV and newspapers. They are showing just the glorious side of the event. The 1956 Melbourne Olympics were the first Olympics that were boycotted by the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland, because of the repression of the Hungarian Uprising by the Soviet Union; additionally, Cambodia, Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon, boycotted the games due to the Suez Crisis. I see young people being tortured by police.

China is going to have tremendous effects to its economy in world standing because of the games. They have tried to wipe the entity of a whole country. They have been trying to claim their share on Indian boundaries also. Does China actually deserve to be the host of such honorable event? Interestingly in year 1979 the People’s Republic of China refused to participate in the Games because Taiwan had been competing under the name “Republic of China”. And now the same country which couldn’t tolerate the nomenclature difference is hosting the gala event and prudly banishing media from reporting real stories of world wide protests.

The torch has lost its beam. It has lost its benevolent illumination of “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (a Latin phrase meaning “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”). The spirit of game is marred by the violent protests and barbaric torture being given to protestors.

China shouldn’t have been given the rights to host. Even if its given atleast the spirit of games can be respected by not torturing the protestors and showing the true picture to its countrymen.

The Tibetan uproar againt China is not going to end till the time the nation is given its identity and the people return to their home.

Lets hope it happens before more blood is spilled!!

free tibet


8 thoughts on “Torch or torture?

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  2. @ Yaake- yeah the torch is losing its spirit and sheen. Its becoming a symbol of boosting national economies and satisfying diplomatic egoes.
    Thanks for being the 16,344th alien- this blog SPACE is all yours!
    fruity 😉

  3. I know what you mean… It is a sad tale… Down the years, the olympic torch has become a symbol of pride and honor, but not anymore… ppl would much rather threaten to destroy the sacred torch than adhere to certain principles… I don’t know how ppl can even think of destroying the torch..!! disgusting…
    you’ve got a very good blog here… i am the 16,344th alien, and I come in peace! 😀

  4. @ Andback- thanks for your insight on the topic. its not that now only I/we are getting worried about Tibet. The concenr has always been there. My post was regardign the Olympic torch and its diminishing sheen whereever its going. It makes me hard to digest my dinner when ever I see a young tibetan crying-‘free tibet’. I find hard to swallow my morsel and barbarism of my fellow not so human friends.
    Hope someday we will understand that earth is our planet……..and whole world is our country……

    fruity 🙂

  5. @Why now and other Why Why sayers

    China is a classic case of how you can turn a cow into cat with surgical precision in this modern era where we so proudly claims that technology has broken the divide.

    It is in many ways a trule f**ked up country which cant go back on its ideology. And for heavens sake please dont bring Kashmir and Khalistan into it. Or if you really want bring in those 9-10 odd this-hillock-is-dingland this-paddy-is-dongland people from Eastern India.

    Oh the propoganda and control that requires to keep 1.3 billion chineese into a JAIL! Creating a whole generation fed with lies and an incorrect history. Its the genocide of truth.

    some interesting facts about china(and the world)

  6. Its not that no one was worried about Tibet so long ago too. We are worried about Somalia, Armenia and genocide in many parts of the world. I personlly feel depressed over Kashmir. I have been there-its god’s paradise now secured by militia. My concern in the this post was about- significance of Olympic torch. Its causing pain and suferings wherever its going intead of garnering globalization benevolence. And to top it with Chinese media ignorance over it-makes me sad.

    Hope this merciless killing spree stops before humanity vanishes from the planet.


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  8. Very well written – one of the few arguments on the Tibet issue I have seen put so well. However ….

    Why just Tibet? One month or so ago no one seemed to care.

    What about the countless other seperatist movements? Kurdistan (Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Armenia), Chechnya (Russia), Tamils (Sri Lanka), Kashmir (India/Pakistan). Khalistan (India), Balochistan (Pakistan) Norther Ireland (UK)………. and on and on.

    Why just pick out this Tibet issue. The human rights record of so many countries is dreadful at present, so why is everyone picking on China. And whatever happened to a place called Somalia? Or Iraq, Afghanistan etc The media suddenly seems to have found a great distraction.

    Here is an interesting article on the situation from the Asia Times:

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