Indian Indian bhai bhai

Its such a refreshing feeling while coming down the elevator from the lonesome niche of 8th floor to the real world with real people. I sometimes get company of a smiling old Kiwi man or a cherubic African girl in the elevator. The face meets and a random ‘hi how are you‘ pops out of the mouth. Bright ‘good mornings‘ are exchanged. I reach office and I prefer taking stairs to reach my 2nd level office instead of the crowded elevator. (Elevators make me dizzy- I am claustrophobic). I generally meet few Indians also near the stair well. No smiles are exchanged- no hellos are said. An awkward feeling sweeps the whole situation waiting to surpass as quick as possible. Indians don’t pass smile when I smile back.

Its not only my office tale. It happens when we are busy shopping groceries in the supermarkets. If we see an Indian they look the saddest. They are always cocconed and have no awareness whatsoever of their native fellow around them. Even if they talk they talk(never in mother tongue but their strange english) with such sudden emergency as if they are being taxed for every word being spoken. Quick ‘bye byes‘ are said on rare occasions. Even if the talks are taken up a higher level than mere ‘hi hellos‘ they proceed to the fact of how long they have been here and their melodramatic struggling saga which bores me to death. They take a certain pride in being living in a foreign land for decades and yet ironically cribbing about the country and its blood sucking taxing system. My head pops out a quetion with a bang -‘if you’re so sad and tensed why not leave and go back?

Indians will never help Indians. They’re bhai bhais(brother brother) in glossy Karan Johar’s picturesque America drama where the hero (read irritating Shahrukh Khan) breaks out a punjabi number (read Pretty woman in Kal Ho Na Ho) in the street and every Indian starts dancing.

I have many helpful Indian friends too but exceptions are everywhere. I am talking about the general mindset of Indian community here.


24 thoughts on “Indian Indian bhai bhai

  1. give it up for me fella desis,

    ive had a few experiences myself n i learned things the hard way… my breda INDIAN go say hi to a randomer n ull be called a wierdo if u did..thn if they do reply sooner or later they are bound to call u a FOB for ur accent or grammar ie if u wer to speak english to them. all these indian wannabe gangstas hu couldn take even pee str8 back home act like they the own the place… id say wat u need wen u go abroad is first to make some non indian mates n thn the indians will flock towards u…i aint dissing indians but the experiences are way too bad..ther is no place like back home…but thn again life aint a bed of roses .no point complaining am i contridicting mysefl? i wonder lol…

  2. seems u guyz enjoy sad comments….lolzzzz…:) keep doing these kinds of run away hits……

    @yaake u r sadist….dont bother replyg to this no one gonna read it after this …..lolz…..:) …keep waiting ……

  3. @ Yaake- Fun?? eh not so much..getting sad mashings and being labelled not indian…!!
    so heavy dose it was!
    Yeah 19 comments!! I O U big time….!! πŸ˜€
    fruity πŸ™‚

  4. @Fruity
    hehehehe!!! Wasn’t that fun? πŸ˜€
    Congrats, my dear. You’ve blogged a runaway hit!! 19 comments! wow!

  5. @ Indian- Yeah hope we all realize soon. And keep checking the blog space. All posts aren’t that controversial. You may find find something like minded!
    cheers..enjoy your weekend,
    fruity πŸ™‚

  6. @fruity….peace … the last lines best if all indians relaize what is there mistake….thz it…….i am out of yr blog now….:) cheers….

  7. @ Yaake- Relax….its not INDIAN’s fault..May be he hasn’t faced similar situations as we did. Its his opinion. Lets respect each other’s opinion-that’s what the spirit of right of freedom of speech is. Blogging means sharing your own seedlings -we can’t impose our thoughts on every random person who reads it.
    So chill-and keep blogging.
    We already have our own shares of -‘most likely random thoughts to be’. πŸ˜‰ lets ponder over those over a while!!! hehe

  8. @ Indian- Thanks for your indepth comments. I don’t know one thing why you stressing on one fact that I may haven’t smiled first or said hi first. Again I repeat do you think I am mad enough to write this post without ever attempting your suggestion???????
    I have done that. I came here after a year long of hardships and stress and it was first time out of my house ever. I am a very exuberant person who can even talk to a stranger for hours. Do you think I’d not have tried being friendly to people to find out new friends? I tried but efforts went in vain! May be you’re lucky enough to have striked rigt people here in NZ but I wasn’t. Situations and people can’t be same for both of us-I hope you agree with this fact of mine..(I sincerely hope you do). I am so madly proud of India. For our housewarming I had a special day where I read out excerpts from Ramayan (now you tell me how many of your NZ desi girls know how to even read Ramayan???) Don’t accuse me of not being Indian. I am honored to have you as a frequent reader on the blog but believe me somewhere you’ve made the blog prove little right.You a fellow Indian accused me of not being Indian. I am hurt of this cloy conversation going on for this post even when I did clearly mentioned in the last line-‘I have many helpful Indian friends too but exceptions are everywhere. I am talking about the general mindset of Indian community here.’
    And please don’t fight with Yaake just because he has a different set of opinion. We are different people who have different opinions.
    Its so true that India got its Independence in 1947 but the real Independence will be attained when we stop fighting within ourselves, forget jingoism, abhor ghettoism and not accuse every secong person we see-hindu,muslim,sikh or christian for not being Indian.
    I am really sad and disturbed,

  9. @ Arvind-Thanks for visiting my blog. Yeah it happens a lot of times here. I felt bad as I was first time away from home and was totally homesick.
    And for adding you in my roll of honor-no have a nice blog and it deserved to be added!
    fruity πŸ™‚

  10. @ Yaake….hey do i care….about what u say ….and i am staying in abroad in New zealand…i hope u know where it is….or fruity must have told u…lolz :)…… and have been to many places u must have not dreamt too……..ok seems u have steepd out for the first time into your wonderland πŸ™‚ and have become the people u r discussing about…..when u step into a room if they dont say hello you can….see they mit tell u a hi also……and think no end of yourself…..if u can take good then why cant u take bad…learn to take good and bad comments if u wanna write blogs……it seems u r those guy who do these things write and then bad mouth other indians………ruhi post was very negative so i said crap for desi connection……now stay happy and keep blogging yr crap…..will not bother checking these anymore……

  11. @Fruity
    All I can say is that when certain people (wink wink) think that certain issues are being downplayed a lot and that indians are being anti-indian in other countries, then those certain people are dangerously close to being jingoists… πŸ˜€
    Don’t worry, dear Fruity. A million other people who have experienced what you have will adhere to your words…

  12. Dear INDIAN,
    You seem to be quite language-challenged, so i’ll try to use simple terms here, so that you can understand better, and not jump to conclusions.
    When ppl go abroad, most of them are away from home and family and tend to look for like-minded people to talk to and feel comfortable with. Sometimes, when idiots go abroad, they become bigger idiots and think that they’ve been blessed with some great power and start acting high and mighty. If you havent stepped out of India, then I’m afraid neither Fruity nor I can empathize with you about what we’ve been through. Because you would never understand!! Imagine walking into a room filled with five desis and five firangs and all the firangs smile at you and wave and some say hello, even though they don’t know you, and all the desis are looking at their feet, or at the ceiling, not even acknowledging a fellow desi’s presence… So my dear “indian”, please think carefully before you make accusations and comment nonsense!
    By the way, if you think Ruhi’s post on The Desi Connection was crap, then there’s something seriously wrong with you, my friend! Go to the mall, I’ve heard they’re giving lives away cheap… !!! πŸ˜€
    A proud Indian!
    P.S. Don’t bother replying or visiting my blog, because you seem to be closing your eyes and feigning blindness!! Frankly, I don’t give a damn…!! πŸ˜€

  13. he he ..this complaint is on evevry person’s mouth who is abroad. πŸ˜›
    check out ruhi’s desi connection post…

    and yeah thanks for adding my blog in ur blogroll … πŸ˜‰

  14. Hey seems u have met the wrong peepz :)…..who dnt smile…let us become the generation to change indians in nz and hey i do stay here also and peeps did nt smile i did not get discouraged kept smiling and got a suprising smile one day and loved it…saw a change…….In regards to discouraging peepz back home u r not doing that tell them the truth if they know that atleast they wont make mistakes as we have done …so they r well prepared and not coming with any wrong info…. In regards to struggle i am over that now did feel the same as other these r the same peepz who were told good story where as the frend was struggling ….take the struggle as it comes and change it into a good day…..the peepz who keep tellng u tell them how u think of the struggle and they will change……have discussed on that page already on orkut we had a good argument there so does not make a sense…do read there r some very good answers……do u back home smile at every person that comes yr way ….i do not think so then why do u expect them to change…….old habit do they change….

  15. @ Sanjay- Yeah I am one true Indian. Proud to be an Indian in every sense.
    Indians are mind blowing. I have few wonderful friends here!

    fruity πŸ™‚

  16. @ Indian- Thanks for your comment. Do you think I am mad enough to write this post without ever attempting to pass a smile to my fellow Indians? I am new in NZ and expected to become friends with Indians as I have never been out of Delhi my entire life. But wherever I have seen I have met mean people who have always told their struggling stories to create negative impact on me. Yeah am not making fun of their struggle. But the way they tell their struggle is pathetic. I am also struggling here but enjoying it too. If people back in Inda ask me about life here I tell the true picture.I don;t discourage them by saying -O life is sh** here and taxes are high so please don’t come here. They crib and crib if they are so pissed off why don’t they go back? Trust me its true! Come here and see.
    This is a link on Orkut community with the same issue…read it pls ad then answer back-


  17. @ Yaake- ah thaks for understanding the spirit of blog. I knewI am gonna get good smacking on this post. And here it goes after your comment.
    I am proud to be an INDIAN. Probably more than the supericial guys.
    fruity πŸ˜‰

  18. Hey why don’t u try smiling to them first then you mit get a smile, hello or hi back…. and whats bad in speaking English and not Hindi it depends on the person he mit be speaking English as there English is not good and trying to improvise it by speaking every time, so that if he speaks to peepz like you then they don’t mock him or her and discuss them on their blog….. I feel…..itz so rude to describe your friends struggle as a saga if u do not like hearing to it just tell them there and there they mit stop……itz not necessary like how u got everything ready from before they all have the same…..I have tried smiling at Indians who do not smile and they smile back at me….itz not necessary to wait for other person to smile, you can take the initiative and see how u make there day and they will smile to another person the next day… try and see it will make your day and blog better and the same goes for the person from NY.

  19. lol…
    don’t remind me! the time I was in NY, the exact same thing happened… there were ppl we called ABCDs or american-born confused desis…!! screwd-up ppl they were… acting all high and mighty… and even ppl who has come with my batch, as soon as they landed on american soil, they’d become something “different”… friends who used to share a cigarette and joke around in hindi and kannada, suddenly became assholes who smoked cigars alone and “conversed” in english… disgusting i tell u!! Bah…
    I’m a proud Indian!! πŸ˜€

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