Parents killed daughter????

I have been following this case closely on the newspapers….and I have even visited the community dedicated to a vivacious 14 yr old girl.. And am shocked and my heart has shrunked to know her father killed her!

Am gonna add more here….just added randomly……..



Few more days have passed and I am regularly reading articles on this case. I was teary eyed when I read about Aarushi in her facebook group- RIP Aarushi. A girl who was about to celebrate her birthday on the 25th May in a plush pub in Noida. What intrigues me and that too in a negative way is the manner in which an innocent persona of a 14 year old girl is tarnished by the UP Police? Did they had any proof to support behind the murder motive that they have been advertising in media? Linking a smart mature 14 year old girl to her 45 year old domestic servant shouldn’t have been made public without any strong proof. I was so deeply anguished when I heard reports and comments about the phrase ‘objectionable’? What is the definition of objectionable? Even if a girl is found hugging anybody- a friend even then also she is straight away seen as of low character? What century are we living in? Its the same media, same moral police who bans people from celebrating V-day by vandalizing Archie Galleries? Its the same UP Police that takes money from young couples if they are found walking in hand in hand in parks?Tarnishing any female’s image is quickest way the police or the law has ever had. How can we forget Jessica Lal? But this case actually made me angry for its the question of honor of a very young girl. Reading about her profile and community details and observing an average 14 year old- I can say that this isn’t the case. Aarushi is a victim of upper middle class busy parents- who dotingly declare their love by pampering their kids by giving them laptops, iPODs and high tech mobiles but not enough time. She represents the cool cream of school life with different lingos and different mindset. Another important issue is the manner in which her classmate’s name has been openly published in newspapers. Did they ever care about the stress and rambling that poor kid must be going through right now (Statistics are showing that leading psychiatrists are getting calls from young children after this case )?

On what basis is the police claiming that the case has been cracked-when its current members weren’t even able to locate the old servant’s body on the same house’s terrace????? What kind of investigation team was there? A retired UP Police officer asked to open the terrace for investigation when few hours earlier the police had declared a paltry sum of Rs.20,000 for any information (should now be given to the retired officer ??????). Well how can the Talwars and the common public trust this police- the same guys behind the massacre in the Nithari? The Pandher guy is Scott free enjoying his foreign liquor with paid escort service and nibbling on human flesh somewhere out there? There are so so many loopholes yet to be cracked- did the father actually killed his daughter? If yes, why the mother is still supporting him? Did the father- mother actually conspired to kill their only child, if yes then why????????????????? How did the sotry of affair between the Talwar and Durrani brew up and it is not still a possibility?Where are the murder weapons? Why the police is still not able to trace the cell phones of both deceased? Why the police came out with a press conference without solid proofs? Why Aarushi’s friends name are given to the media?

There are so many whys and no answers. Poor Aarushi wouldn’t have imgined this kind of gift and label of being characterless at age 15 in her dreams. She has hope because few women organization have come up actively saying its wrong to tarnish her image without any iota of proof/truth.

I am so disturbed and anguished with the whole way this case is shaping up. The family and friends are not being even given time to mourn the demise of a young chirpy vivacious girl who is thank god no more to hear such atrocities about her now that she has gone.

May her soul finds peace and reborns somewhere where sanity still prevails!



40 thoughts on “Parents killed daughter????

  1. A mystery scrapper from Aarushi’ s Orkut account sent her a message on the eve of the murder ‘ the next day will be vital for you’ …. Find out the scrapper, then case is solved.. Find out when Aarushi started distancing herself from her boyfriend. Check out her mobile calls record if she was responding to calls and msgs..the last 15 days prior to the murder.. I think its a love triangle murdermystery.. Hemraj was just a witness .. There Is a psycho behind this twin murder

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  4. oh. it was shocking.14 yr old aarushi is no more.hope she will get justice.from my view the way of investigation by noida police as well CBI is not up to the level.

    let pray for innocent aarushi soul rest in piece.also wait for to come out the actual accuse whether it is parents or servents.
    anyway nice blog ..thanx..

    prakash nair.

  5. @ Umesh- I agress and say to all-Please lets not draw any conclusions and go on making stories..we are tampering her profile and thats bad coz now she’s gone and can’t say anything…Lets just pray……..justice is served in right time…….

  6. @ Preeti- Yeah the imagination is like the likes of some dirty K serial…..wonder when females will actually get some equal status…..its disgusting…

  7. It is best for us not to speculate and weave stories. Let the CBI do its job and tell the whole world what actually could have happened.Only perverse minds can come up with equally perverse theories!!!

    Let Aarushi’s innocent soul rest in peace for peace’s sake.

  8. UP Police theory is that mummy daddy of arushi went at 9.30 PM and came back at 11.30 PM and saw arushi and Hemraj in an objectionable position/condition/situation. My questions are that-
    1) why they will be in any objectionable position after two hours?
    2) whether two hours were less to complete their lust?
    3) if they were in objectionable condition, whether the door was open?
    4) if not, who opened the door?
    5) whether the lust can not be completed twice at this age within a period of two hours?
    6) why false character assasination on a minor girl after she passed away?

  9. This is the kind of world we are living in Vibha, despite degrees, despite education.People here seem to get sadistic pleasure out of people’s miseries.Our society has been so since time immemorial.Instead of being with people in times of their crisis, we seek to defame people at the slightest provocation.Any girl or woman wronged must be characterless…this is a foregone conclusion and seems to be the basis of all investigation by the police.Any wrong done to a woman, and our society tries to justify the wrong done by accusing her of being of loose morals!! Look at the height of people’s imagination….wifeswapping, child’s relationship with the servant,etc. etc!!!! Utterly disgusting!

  10. I cant imagine anything worse than this happening to any body in this world. Losing your only child in this way and being falsely implicated for it. Can any of you put yourself in that position and imagine what it would do. God let the light shine and truth come out. Let the real killers be caught. Why is the police and CBI hell bent on proving the father to be the culprit ? just to save their ass and cover up their mistakes ? Hemraj may have been in contact with some crimminal minded people, maybe he owed money or what ever , why is the CBI not looking into this aspect ?? What about his past history why have nobody dug into it? It is somebody known to hemraj and aarushi was incidentall killed.Dr Rajesh Talwar is totally innocent and should be immediately released. The media and police owe him an apology. this has finished his life. Cant imagine such barbaric things can happen. Can his dignity be returned ? the whole family has been finished because police bungled up and media needed to create a sensation !! This idea of wife swapping, father killing his child, aarushi close to hemraj, all is NONSENSE created by the sick police and lapped up by all sick minded people. This is not true. How can people just say things without a shred of evidence, somebody’s figment of dirty imagination. It is so sad so horrible. Do have daughters ? sisters ? AArushi was a well balanced normal happy child, her school grades prove ths, her teachers, friends all say this. What kind of pervert sadistic pleasure do people get by talking utter rubbish about someone they dont even know.

  11. @ Preeti- I too cannot imagine what future has in store if indeed its the parents who set this trap! How safe are we? I am shocked at the UP police-the way they publicized Aarushi’s personal internt contents.Shame on them….and shame on the media-so far I have only seen Times of Indiawho have carrieda public declaration through a open letter to readers that-its not gonna print any of Aarushi’s personal details for the sake of respecting her privacy. And I am disgusted at figmentation of mind’s a la hetal nd many othrs who are busy sketching naked pictures of truth in their eyes and maligning a 14 yr old. What if Aarushi was their own????

  12. @ Hetalsagar- Well you’ve a bright future for sure…you can do Balaji television’s script writing any day….and earn lots of moolah………shame on people and media for assasinating aarushi’s character now that she has gone……who gave you write to see everyhting from Sex scandal point of view.Don’t forget you true observer that this case is of highly influential doctors’ family. Itcould be professional rivalry, jealousy or even money/property. I am not saying tha the parents are innocent or anything but i am shocked at the way a 14 yr old is linked into the sick slimy disgusting filth of sex-a meaning of what she would have been learning in her class 9th biology if she wouldn’t have been slained. SHAME ON PEOPLE LIKE YOU…
    utterly disgusted,

  13. Funny!I cannot believe to what extent imagination can run.A sick mind could do all this but considering that the Talwar’s are in their senses, it doesn’t seem a possibility. Both parents are famous doctors, and the mother seems to be as normal as any other mother.If there are families were what Hetal suggests happens, it’s really sad and then there is no hope left for humanity. I somehow don’t believe all this.NOOOO….the world cannot be this bad!I am sure, there is more to this case than what meets the eye. We must try to find out the truth. Imagining things without knowing what kind of people the Talwar’s are won’t do. Let presume that they are like all other normal parents. Let’s look at the case with a different viewpoint. Sex cannot be the only reason. There could be family rivalry, jealousy, etc. etc.

  14. AArushi- 14 year girl.
    rajesh talwar- her father around 45 year.
    nupur talwar- her mother around 40 year.
    servant- 45 year old.

    in this family one one is outsiders. the one can do anything. if servant take care of aarushi from her birth. then he may forcefully involve aarushi for sex.

    this is the main point in this fact.

    how to proceed ahead?

    1) check aarushi’s virginality?


    if aarushi only killed then it is understoodable. that servan may kill her for more sex.

    servant is also killed? so…..

    Now you can entitle other stories like wife swapping and all

    i also doubt on mother she may know more but she is not saying anything most probably to save her reputation, by not saying that her children has affair with servant…

    what i think is

    father do sex with aarushi.
    servant want to take advantage of it?

    servant force aarushi for sex.
    aarushi , servant and father
    all of them clashed up. and among of them 2 dieds.

    this is what my sixth sence say by reading this limited post.

    more information make my statment change.

    truly observer.

  15. Dear readers,
    I am really happy with the way entire community is understandin the sensitivity of the case and coming out in support. I am happy ot know that CBI is now gonna probe and UP police’s garish acts will be taking back seat now. Am still disgusted with these fellas withthe way her personal email and chat transcripts have been publicized. Thank god Times of India has written an open letter to the readers saying it condemns UP police’s acts and not gonna publish any of the personal internet data over the paper.

    I hope justice is served to the poor girl and her family if they are innocent.

  16. I guess, it is high time we the citizens of India stand up for ourselves.We can’t wait for the police, government, authorities, etc. to get us justice. Let’s pressurize all those in authority to do us justice.Those who we have elected, those who are in positions of authority must realize that they have been sent there to do something for the society.Let’s try to erase the blot of ‘India-A Corrupt Society’ on ourselves.Let’s all be alert citizens.We can begin with this case. May be petitions and signature campaigns will help. We cannot leave for our children a dangerous and corrupt society behind. We will have to do something about it!The police in Aarushi’s case will have to prove it to us that they have apprehended the right culprit and not just anyone to wind up the case.

  17. @ Bah bah- your reply took me by surprise. I appreciate your honesty and the way you’ve expressed yourself. May be that’s not my syle thats why I found it surprising. Thanks for your inputs. I am learning much deeper darker things here.
    I want the truth to come out…….and for me it is shocking and revelatory both.
    Please pray for the truth to come out……….only faith can save us- because the other non fictional things are not trustworthy any more……

  18. @ Aman- My heart says its not the father but my mind says -anything is possible. But I guess you’re right that its good he is a suspect and behind bars.
    Hope truth prevails!

  19. @ Garima- Yes you’re right we can’t blame the parents without knowing the details with good proofs. And I appreciate the spirit shown by her schoolmates and some women organizations. Thanks god Women and Child development Minister Renuka Chodhary has opened her mind towards this nasty filth brewed up by media and UP Police every day.
    Lets pray for her and her loved ones

  20. @ Nikhil- Yes am shocked too by the series of unfortunate events that are shaping up every now and then. Thanks for featuring this post on youthunite forum. I am really waiting to know what was all behind killing an innocent girl. Hope justice is served.

  21. couple into swapping .. daughter witness ; unable to communicate .. bond develops between girl n servant .. physical engagement .. on the fateful night , father drinking .. daughter n servant engage in sex ( the servants b;day present) ..father walks in n catches them in the act .. shouts n starts beating servant; gitl shouts at father abuses him ; pent up anger flares ..father loses balance , wants to hit back very hard .. runs n gets scalpel n hammer ( the first things that come 2 his smind logically .dentist ).. gets back 2 the room , finds the girl has not asked the servant to leave the room but is actuallly taunting him to continue …enraged .. drkills servant ..asks daughter to not tell anyone ,.. daughter reches for phone to call police .. father kills in fit of rage .. hearing all this mother descends on this scene .. yeh apne kya kiya ??? .. hindi upwardly mobile middle class melodrama .. a fellow who can indulge in wife swapping must be able to convinve his wife pretty well .. he starts talkin bout man maryada n all that bullshit n also mentions that hee had planned an exquisite menage a trois or rather quart with the durranis .. they dispose evidence ( most probably in the vicinity /in the durrani residence) ; cmon you run to people u r closest to in times of trouble .. act normal … leave the bungling to the up police n the genral public ..who will believe that a father that too a dr father could kill their own daughter………
    the important point here is .. where is the sex tape of the talwars n durrani which they shot in exotic singapore post keepin their wards busy in the pool …. can someone post it on youtube …
    second .. 14 is not young in delhi ..

    if hyou find this posting horrific or emanating from a degenrate mind .. il agree ; i dont pay taxes ; i flirt with abandon ; i drink too much – in short im the ante profilee of fthe talwars or the durranis or maybe everyone …

    this murder is not outrageous , it is not shcoking … it is actually revelatory .. that is why maybe ethe whole experience is harrowing ..

    Our lives will never be the same again ….

  22. if the parents are responsible,they should suffer and should be given capital punsihment.
    but before branding anyone as culpits they should be given a fair trial as suspects and not as crimnals
    but for the poor girl,,she was in a bad place,bad time and with bad people.

  23. I think the father may have a hand in it…..but yes we have 2 see the fact dat i cud have been sum1 else…..n u cant even trust the police investigations of india……so lets wait for the main culprit…..we will think about him/her then…..till then the father is okay staying in prison under suspect….

  24. I felt almost the same way, Fruity.
    The incident is very disturbing & thought-provoking. A couple is frist shocked by their only daughter’s murder, & before they could overcome it, they are atacked by one allegation after another! And people believe it… without any proof!
    I wish to add here that we should use our common sense, put some reasoning, before believing anything. How can we believe the stories cooked by the same police, who couldn’t solve any of the several incidents that kept on happening in the same region for months & years?! & How can we believe the stories “Glorified” & publicised by the same News Channels, who spend their days in some foolish gossips or the other? Sometimes they show some “Jadoo” or some sort of “Tantra” & often indulge in family gossips of common people!
    I appreciate the DPS kids who came forward to protest against the ill-words used for Aarushi.
    I wish some others should also come forward to support her family, too… just feel for them!
    How a parent would feel when she/he sees their only child so badly treated?
    And instead of a word of sympathy, they’ve to face words of blame & pain!
    From some statements, I felt that there is a general doubt among the kids for the father.
    I wish some parents out there to come forward & assure our young generation that we love them, care for them & can’t ever hurt them. & So far Dr. Talwar is concerned only time will prove what actually happend!

  25. Fruity,
    I am shocked beyond comprehension by this case. I am featuring this post of yours in YouthUnite, a group blog for the youth of India to get together and try to make a difference… I don’t know what to comment on this, really… It’s just one madness after another nowadays, it seems…

  26. Definitely, the killers should be punished.But shouldn’t we wait to find out what really did happen! what the police says is not entirely convincing. The parents can be suspects but cannot be branded outright as killers.The police in India is known for its ‘acumen’ in handling cases. Cases such as this cannot be solved in a week.I believe, an indepth probing into the matter is required and the real offender is to be brought to book, whoever it is.Hastily,accusing the parents will keep us away from the truth. A careful, intelligent investigation is necessary.Once found out for sure with definite proof, the guilty, whether the parents or any outsiders, should not be spared.

  27. aarushi’s bedroom was 5 ft away from her parents. her father used to place a lock aarushi on her room every night….how ridiculous a father can be as well as her mother? is it because rajesh talwar and nupur talwar were involved in couple swapping (which is very common in Delhi) and they did not want to get caught red handed by their daughter.
    which father would voluntarily link his daughter to a servant or anyone for that matter? rajesh talwar is a sick man.
    nupur talwar seem to be knowing a lot then she is disclosing. a reaction of mother (even in normal death) is very emotional besides this was a brutal murder. the maid servant came to the house in the morning (the night when aarushi was killed), when she asked for aarushi, nupur very calmly said, “jao dekho aarushi ko kya hua hai.” there is certainly something wrong with this picture. they were supposed to be the protectors of their child but they proved otherwise. such parents should be killed in the same manner in public. no mercy at all.

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