Most likely to have same random thoughts as me

Copying ideas

It has happened to me so many of those several times that I have lost count completely. I have same random thoughts with people and feel OMG he thinks as I do. When I am reading blogs I come across few posts that seem to jump straight out of my mind and walk across someone else’s blog. The views, expressions and the whole theme runs on the same wavelength as mine with the similar crests and troughs of flow of whole post. I feel a yelling inside my mind- ‘Hey I feel the same too.’ Apart from the blogs; even while chatting with few people I share certain common liking on areas like some rare song/movie/book. I seem to hit off so well. Considering any likeness test (dedicated Facebook fan) I seem to score 96% with such people. Just few days back I was chatting with a new found friend on Gtalk and we seem to hit off really well. we even had same taste in music and opinion on different issues. Yesterday I was blogrolling with Yaake and I discovered a post there on gtalk status. He wrote what I also had observed. I posted a comment on it and he replied what I was doing. His reply was -‘I have started adding my blog address as my gtalk status’. No need to mention I am also doing the same. What better way to promote visitors to your blog than advertising the link on your chatting console?

This reminds me of my geomatry class of Similar triangles. The dimensions are not same but yeah the shape and angles are same. The angle point on few issues is perfect simulation of my angles. It looks as if they have been carbon copied. Does it happen with you?

Don’t tell me it does? It perfectly supports the very idea behind this post… I go again -OMG


3 thoughts on “Most likely to have same random thoughts as me

  1. @ Yaake- Hmm thank god you weren’t intending to post on the same topic.
    Well I have given my aliens path to your galaxy.
    Now we are SPACE JAMMING.
    fruity 😉

  2. Lol… Wouldn’t it freak you out if I told you I was planning to blog on the same topic..?? 😀
    Don’t worry, I wasn’t actually… hehe…
    But yeah, this has happened to me too… Loads of times… Sometimes its like staring into a mirror… 🙂
    and hey, please link my name to my blog… let all the aliens visit me too.. 😀

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