What is ethic to you, me or them?

I remember vividly the subject Business Ethics we had in third semester and how proudly our course director announced- this is a relatively new subject and not even IIM-Ahmedabad has teachers or relevant books for it. I passed the discipline with a GPA of 9 courtesy all the search I did on internet to read theories related to ethical decision making. But even standing at that surprising GPA I bear no capability to define Ethics per se.

I read Indian news stories daily, I see global news daily, I use endorsed brand daily, I make an environmental related decision daily- and they are all related to ethics. My wordweb dictionary defines ethics as ‘A system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct’. But who is to explain the context of acceptable. It’s a fancy word some philosopher used to veil his inability to measure anything that is pure right or wrong- anything that is pure black or white. It’s just a picayune excuse some genius picked up to write heaps of circumlocutious non meaning theories to hide the evil sides- the grey sides.

The topic of this post is -What is ethic: to you, me or them? When I see a poor kid in CRY print advertisement I resolve to adopt a child but never do it in reality…but when I do see a kid enjoying Baskin Robbins ice cream I nag my partner to go to parlour and take one bite. Am I ethical?

When I see my fellow friends being conscious and aware enough to dedicate a post on youth Unite about Bhookh and add a badge on their WordPress blogs…I aimlessly click on the feedthemouthxxxxxerrttsomethingsomething.com site in hope to feed the hungry……but when I don’t like the taste of a dish I vainly leave the whole dish go in trash cans with a certain arrogance. Am I ethical?

I see a movie daily- that’s my routine and a way to rewind after sitting in the comforts of my workstation and sipping endless mochachinno’s and tapping laptop glaring into the matte finished screen. I see the imaginative world of songs and dance routine- criticize them and then compare with better quality English movies safely ignorant of the situations in Somalia/Myanmar/China/India. Am I ethical?

I read about rising rates of rapes and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing a post. I read about deplorable conditions of elderly and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing another post. I read about Aarushi and her ill fated media tryst and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing yet another post. I sit conveniently in the calm comforts of my electrically heated bed and write about people I can’t help. I talk about rapes- but have I researched what’s actually happening to women in Gulf countries or Asia? I talk about elderly not doing a thing for my own mother who is alone in India. I talk about Aarushi and let some perverse people find a way to write their even more perverse ideas about horrible things and do not even attempt to moderate them in honor of Freedom of Expression. Am I ethical?

I see a larger than life Shahrukh talk superfluously claiming that how his son was upset when he couldn’t see a match and how he bought a whole cricket team for him to relish! Now you people – who treat him ahead of god can be kind enough to tell me a single just a meagre quote from this man about his daughter? Wait he has a daughter- oh yes he does…But does he ever talks about her? No…never. Way to go King Khan our Indian hero- you’re perfect ambassador to support Female Foeticide cases in Harayana or Punjab. Wait a minute- but you need to charge a crore for that..no you can’t do that..but shell out a few crores more and you can prance around in your underwear in a glitzy Page 3 private party. So why don’t we leave the ambassadorship of Polios and Female Foeticide to Aamir Khan and Mr. Bachchan and then malign them by blog-wars? Or why not smoke a cigarette in public and set an example to youngsters to take light (pun intended) and forget that others exist. So back to square one- Is he ethical?

A team in Olympics works hard and manages to win a bronze medal and we get to read about it in the sports section right under the major write up on Irfan Pathan’s love life all revealed on Orkut. A Police Officer stresses that Shruti was found in OBJECTIONABLE state totally unaware of even the poor girl’s name and dares to speaks this in front of hungry carnivorous reporters. An actor takes a cool cheque for two crores to endorse a cola brand and a physically challenged Pullela Gopichand declines few thousands to endorse a cola brand saying it’s not good for children’s health. The actor gains publicity and is seen on billboards and Pullela is lost in his own loop of same picayune excuse- Ethics. Is the actor/Police Officer/Reporter/Media ethical?

You take it from here my friend. Congratulations for coming so far till the end for this is a heavy dose post not a page 3 gossip or some perverse tips giving post. You must have felt something too or had a connection with my inner callings….still you will head straight out of this browser window and open Orkut/Facebook/MySpace/Gtalk/Yahoo/MSN/Skype and talk repeatedly- ‘Sup? Aur Batao? What’s new ‘; without even bothering to let your inner calling grow and make you aware or even write a line about it here assuring me I am not insane to write this. Here my friend the question is – ‘Are you Ethical?’ Think about it and if you know the answer then for my sanity’s sake drop a line or two.


39 thoughts on “What is ethic to you, me or them?

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  4. One man’s food is another man’s poison.

    Ethics is a very subjective theme. Everyone has his own rules, his perceptions and usually we define other person’s behaviour as per our definitions. Is it right?

    Absolutely not. Every person has his own way of life and we are nobody to comment.

    Coming back to Ethics. What is it? I guess living our way happily but without harming others is Ethics.
    Which action is ethical? If an action or behaviour, makes us happy, and does not harm anybody, it is ethical. If it makes others or someother happy in addition, its all the more ethical. If it harms anybody, but the action is justified, it is ethical. If it harms anybody and the action itself could not be justified, it is not ethical.

    And thus the nuances goes…………..

    For us In the end, whatever our conscience approves is eithical. Opposite should be classified as non ethical.

    For others We should mind our business and if everybody does it,world would become a better place to live.

  5. I look around me here in suburban america, and I realise how far from reality the people here are. and they get upset at such things like picking up rolls at the supermarket without tongs!!Not hving the right kind of kitchen towels, and what have you all conttributing towards emotions on mythical scale!! I think about people living in urban India, real people ( as the parlance is these days): women who wake up in the morning do all the cooking, get their children off to school, pack their husband’s lunch, get ready to go to work themselves, have a hard day at work, commute home by train or bus or autorickshaw,stop at the vegetable market to fresh stuff for the next day, hurry home, supervise the children’s homework, get the dinner ready, watch TV with their better half, or else he’ll get suspicious (!!!!), clean up and go to bed not forgetting to set the alarm for just ‘Another Day’ only this is not McCartney’s,’Every day she takes a morning bath…..’ Do the people here realise such people do exist on this planet? I get terribly riled when they dismiss neighbourhoods saying they are not right as there are too many ‘immigrants ‘ there and therefore it does notch up to the standards expected by middle and upper middle class.
    this is the proverbial outcome of being cocooned in cotton wool, so much so anything other than what one is used to or better what one is supposed to hold up as a benchmark for ‘decent’ living is not that way anymore. Cats acquired as pets are declawed , never mind the terrible pain the poor animal has to suffer, and the grim fact that the cat lose a bit of it’s paw as well in the surgical procedure. they , those neurotic owners who decide to do this, then proceed to keep the feline creatures literally under house arrest!!they never get to go out at all, but of course all this is because they do not want theur pets to be mowed down by traffic!! they’ve never heard of ‘short and sweet’ it looks like!!! Yes, the cat might/ might not get hit, but good heavens, it has a life!!! It can go out, explore, breathe the natural air, feel the breeze, hunt for prey hidden in bushes and drains, flirt with those cats that are out!!In short just plain live!!!We have a cat next door who charges for our garage whenever he gets the opportunity. that is his big adventure, till the entire family comes looking for him. Sometimes, he gets stubborn, refuses to budge. Talk of the freedom of spirirt! Cats have them too, and more, it just brought across to me how terribly selfish we humans are. anything to indulge our whims and fancies, to hell with the others! Pets are objects, not beings with souls like us. What a world!!!!

  6. hi fruity…wonderful to find people who express their angst. to realize that all choice…yes, no or don’t know is a decision that is going to impact all of us everywhere, although unconnected presently, bestows great responsibility on us. if you are actually throwing platefulls of food then its time you stopped it. it is time to realize that what you threw could actually have fed somebody else.
    only we can be responsible…to each other and to the world…remember the world…or it doesn’t matter…we will just move on to the moon or mars and have picture postcards on our evolved invisible softboards…keep writing

  7. @ Stonezen- Welcome back after so long….Your replies on this post are always required……I agree an unhappy marriage is also not ethical-its like cheating with your own soul and heart…
    Quite an intriguing comment………

  8. More on the the ethics line……why do people stay in marriages, and act out a farce, when the chemistry no longer works? For the sake of the children, one commonly hears mouthed, and how honest is that? Children, even very small ones radio in on negative and destructive vibes between parents, and that believe me ,is much more harmful, as they cannot reconcile the two things. they know the adults cannot tolerate each other, yet they carry on the farce of a happy marriage. The seeds of duplicity are sown here, and they translate it unconsciously into their lives..after all their parents lived by doing the very same thing, so it must be right!!!
    How honest and ethical can we be in our everyday lives? It requires strength of the kind probably no one has, with the exception of Gandhi who terrified people with his ruthless quest for truth. WOuld we like to walk down a similar path?
    I doubt if we can take two steps before we falter.

  9. so many things have been writtena nd a ltoof people have praised you so i think i shouldnt do that ay more. but i cant help myself andhere i go… this one is an awesome post!

    this plae is not much for me to lament about the medical ethisc and how it should be and how it is! butyou gave me an idea on a topic which i can actually write.

    hope i do write it and do justice to the cause! good going girl! keep it up! 🙂

  10. @ Stonezen- I read your comment right in the morning and believe me i got goosebumps. I understand your plight-fighting legal battles in India is a challenge in itself. We have faced the situation too- and I have lost so much due to the stess and depression-trust me I do understand your plight. Been there felt that. And god bless us all with strength….Trust me thats all I can say- for people who have played with other people’s life my mind yells out profanities for them..May they rot in hell and thir carcass be infested with millions of scavangers…AMEN!

  11. You finally do whatever you have to, and better not to agonize over it. My mother’s alone in India too,and she is 82! WOrse, talking of rapes, mysister was brutally raped and murdered in a hostel run by nuns (!!!!) in Lajpatnagar,Delhi ,way back in 1985. What did we do? DId we engage a lawyer,and pursue justice through any of those umpteen feminist groups? No we did not. Not because we could not afford it, because my parents lost the will to fight and were so emotionally traumatised, standing up in a courtroom, and facing pitiless details about the how and why of rape was just too much for them.People did fault them for just lettings things be, but they did what they had to do. They adopted a girl child instead through the SOS. she was a tiny waif and now she is an empowered young woman who is a COmputer scientist. There’s ethics for me.

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  13. @ Arvind- Umm i dont know why I just felt as if you’re a libran..your writings suggested a sort of creativity streka that librans also have..may be that’s why! So you’re New years Day after effect person? eh..good good 😀

  14. well, my sun sign is Capricorn . may be missed it when u read my “Who AM I ????

    now i am curious 😉
    what made u guess i am libran ?? 😛

  15. @ Arvind- Thanks. Are you libran by any chance? Just curious!

    well yeah even I don’t have any answer…….I don’t know how to help even when I want to.

  16. awesome post…!!!!!..

    loved each line of it and those lines struck me hard..
    but i am ashamed to say i got no answer..may be we are unethical !!!!!

  17. @ Kanika – Thanks babe for your comment. You take my spirits sky high.. its for friends like you I am sticking to wordpress.
    Thanks again.God bless us all

  18. im confused to hav read the post.. fuddled with my thots.. it makes me able enuf to admit the fact how effortlessly i have chosen NOT to luk into the unkind realms of life.. Nonetheless, i wudnt have gone any further from the first few lines of the post, if those hadn’t given me any goosebumps already…

    it was indeed a very touching post i hve read in a real long time.. defining the magnitude of impact u mite have left on ppl’s mind may hav been as relative as the term ‘ethics’ itself ….. bt if it wasnt for thinkers like you, we’d have lost the desire to see a finer world.

    god bless you

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  20. this is the strongest post i have ever,read in a long time…the most pathetic about being a human is inability…what is it if i say “man’s work is to break inability” ? all that is that i am not doing anything to myself…And i try to do my bit…but i know it isn’t enough…who is going be a mother to the world and take care of everyone? Bush?…well all he does is kill…virtue seems to weigh more than vice
    …for the balance otherwise,
    does not lie.

  21. @ Random- thanks for dropping your PEARL OF WISDOMS….anyways if it was such a watse of time..may be you shouldn’t have bothered aching your fingers typing this……go on ..grab your can of soda….and send text messages to your luxurious groupies!


  22. this topic was a waste of tme …..come on we all know the luxury each and every human being is enjoying…here a comment which u wanted…LOLZ.. 🙂

  23. Are you okey dear? Nice to see u r still here. Andthis is the one of the very few posts which make you really think hard.
    I am thinking on your points, and I will drop few more lines after that.

    Cheers(or at least a smile)

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