Cricket -national sports of INDIA

Ok We won Glod medal….fine! Ok Bindra’s back home and enjoying accolades…..fine!!

I am tired of hearing BINDRA BINDRA BINDRA..before you label me spoil sport or hyperbole me as not Indian let me emphasize I am happy and proud as much as I can be, but not being ignorant of the sad fate India has in Olympics. First things first the parade was a mess- major fashion faux pas by team members, then the drug controversory surrounding Monica and ill fated tryst of Raghvendra Rathore.
Now Bindra is enjoying all the walk galore and smiling to the shutterbugs-but ain’t it a while back same place was adorned by Karnam Malleshwari or Raghvendra Rathore and many others? Where are they now? What has happened to them? Is silver sheen fading in front of newly acquired Gold bling? India recently won the 8 nations AFC football tournament securing them qualification for the 2011 Asian Cup finals in Qatar but what to write home about it?

I had a very interesting conversation with my chinese friends and here are the excerpts from yesterday’s morning:

GMM: India won its first congrats.
Me: Yeah we did- our first individual gold ever. Technically we got our first in 1900 but as we were British colony the medal went to British tally.
DX: Oh is it? I never knew that.
GMM: Well your cricket Cricket is pacing up in young Chinese and we are working towards it.
Me: Oh! So you mean you are coming in competition in that too.
GMM: Naaah! We can’t compete with you- its your National Sport eh!
Me: Nooooo! Cricket is not our National Sport- hockey is.
DX: Are you sure? I think its cricket.
Me: C’mon it is hockey. Though as per mass appeal Cricket is the heartbeat of nation.
GMM: India has dismal performance in Hockey. I have never heard of its competency.
Me: But that’s how it is dear.
DX: They should change it to Cricket- its high time.

Well I couldn’t say anything apart from telling them according to my belief- Cricket is no longer a sport now, so it can’t become National Sport anyways. Cricket is business – with everyones mega stake in it- Media, sponsors, advertisers, television,newspaper, film industry,big corporates et al. Recent 20/20 were good- glamorous- but how acute were they in promoting the spirit of game wherein we knew clearly mega bucks were involved?

Another interesting excerpt from yesterday evening:

RH and IW: Hey congrats dear! India got its first ever Gold.
Me: Yeah. Thanks. It is really our first and most cherished. He is gonna get so good welcome back home. Cash rewards and other windfall gains is the thing for him now.
IW: Imagine 1 billion people and just one guy with Gold.Phewww….he is gonna get so lucky.
RH: Yeah it is true. One billion……

Really ONE BILLION and one gold medal. Well if we get away from our administrative ways, favoritism, nepotism then only we can think about having more medals. It is sad team members don’t get sponsors or good gear! Who is listneing to them?Only  Sahara- who sponsored the hockey team….?

Well I don’t wanna really really go further into it. May be you can probe in deeper?

I am already jerked off today- I slipped this morning as it was hailstorming and my left side hurts- OUCH!! 😦 😦


17 thoughts on “Cricket -national sports of INDIA

  1. Oh! i can understood.. it happened with me when i was in NZ…
    kiwi’s were feeling that cricket is our national game…

    Anyways.. i feel we are improving year by year in olympics.. things take time to change.. (i accept rate is much slower in india)!!! If we cannot play atleast we can proud of whatever we have earned.. just think of a case 1 Billion and no medal..

    atleast we are in better situation!

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  3. Got to read this in today’s TOI, The total Olympic medals [16 including Gold, Silver and Bronze in Athens and Beijing] won by Michael Phelps is exactly equal to what India has won in 108 years..!!!!!!!!!! :((((((((((((((((((

  4. Lets face it. India does not have the infrastructure or the inclination to be a sports encouraging nation. We have to change a lot of things from our mindset to our teaching techniques to be there. Till then we don’t deserve a medal.

  5. I started hating cricket (yes, u read it right) when Sachin started playing like Sehwagh 😀

    Hokey and football has been always my favorite games. Not that I played them, but I always enjoy them much.
    And there is no use of asking questions like “when we are going to do this…and that…?”, call me pessimistic but I don’t expect anyone in charge now is going to do anything. Heart change thingy happens only in movies not in reality.

    Bah, whenever it comes to politicians and corruption, I feel like being too much pessimistic, otherwise I am too much optimistic and positive in everything. 😐

  6. Thank God Abhinav won a gold medal for us……..It would have been very very shameful if we didn’t get at least a single medal!!!!.He deserves all the attention (though I agree the media is over doing it) because he reached the Olympics all by himself with no thanks to the Govt..He could handle the expense luckily because he comes from a rich family.We DEFINITELY have lots of talent but the govt. “Claims” they have not much money to spend for providing equipment/training facilities for the athletes.I totally agree about cricket being a business.Its the best way to fill the pockets of the govt.

    I still remember once P.T Usha couldn’t participate in the Olympics because the Govt claimed they had no “sufficient” funds to provide her shoes and other running gear!!!!!

    How shameful!!!

  7. I was there to see the football final match at Ambedkar Stadium yesterday. The stadium was in a sorry state. Stinking toilet and dusty concrete slabs for seating. We can’t expect better than that..the VIP gallery had just one ceiling fan. But the ticket price was Ok ! A mere 20 Rupees (an IPL ticket costed not less than 500 bucks).

    Hey! the performance of the Indian team was impressive. Bhutia and his boys did it again. They won the Nehru Cup at the same venue last year.

    For a change the stadium was full..almost 20,000 people. Thanks to the students from the North-East and some dei-hard fans like me! (bunked office for just to be there). Hyderabad, where the tournament was held till the semi-finals, could hardly attract 1000 people!!

    – ” was there any match Bhi saab?”..the curious auto driver asked.
    – “Yes, India vs. Tajikistan.”
    – “Tajikistan?!!..which team won?”
    – “India..4-1”
    -“Is there any series going on?”
    -“It was the final match.”

    He remained silent for some time and suddenly..
    -“So, it was an international match.”
    -“All of them come”
    -“all of them?”
    -“Ganguly, Sachin and all?”
    “ Yes, yes” And I was busy with the phone all the way after that.

    Coming to Abhinav Bindra..the guy saved the face of one Billion population! Thank you.

  8. After the bad performance of cricketers the advertisments etc should be taken back from them. U r correct in saying Cricket isnt a sport, its business

  9. OUCH!
    Did you fall hard? Please be careful..!

    And yeah, it’s kinda pathetic to imagine that this is the country’s first gold medal and how the media is hounding Bindra… And cricket has literally monopolized the country’s sporting industry and MS Dhoni’s hairstyle is bigger news than Indian football team winning the tournament!
    And hockey? Bah! I’m ashamed to say that such a lovely sport has received such little recognition!

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  11. I know how you feel as i felt the same.. initially i felt proud and then let down. I mean what could be so bad in India for out Athlets not to come out and shine… i don’t want to go into details but yu get the crux of the matter, don’t you!

    And why even think of changing our national sport? Rather our existing national sport should be given more focus!

    p.s. hope your left is fine now! or is it still hurting? TC and LOL

  12. One Billion population and only One GOLD,very shameful condition. Congratulation to ABHINAV but what to say to those ,holding posts in spports federation and ruining future and name o f Nation.Congrats again to our FOOT BALL TEAM and what to comment about Gill who is personally responsible for the pathetic condition of our NATIONAL GAME.
    Tommorow is our 61st INDEPANDANCE DAY ,congratulations to YOU and all Indians.

  13. Faith
    “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.”
    {Hebrews 11 v 1}.

    For faith is believing in things that we cannot see. Now we must believe that what we have prayed for will soon manifest in our lives, for by faith we will truly receive.

    Yet some people say, “ but it’s not easy and you don’t know what I am going through,” well, that is true, but it still doesn’t change the fact that Jesus said, “ All things are possible to them that believe,” and we must live by faith.

    It is worth hoping and believing for things in our lives to change, it really does not matter what people say, or what we feel, for God said, “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God”. {1 Corinthians 3 v 19}.

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