A Stuck Friend Forever……….

Shantanu could have smiled at that moment but the dryness of his cracked lips didn’t stretch his blistered cheeks to a grin. He was hoping things will change. The done would become undone. He looked at the coffee mug and read -‘Friends Forever.’ He looked at the mug again and remembered the coffee chats on the same table and how she held the mug tightly to warm her cold hands. She was the closest he had ever been to zenith of happiness. He knew no worries and no hundreds and thousands of things that bothered him otherwise. With her he felt free, liberated and relaxed. He remembered her walking through the glass door every morning passing a smile that would melt his heart and made him believe in existence of angels. He thought about the numerous occasion when she would come to him and ask him to help him out with her silly problems. He remembered how she made an innocent face and hit her forehead slightly with her hand and said -‘Oho!’

Ritika was his reason of existence, so much so he breathed her. Ritika was his primal reason of any thing in his life. They giggled and giggled without realizing the reason of the giggles. Ritika had gone on a fifteen days break from work when she gave him the mug on her last day before her break began. She was going with her family to relax. Shantanu knew he would miss her and would feel incomplete but he knew he would confess her love for her when she will come back.

Fifteen days passed with great difficulties and Ritika came beaming brighter as ever. Shantanu could have cried with hapiness looking at her face but couldn’t as he wanted to be strong. Shantanu picked his mug and they headed to the cafeteria. Shantanu was about to tell Ritika about his feelings when Ritika announced -‘I am in love.’ Shantanu felt deaf for milliseconds. He smiled to hide his disbelief and kept looking at the same face which made him happiest and saddest at the very random moment. She kept talking and talking and he kept bringing himself back from the wild imagination he had sported in those fifteen days. He cursed at his unremitting status quo of friend!

Ritika logged off from her system early that evening and asked Shantanu to tell others that she had to leave early if in case anybody asked. She picked up her stuff- her big bag with things that even she didn’t knew was there inside and her umbrella and headed for the door. She came back in a frenzy and hugged Shantanu and said bye and faded into an oblivion that was hard to be phased out off.

Shantanu could have smiled at that moment but …………..


7 thoughts on “A Stuck Friend Forever……….

  1. Nicely written. Sadly this is the story of many guys out there. Someone asked in previous comment if Ritika wanted to say something, but I’m sure she didn’t. Happy endings are only for movies.

    • Dear Phoenix,
      Yes sadly this is the the story of many guys and few girls out there. Happy Endings are not always found in life but sooner or later we all find our source and inspiration for contentment.

      I wish you find it soon.

  2. Hi Fruitymind,

    It brought tears in my eyes… Coz its so same to mine story… Maa godch…
    The word and word is true about wt u described…

  3. Dear A,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment! Please visit regularly for more thoughts and leave your pearls of wisdom on them. Yeah it’d have been an interesting angle if Ritika loved Shantanu too but that would have defeated the title!
    Yep I love the names too. Thanks again.
    Please visit again,
    fruity 🙂

  4. Dear N, Thanks for your insight on the story! No Ritika didn’t wanted to say anything as she wasn’t aware of any existence of Shantanu’s strong feelings. She hadcommitted herself to someone else and she stuck to it.
    Thanks again,
    fruity 😉

  5. Hey Fruitymind….

    This is the first time i have read ur blog…I kept hoping that Ritika would declare that the person she loves is Shantanu…i guess that wasnt wat u had in mind..

    Btw, love the names of the protagonists…Ritika & Shantanu…beautiful names!

  6. Hmm… there goes fruitymind… with another tender sotry…..

    Very well written, however I feel there is somthing missing. Seems as if Ritika wanted to say somthing….!!!……….!!!!!

    Did Ritika ever knew what Shantanu feels for her? Y did he never tell her? May be they could have been together.

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