Uncanny lyrics make TASHAN groovy

I downloaded TASHAN’s OST to the iPOD three weeks back. I am a major Vishal-Shekhar afficiando and TASHAN leaves no doubts on the devotion. I AM A FAN OF ITS LYRICS.

DIL HAARA- I just love the music arrangement here. Its so groovy and heart pulsating that all the corners of the heart go thump thump….. 🙂 The crooning by Sukhwinder is applaudable and specially from me as I don’t think of him as a great singer because of his repetitive singing style. But Vishal and Shekhar have explored his singing histronics to the very details. Listen to him in the end piece of the song. Listen on full volume. You’ll never feel like coming out of its black loop. The starting though made me wonder oh is it gonna be another of Sukhwinder’s boring rendition? The chorus hooooooooooooooowhhoo is awesome. (Teaser’s clip). Imagine the lyrics Chappan taare tod naach lu, tabadtod naach lu….too good.

Chhaliya- The song opens at a brilliant note. It sounds chic and naughty. No wonder its been chosen for Kareena herself to flaunt her I don’t think 😀 so Size 0 figure. She looks malnutritioned and I think she looks really bad. She has got a truly punjabi body frame and should stick to a bit extra pound silhouette to look great like she did in Jab We Met. The song looses completely in middle. Though I keep wondering at the exceptionally chosen lyrics. My fav part is the beginning of the song.

Dil Dance Maare-Ok move sideways people. Here’s raising a toast to V&S for a new found hit. Dil Dance Maare is the new Kajrare or Deewangi Deewangi. The lyrics are a strange mix of hindi, enlish, hinglish and even bhojpuri. White white face dekhe, dil vo beating fast, dil vo sasure chance maare re!!!!!!! Can you imagine a song like this? O GOD..its ostentatious in all positive ways. It grows on you. Although I didn’t liked it at the first go but now I love it. Its hilarious and Udit, Sukhwinder and Sunidhi sound having a ball. The harmonium tune reminds me of 70s.

Falak Tak- Another of my fav after Dil Haara. I hope the video turns out great. Its the sole love ballad in the album. The opening is average Yash Chopra number. The combo of Udit and Mahalaxmi is awesome. The lyrics are beautiful. The imaginative love ballad is beautiful and the music arrangement is good. The dholak sound is good. I love it solely because of the poetry.

Tashan mein Vishal has teamed with Salim to churn out this title track. Though the bits and pieces of song remind me of Omkaara’s title track. Its a typical V&S number and I love the intelude. Its peppy. But nothing in comparision to title tracks of Cash, Dus or Bluffmaster.

The intro sessions of all 4 characters- My fav is bhaiyyaji ka tashan and bachchan pandey ka tashan.I however didn’t liked Jimmy Ka tashan. Sounds typical Saif. Pooja Ka tashan is average.

I love Dil Haara and Falak tak.

And after my Saawariya‘s loooooooong and never ending review- I still have one thing to say-I love Saawariya’s title track. Its intoxicating. Please listen to it once and feel its depth.



For exclusive movie review read- http://www.businessofcinema.com/news.php?newsid=8032

I haven’t yet seen it. As soon as I see refer the movie section of my blog!

18 thoughts on “Uncanny lyrics make TASHAN groovy

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  3. At last I found someone who seems impressed by Tashan’s music atleast. I liked Tashan a lot but I totally agree that story dint go too well….coming back to the topic…the songs were awesome….
    Imagine…hanging out of a fast moving trains door, with air just tearing your hair n you listening to the title track ‘TASHAN MEIN’….awesome!!! (A secret: I did this) 😉

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  5. Hi Anantha, Thanks for your brilliant take on the post! I am a major music buff!! I agree V&S have added a new dimension to Hindi music….And yes Mast kalandar was too good.
    Yep Dil Dance Maare was unbearable in the movie…..
    thanks again..

    fruity 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I quite liked ur review on music of Tashan.

    Have been addicted to ‘Tashan mein’ frm past few weeks. Apart from being a successful composer, I must say Vishal is creating a new genre of singing. The energy and the vibrancy in his voice is unmatchable, which is a must for these kinda songs. I liked Saleem Shehzad from the time he sang ‘mast kalandar’ song in ‘Heyy Baby’. His voice is delicious red wine!

    I too loved to hate ‘dil dance maare’ when I first heard it. Now im bearing it sm how and liking it too…

    Signing off,

  7. Dear,Friend
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    back-to-back successes in 2007. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are on an all time high after

    the super success of Race and Jab We Met.
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  8. Fruity
    I used to watch two movies a day… hehe… Godfather remains the all time favorite, followed by Ice Age, Se7en, The color of money, all the James Bond movies and finally, the Oceans’ series… 🙂
    (Lemme guess, these are YOUR favs too!!?)

  9. @ Yaake- Heeheee. Its alright. Maybe bollywood is still a far reached insipid space for you. But for me its my own planet.
    So you like hollywood movies? Which ones are your favorite? I am a fan of movies. I watch a movie daily.
    fruity 😉

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