Aamir – a rare gem

Blogosphere has been mushrooming with reviews on Sarkar Raj. These days bloggers are giving their verdict on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na/Thoda Pyaar thoda Magic/Love Story 2050.

I was earlier regular at posting my reviews on latest movies I saw. But I discontinued it to reasons unknown to me too….but this movie- this rare gem made me write a dedicated post..

Aamir is a tight thriller about a muslim guy Aamir who is welcomed by strangers thrusting a mobile phone in his hand at the airport. His life shifts onto the top gear and his medical profession takes a backseat in order to save his family. He is brainwashed to become a real Musallman. Aamir was released on 6th of June alongwith Sarkar Raj. The producers took a big gamble considering the fact that this movie doesn’t boasts of a start studded caste. The film’s crew, caste, director(Raj Kumar Gupta)-all are debutantes. It takes a lot of courage to compete against the stalwarts of cinema- the BACHCHANS.

A must watch

A must watch

I saw Sarkar Raj first and then Aamir. As much as I was disappointed with Sarkar Raj I was shaken by Aamir- so much so the movie gave me goosebumps and I had eaten half my nails by the climax. The movie explores so much..the scenes are actual shots taken in Mumbai street and the characters in the background are real people with real emotions. The plethora of emotions showed by Rajeev Khandelwal almost shocked me. I am aware of his acting prowess but this movie is like a jewel in his crown. The background score is in sync with the movie and so is the cinematography. The movie doesn’t looses at grips anywhere. Though I have read few critics sying – that no reason has been given by the script as to why Aamir was the chosen one. I feel there was no need howsoever to show a reason. The movie openly explores the spirit of being a sacha musalman. Why for the sake of religion the whole community is labelled as traitor? Why do we not call Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan or Salman Khan or Irfan Pathan a musalmaan every time we see them on screen. Why do we love the bhajans written by Javed Akhtar and give him National award for penning Pal Pal hai bhari from Swades? I know people who are still not comfortable with sharing the same table with a muslim. This same issue was shown in the only good story RICE PLATE in Dus Kahaniyaan. Aamit tell us that we can make our own destiny….but it can get ruined too in the name of a concept that doesn’t occurs to us- RELIGION. Aamir Ali studies hard and gets scholarship and goes to London. He is a victim like many of us who haven’t got admission in management/engineering/medical thanks to the reservation system and yet fought and emerged successfully as a good doctor(will tell you about my story later……)

The movie doesn’t lets your mind boggle with these ethical or religious questions while watching..but it leaves you with a big question when it ends. Aamir becomes Aamir in the end – the chosen leader…he shows he is a follower of islam and follows his heart. I wouldn’t say it’s a thriller-because cheap churn outs like Woodstock Villa are also labelled as thriller. Aamir is a beauty- a dark beauty that makes you sit and realize the real power Cinema beacons. Its a coincidence that the movie is namesake of another actor who has realized this power and canvassed it in form of another gem- Taare Zameen Par. The songs are nice- specially ha Raham (Mehfuz) -its too good..I can listen to it back to back.

Somewhere I am at fault for not writing this earlier and not doing my bit of mouth publicity. I take full responsibility and apologize for my behavior and hereby ask my readers to take one and a half hour of their life and see this master piece.

I am proud of Aamir’s team. And kudoz to them for having the courage to launch it…….and kudoz to Rajeev for not having a Yash Chopra like romantic film as his debut platform. You’ve got guts dude…..all the best.


22 thoughts on “Aamir – a rare gem

  1. @ Poonam- Dont forget to tell me your verdict on the movie.It is better than the run of the mill hindi film industry is producing these days!

  2. @ Vimal- hahah..its ok….its your perception…I liked it coz i was quite bored with the quality of movies churned out both in Hollywood and apna Bollywood…. πŸ˜€

  3. @ Reema – thanks…do tell me your verdict once you have seen the movie..I will wait for your comment…. πŸ™‚
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. @ Ish- Oh yeah girls swoon over himm….cant complain I was head over heels too when Kahiin to hoga started…..hehhe πŸ˜€

    Well he has acted goood…and I have read negative reviews also- but this is just my side of the story-I just found it better in these days when crap like Woodstock villa /Love story and other stuff is being thrown at the poor viewers…..

  5. Quite often smaller movies like this one go unnoticed. They lack publicty and eventually turn out to be flops. Well then, an other movie to watch. It’s quite amusing to see how new terms are coined. They named these kinda movies as “Multiplex movies” πŸ˜€

  6. After watching the movie, I wasnt sure if I liked it or not. I still am in that confusion. Thats because, the movie didnt make an impact at all once I left the theatre. Apart from a couple of gripping scenes, some of them were typical masala, especially the villain.
    The movie, for me, dragged a lot with a couple of repetitive scenes and the scenes involving the briefcase was totally unnecessary. Its a good attempt at something different but somewhere I feel the script just fell down. Its like they just had the beginning and ending of the movie in mind and the scenes in the middle were simply forced in.

    But I liked your review πŸ˜€

  7. I have been wanting to watch Aamir for a long time now but the sad part is that by the time I realised I wanted to watch it, it had already gone off thanks to the might Bachchans. So I decided that I would have to find a DVD and I couldn’t find it. And now I’ve put it on download and it won’t download because there are no sources. I guess I’ll need to either wait for the cablewallah or go hunting for the DVD again.

    Well, I always thought Rajeev Khandelwal was very overhyped. I mean, seeing his picture on every second girl’s Orkut album does tend to get annoying after a while. But the fact that he chose such a film to debut and did well at it is commendable. The guy must be pretty good.

  8. i havn’t seen this movie too..for unknown reason my mind said ..DOnt go !!! πŸ˜›
    well i think i should second myself now and try the movie

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