Mother’s Day- a special day for my MOMS!!!


Today is Mother’s Day- day that is special to me because I am blessed with two wondeful mothers who have loved me deeply and spoilt me and taken care of me with great intensity. Whatever I am today or will be tomorrow would be because of you.

Moms and I In this pic my mom is in Blue Saree on the left and then on right is my mom in law in sea green saree. (I am in the middle enjoying love from both-Yaayyy)

I owe a debt of gratitude to both of them for showering me with love. Here I go thanking them.

My mom– Mom, I love you and will continue to care for you as a promise I made an year back. I have seen you in tremendous pain and have felt helpless at times seeing you cry because I too was going through the same emotions and wanted to cry out loud- I wanted to take out my feelings too but I couldn’t as I knew I had to act stronger in front of you so that I could take care of you. I know you’ve borne me with great difficulties and pain and all sorts of medical problems and I am grateful to you. I want you to take care of your health always and keep smiling. And always remember you are never alone- I will be there for you for you’ve been there for me too. I love you mummmaaaaa….

My mom in law NO my Mom πŸ™‚ Mumma I love you and believe me you’ve the world’s cutest smile and prettiest face. Your hugs and smile gave me hope to gather loosen threads of my life and move on ahead in life when I was lost. You’ve genuinely taken care of me-hugged me, made me fall asleep when I hadn’t slept for many days. Your loving nature inspires me and you’re my real mentor. I would love to be more like you though I know its difficult but being your daughter I’d ensure to achieve maybe 10% of you. You’ve made me feel comfortable and welcomed in the calm domesticity of your home which you have nourished for many years. You made me feel part of you and your hugs and kisses are like a gift to me which a little girl gets from her mother after doing a good deed!! πŸ™‚ please love me always -forgive my mistakes and never lose the bright smile you wear. You may not know but your smile is a constant source of inspiration for us, Papa and bhiaya. I also want you to take care of your health. Please don’t ignore your personal pains as you can only take care of us if you’re in best of health.


Here’s raising a toast for my mommiies……I love you and may we three always share a great camaraderie!

Hoping to meet you both soon touch your feet, give you a warm hug (atleast 5 minutes one not leaving you early………) and just sit next to you…..whiffing your pure smell.


7 thoughts on “Mother’s Day- a special day for my MOMS!!!

  1. @ Aniche- Thanks. Heheheh yep it was quite intriguing to read the two mumma bit!!! Yep I just adore my MIL!! She’s the best!!!!! And considering the fact I got married at a very young age-she understands this and never asks me to give up my liberties and choice!!

    fruity πŸ™‚

  2. you took some time to clarify the two mums bit. had me quite curious for a while πŸ˜€
    i’ve never heard a girl say anything nice about her M-I-L. i guess ur one of the ‘others’.

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