Heres to you girls- be alarmed

She was wondering if he was still following her. She tried to hide herrself behind the bushes and took her head a little out to see if she could see his green shirt. She gave a sigh of relief and rushed from there to find any public in place. She found a couple of mothers and kids waiting for probably a school bus. She stood next to them and kept breathing heavily. She was sweating a bit and felt a sharp tinge on her right arm. She saw a deep gash down her elbow to wrist and a line of blood seeping out of it. She asked one of the ladies about the nearest public bus stand. The lady directed her and she left hurriedly from there. She could only relieve herself when she found a seat in a over crowded bus which was least expected. She closed her eyes only to be disturbed by the conductor.
She had left her house to reach office at her usual time and noticed him at the bus stand staring at her. He was always there every day at the same time. She kept looking somewhere else only to be reminded again and again he was trying to come closer to her. Her bus came but as the crowd was a lot she missed it and then noticed there were just four people left. She stood next to the two older men while they chatted candidly about Rahul Gandhi’s campaign. One of the older man suggesting taking the auto which was standing nearby. She kept wishing inside for them to stay and wait little longer,and saw them negotiating with the autorickshaw driver and vrooming away from there. How much faster her heartbeat was running-she was not aware. He came near to her and touched her waist and she tried moving back and she noticed the bus coming again. He was much closer now and touching her bossom and she could see the saliva about to drop from him mouth and the lust ful eyes he had perched on her body. She slapped him hard and ran away from there. The area was secluded and the narrow roads seem like crystal maze to her, he gained velocity and she felt him touching her all over again. He gave her a sharp push and she fell down. Her vision was getting blurred with the tears in the eyes-he tried twisting her arm as if taking revenge for that slap. His heavy hand and the thick bracelet on the wrist pierced deeply inside her arm. She got a slash too but couldn’t feel the pain at that time. She punched him across his face and then kicked him hard and saw him whimper with pain touching his groin area. She moved at the speed of light from there.
She got the change from the conductor and thanked god when she felt some sweat dropping on her injured arm from a man standing next to her seat. She felt icked and quickly cleared it using her dupatta which already had blood marks. The bus was getting crowded at every stand and the driver and conductor thought it was some sort of a magic bus which could accomodate innumerable people. The people were toppling over each other and no girl knew which man was enjoying himself by taking pelasure in touching them. Finally her stop came and she got off and puked.

This post is reflection of what an average Indian girl experiences in public places in any metro.My post here is just painting the picture of Delhi’s famous DTC and Private line buses. It is not Over the top at all- as I myself am a victim of such incidences. I have been the girl who has puked after getting off the bus, I have been the girl who took all her angst out on this guy who follwed her daily by slapping him hard across the cheek and never following the bus route ever again. I have been the girl who has gone to wrong buildings first to mislead the boys about her address. I know there are several others like me. I am happy being away from all the eve teasing sessions in Delhi- the nasty starings and disgusting touchings. I was lucky I travelled very less in buses in Delhi (for only two months) as I went to college by car, but I have heard horrific tales of my friends. I remember storing women’s cell no. in my mobile fully aware that what is the use when the incidence is already taking place. I have been clueless about what to do. I remember getting blank calls and crazy calls from jilted boys totally unaware how they tracked my landline. My mom and bro have scolded a few of them for my sake and I became little bold too. But seriously how safe are we – outside or even inside our own homes?????Heres to you girls- be alarmed Be strong-but please don’t hope these incidences will ever stop! Be cautious at every step.

Heres to you girls- be alarmed

Heres to you girls- be alarmed


23 thoughts on “Heres to you girls- be alarmed

  1. I feel so sad and full of anger when i read such stories. I am a part of group called fightback and blanknoise. but you are right delhi tops the list when it comes to such crimes. What else can we expect from a state which ahs a woman as its minister and she says “Its the fault of girl, what was the reason for her to roam out at that hour” shameless!!

  2. I’ve and every women know this experience, only mines didn’t get that far to touching me but just treid to talk and I’ve heard that even girls at DVC get wierdos coming up to the school and dont even go there and try to pick up a girl in their car. It’s terrible to go through it and remember it. Very interesting and important for every woman and everybody to take a glance at this little brief story. now I know to stay close in public places and hope every do the same and be safe. Thank you.

  3. Been through this when I was in college. Eventually toughened and took to carrying hair pins and safety pins, and umbrellas to poke anybody coming too close. Yes it was terrible, and thank God we had U-specials.

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  5. I have recently read a research article about this and will write about it soon. The paper talks about a college in Chennai, where there was a lot of eve-teasing. What they found was that the eve-teasers were almost always boys from the Scheduled Castes who for doing this for two reasons, no SC girls at the college because they are usually married by then and as a way of getting back at the upper castes for their humiliation.

    The boys would rigorously work out, eve-tease upper caste girls and this would provoke fights with upper caste boys which would give the SC guys a chance to get back.

    I believe in Delhi these kind of issues (caste is even more severe there) combined with a low sex-ratio make life living hell for girls.

    This is a problem it seems, that is deeper than mere voyeurism.

  6. @ Nikhil- YEP I agree hands down – Not all men are pigs-some are our BFs, some are our best friends ,some are our brothers and some are our hubbies…
    BTW Apology graciously accepted! haha 😉

  7. @ Manasa- Kudoz to your friend..we have to voice our opinions everytime..But I have a rule if I am secluded and such thing is happening I try to avoid confrontation and move away from the place ASAP.

  8. @ Ameya- thanks dear! Welcome to mindflirting . I will be honored to see your comments on the exisitng and upcoming posts..
    Yeah some sort of defence mechanism should always be carried..

  9. @ Sakhi- Sorry dear for opening your sore notes….but we cant ignore it eh!! It is part of a girls growing up years….
    Yukk perverse guys..

  10. @ Suda- Aha Khazana….so looks like you’ve browsed through you -know-who’s bags ha?? 😀
    Well I agree Constant vigilance is required…

  11. @ manoj- Yeah pepper powder/mace cans are helpful but whats the need when some perverse guy as already eve teased and and or reaction reasons you spray him????? or use tazer guns???????

  12. You did a right thing-slapping him… Such things still exist… My friend had once yelled at a middle aged man-“Keep your hands to yourself” in the bus. He was so ashamed that he got down the bus very next stop.

    I appreciate your courage that you have written on your blog…

  13. Hey you have got a really good blog.Best Short Stories I have ever read.Keep up the brilliant work.

    This story/incident is really touching.Really sad and depressing to know the trauma’s women go through in Metro cities or anywhere for that matter.People like that stalker give men a bad name.

    As Manoj said you should carry something like a pepper spray or even better A Portable Tazer.Anyway keep up the good work.I will start being your regular reader now!!!!!

  14. Good post to give the message. I dont even want to start citing the places where guys and esp middle aged men try to take pleasure!! even on train. As Suda says constant vigilance is required. carrying a spray or pin is helpful.

  15. i have passed through this myself and had slapped the man in question on a couple of times but couldn’t do it always! it leaves bad taste in my mouth to even think of those times!

    you have opened a pandora box of thoughts and memories for me!

    😦 😦

    but agian i would say! you are a very good writer! keep it up!

  16. Yeah Manoj, me too always advised that girls should carry something that will help them in such incidents. Their bags are already equal to “Khajana”. And it wont harm them to carry a little packet or two of something.

    I don’t see any chance of improvement about this point in our country, and I don’t want to go in details of reasons behind his. SO all we can do is take care and be alert.
    Constant Vigilance!!!


  17. Such saddists should be beheaded! Digusting!!
    No safe is place for girls, these days! I think girls have to carry self protective stuff along with them! May be pepper powder, to throw into their eyes and just escape!

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