TV terror

Well those who have read my post on Torch or torture know my dilemma while having dinner. Every evening I sit down to enjoy my meal in the calm domesticity of my home. TV plays in the background and evening news is on.

Yesterday the news showed the shocking incident of an Austrian girl who was kidnapped and sexually abused for 24 long years by her own father and bore him seven children. I was deeply tormented by the news and her state. Though the news channel didn’t showed her face or anything but just imagining her in my mind made it hard for me to swallow that itsy bitsy morsel. I was shocked at the atrocities being committed on her from the same man whose moral duties were to protect her. She was imprisoned in a basement for more than twenty four years and subjected to sexual, physical, moral and inhuman torture. I felt icky and somewhere I knew I wanted to throw up.

Today the same news was shown- her father is arrested and has agreed to all the charges on him. I was about to go into the same mood frame as yesterday but thankfully not the news channel announced a quick break and decided to return with a story on food price in Haiti. I felt little relieved and hoped to enjoy my dinner. The news returned with the beaming news anchor in her chic jacket with bright red lipstick as she announced the next story. The story began with a severely malnutritioned kid in Haiti crying bitterly. The reporter showed several kids with swollen bellies and legs (Kwashiorkar) who haven’t eaten anything for weeks. That time only I was thinking of leaving the food in my plate as I felt I was through with my meal. The next images were of food market in Haiti where a simple and staple diet food such as Corn flour costs more than $1 USD. I was shocked to know 80% of Haiti’s people’s income (middle class only) goes in buying food supplies. The Haitian women have come out with a solution to satifsy their crying kids. They make a paste of soil and water and make it in shape of a tortilla and feed their kids. I choked on my morsel and got tears in my eyes.
I saw people fighting wih their own country men over food where I sit in my First world country enjoying 5 courses a day. The kids there don’t even know what food is and here our dust bins even know the taste of Pizza Huts, Subways and McDonalds and KFCs. I felt guilty. I felt depressed. I felt sick.

I want to do something for them but can’t do anything apart from twitching my nails in my hands while watching their grim photos. I can speak a few lines about their dire state. I am here writing a stupid post about it knowing fairly well Haitian’s can’t even read it. I can’t do anything.

I can think about myself as a selfish being and stop watching news while having dinner and enjoy the Simpson’s banter. I can be free of all those worries.

What should I do? I am crossing the line between being ethically barbaric and unethically social. I don’t know, I am disturbed, anguished and sad. I do not know what to do for them? I want to protect myself from falling in the last year visited bout of depression. Is it alright on my part to switch off the channel and be carefree or watch it and crib about it?

What should I do? Please suggest.

10 thoughts on “TV terror

  1. @ Suda- thanks for your input. Yeah am clueless about what to do??? I am so helpless. I get tears in my eyes when I see so much pain around me.

  2. Fruity, me too can’t watch these children. And yet I am to find a perfect answer to your question. May be I will let you know after some thinking.

  3. @ Yaake- Yeah its true he is screwed up. Today the news carried pictures of him holidaying and people reporting that he was always strange as he carried heavy amount of food in late nights to his cellar area. Well noone actually ever complained! 😦

    I am really sick of Indian news channels like Aaj Tak and India TV. They are the worst and have lost the sense of meaning of a
    word -‘JOURNALISM’.
    Read this post where media has glamorized news and has costed several families-a few of them I have known personally.
    This is a topic I care deeply about.


  4. @Fruity,
    I don’t know if he’s sentenced to die or not, but I think he should be… There’s no point in trying to evaluate his psyche, because we all know its screwed up!
    And its sad that news channels have become objects of such glamor!! I’m an ex-journalist myself, and it hurts me to see the state of affair… especially in india… 😦

  5. @ Yaake- Is it true he issentenced to die? Last I heard was he would get life imprisonment as psychological reports suggest he has problems.
    And no worries you’re most welcome to clutter my space. This planet invites flirting sessions.

  6. @ Yaake- No I for sure can’t go there and help out personally. Its not because I dont want to its becasue I am not that strong to face so much sadness around me. I get tensed with little things and have lost the will to see pain now.
    I have decided not to get overtly attached with news items as every day they gonna carry a new news itme and glamorize it and sell it like hot cakes. Few days later no on will remember Haiti or the Austrian girl. Its all glamour of news channel no one cares really.

  7. We all know killing is wrong, but if the austrian monster is sentenced to die, isn’t it like an ethical loophole….? 🙂
    P.S. Sorry for cluttering your post with these long comments, but I’m very verbal about such topics! 🙂

  8. Fruity,
    I understand your plight. Believe me, this morning, I so wanted to blog about that austrian incident… I frankly choked on my food when I read about it! The papers carried photos of the girl and her monster father!! He really looks like a monster! Disgusting!! I hope they sentence him to death!
    See, here’s where the link lies to your second part of the terrifying TV ordeal… When you watch a heart-wrenching story like the food crisis in haiti, you don’t really know what to do. We’re all well off, have food thrice a day, have access to a computer and have money to basically freak out… But when you watch stories like that on TV, our morality pricks at us. What can we do after all?
    Can we trust the charity organizations that promise us that our money and food and clothes reach these unfortunates? That’s the maximum we can do, short of giving up our lives and going over there to help them… Are you prepared to do that? I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t do it, not because I don’t care about them, but because I’ve got a lot of people who care for ME over here, and who’re dependent on me, and I have a duty towards them.
    It becomes a question of ethics and morality in the end.
    Read this post… I found this kinda interesting… It’s somewhat on the same lines, where your ethical dilemma is addressed…
    Should you change the channel? I think you shouldn’t… They deserve to be seen and heard, at least… Think about it… 🙂

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