Happy Independence Day

From the day when I stood on stage and couldn’t even pronounce Swatantrata….I’d yell out Jai Hind loud enough for the rest of school to yell with me…

From the day when I got up late in the morning on 15th August….I’d rush to the terrace to see the Planes and salute…..

From the day when I was born in my motherland…………I’d never thought I’d miss the kite flying, the get togethers with my cousins, the mom made snacks brought my dad to the terrace……….

I miss everything back home….and felt so good seeing all the wishes pouring in since morning-Feels great to know I am equivocal sharing my excitement..


Thanks pals…..

Happy Independence Day!!!



Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day





18 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day

  1. This year there were not too many kites in the sky in Delhi on 15th August due to intermittent rains. I also missed kite flying with my family and friends due to that.Otherwise it was fun. It was a long weekend with Rakhi on Saturday.

  2. This nay sound *wrong* to some people but I think you are lucky to live and reside forever in heart of an Indian!!
    You know why I used words *reside forever*.
    Nearly every Indian knows.
    Its bit sad to be forced to use word *nearly*, but its true.
    And well, don’t hate me for saying this here,,,,,
    What more your dad would have wished for you than this?

    Love and Cheers
    Happy 62nd Year of Independence. 🙂
    Hey, sometimes you make me serious!!!

  3. Welcome Home this Independence Day oh Indian… once back, u can still enjoy the Indian flavour to ur heart’s content… JaiHind!

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  5. happy independence day to you too! 🙂
    this is for the first time i am visiting your blog and i found it quite expressive .
    well actually in my school we dont really feel that enthusiastic to celebrate independence day…there is nothing new, same old speeches and talks, march past and stuff.
    for me independence day has an altogether different meaning.
    its like giving wings to your thoughts which sadly a few people can ….as others suffer due to several suppressive factors…..
    but i think with time we will surely see one day when evryone can express their opinion ..so cheers 🙂

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