Sometimes somethings…….

My favorite



4 thoughts on “Sometimes somethings…….

  1. @ Yaake- OMG. Remember my ‘most likely to have random thoughts’ post? I also took out the printout of the first one and tacked it to my work station.?????????????????? 😀 I am losing my neurotic control here.
    Yeah the second one is abysmal -a backfire for the first one. That’s why I arranged them like that in the post.
    When you complete school -life is a question;when you complete your uni -life is a bigger question……….you don’t know if you’re keeping track with your real aspirations or not. Believe me in the end you get what you wanted. I have been there, felt it and emerged out of it. But change is the only constant factor in life. So who knows I may face few more of those situtation in near future?
    fruity 😉

  2. Wow… I loved the first one… Very inspirational! And so true… I’mn gonna print it out and tack it to my board on my desk! I wanna read it every time I’m losing control… Thanks for sharing such a lovely thought! 🙂

    The second one’s very very introspective… I’ve had such times too… Maybe, i’m going through one of them right now… But at times like these. I’d read the first one and take heart in the fact that not all’s lost… 🙂

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