Meet the neighours

Jayanti was wearing her watch when she heard the long horn beep. Her mother came out of the kitchen with the ladle in her hand and gave her a sharp look. Jayanti snapped and said -‘not today maa!’. As soon as she left Mrs. Kanekar rang the door bell and gave her obnoxious smile to Jayanti’s mom and showed the empty bowl in her hand. Jayanti’s mom went inside and came with the bowl full of milk. Mrs. Kanekar was quick enough to ask about Jayanti, she seem so genuinely concerned about the guy who came everyday to pick her up every morning on black bike. She was very carefully helpful in mentioning its been two years since Jayanti had passed her graduation. Jayanti’s mom was doing her best to avoid the regular confrontation and repeated that Jayanti will not marry till she finishes her Distant learning MBA. But Mrs Kanekar was a helpful neighbour and it was her primal reason of existence to see Jayanti get married.

Jayanti’s mom was honing her negotiation skill with the Sabziwallah (vegetable seller) when she heard the murmurs coming from the next vendor. She turned a bit to see Mrs Kanekar and Mrs Saluja taking Jayanti’s name. Mrs Kanekar was complaining to Mrs Saluja how she was getting irritated every morning with the horn beeps and how Jayanti was setting a bad example on the other girls of the colony. Jayanti’s mom couldn’t stand there anymore and left the market and took a fast pace to restore herself in the commodious niche of her home. Jayanti came late that evening and asked for a quick dinner as she had to write her MBA assignment. Her mom came out and prepared her dinner plate and didn’t even looked at her or asked her why she was late? Jayanti took few bites but couldn’t enjoy her first meal of the day…..she finally asked her mom what did Mrs Kanekar said in the morning. Her mom said  people think bad things about Jayanti and the the boy on the bike. Jayanti couldn’t said a word more than – he is just a friend who helps me in picking and dropping, otherwise the normal bus would take hours for her to commute.

Jayanti didn’t knew what to say- was she upset with Mrs Kanekar or her own mother. She felt bad at how neighbours were making her mom her biggest enemy. She was a simple girl who never went out or partied or wore fancy clothes like her neighbours’ daughters. She worked hard and studied too. She wanted to run away from that colony but she knew it was useless as there will never be an escape from some Mrs Kanekar or Mrs Saluja there.

Gossiping Neighbour

Gossiping Neighbour


32 thoughts on “Meet the neighours

  1. Well this is a situation that perhaps most Indian girls face sometime or other. I too have nosy neighbors and almost all Hindi movies have nosy neighbors. 🙂

  2. @ Shanti- thanks…wow what a nice surprie seeing you commenting……HAHAH naughty you to say -‘Sometimes it’s very interesting to listen to their conversations..until and unless the topic diverts towards u.’

  3. @Nikhil – I am here jus plain busy with studies…you get well soon macha and then PLS comment on all pending posts…. pls comment on my posts first…. I am your oldest friend in blogosphere na 😀 😀

  4. @ Vimal -Confession time- I have also shown my prankiness once my ringing my neighbours door bell and running..
    awww I feel bad! 😦 I am bad

  5. @ Stonezen- Thanks for your different prespective on the post dear…….really I look forward to your response on every piece of my think so different…..great going!

  6. @ harsha- yeah it is quite tough when a friend of opposite sex is spotted with you..and the nosy colony aunties give you sheepish look….and great response by your mum..Kudoz to her….

  7. The story is from the perspective of the girl and her mother, and it says only the good things about her!! I find it hard to imagine why the colony aunties r after her!!

    Never mind the aunties…they have nothing but all the pains and sorrows of their neighbours to discuss. Sometimes it’s very interesting to listen to their conversations..until and unless the topic diverts towards u.

  8. There is an irritating kid who stays upstairs and that pest rings the bell each time he goes up and down. I have been soft all this while with that family; donno when I will lose my temper !!!

  9. What about the neighbours? And why should what others think or talk about you make you miserable? You cannot live your life on anybody’s terms except your own, and for that you have to look deep inside and ask yourself what it is that you want. DO you want to live in reflected glory….the neighbours, your friend and the world at large may think you are wonderful , living an envious life…… but you feel you are not true to yourself , want something more in life than social sanction and have a need to follow the road not ordinarily taken. What are you going to do? Continue being miserable, unhappy but afraid to cross societal boundaries? YOu can, if your convictions are true, even turn your parents and siblings around to seeing your point of view without being judgemental. It’s your life after all. You have to take it in your hand and educate the others to think on similar lines. We owe it ourselves.

  10. I keep on telling my mom to stay away from such horrible women otherwise she will turn into one. 😀 They just give so much tension that it just destroys your house.

  11. Every time i bring home any female friend, i am apprehensive about the nosy creatures called neighbors… When i told my mom abt this, she just said this one – as long as u r not taking ur frnz to their place, dont care a damn abt the neighbors…

  12. @ Aniche- hey elcoem back from hibernation….Noo nnooo nooo I am not explaining the picking and dropping bit… can let your sarcasm and wild imagination to explain that…

  13. @ Ish- Arreyyy marks comparision is the worst thing……….specially boards ke! 😀 Its a good thing to tell your parents to adopt the ther so goody goody kids..i did that too…..and my mom got even more annoyed….
    Bleh!!! Never mind..someone else’s mum or aunty must be singing our praises in front of their kids…… no worries….

  14. @ Reema- Oh you also have such neighbours??I had them back in Delhi…..and here I havent met my neighbours yet!!…..
    And yeah you’re quite observant…..thanks for noticing the new widget!

  15. I simply hate this kind of neighbours. The way they intrude into your private lives…yak!!! I guess there are still people like this!! Good one 🙂 The cartoon at the end is a very good finishing touch…lol.. 😀

  16. Ah, thy wonderful neighbors. I don’t even remember the number of times I’ve wanted to kill that woman who lives a couple of houses away from ours and her son studied the same tuition with me. She’s just amazing with her gossips. She’ll come home, talk about how good her son is at studies and then goes. And after she goes, my mom gets totally pissed off with me. Well, the fact that I asked her to adopt that kid if she liked him so much doesn’t help my case.

    Then there’s this auntie who lives directly in front of our house. She asked my board marks the other day and then went on to say how less they were. When my mom came home all pissed off and told me what she’d said, I was pretty surprised. I was like, what the hell, just because her son’s doing good in the US doesn’t mean she goes ahead and spoils my life! :-/

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