New Geography

Well I have always been amused by the statements of somebody-nobody called Raj Thackeray. Not because of the fact that I support his views and not even because I am against. I read his statements to laugh out on a clown’s imagination and self belief that he has finally become the ‘Hero’. I laugh at his mind’s radius which is so small that we can’t even see it now! I laugh over how can someone become so illiterate and backward in 2008 – coming from an influential family? I laugh at this guy’s CV expereince of vandalism in name of Indian culture by burning card galleries! I laugh at this guys amateurish and backward effort to get Orkut banned totally unaware of how his own family’s children are having profiles on the networking site!!!!
Quite frankly who is this guy anyway- RAJ THACKERAY. Is he the chief minister or the governor of Maharashtra or his local den- Mumbai? Family lineage trace him to be nephew of Bal Thackeray who was another man who imposed his dogmatism on Indians and gave us the legendary – Shiv Sainiks who are expert in vandalizing, creating new laws a la Taliban. He has got his freedom of speech and enjoys his moments of fame while speaking blatantly on the microphone amongst even sillier reporters who create a big byte out of his mindless crap.
He has been in open war against the Bachchans when the Bachchans have been polite and resilient enough to come out and apologise for god knows what!!!!! Looking at Raj T’s past records -why shouldn’t he ask the Republic of India to create Mumbai as a stand alone state and make him the self proclaimed King oops the CM.
He says that North Indians are crowding Mumbai and are still doing favors to the other North Indian states from where they hail from. But how do we stop someone from their philanthropic acts in the name of regions. Should we start asking NGOs and other social organisations to first confirm the states of the donors and then work out the fundings accordingly? And why not even ask the blood banks to ensure the blood of a North Indian is provided only to the North Indian and not South Indian?
Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and is cosmopolitan just like Delhi. People are working towards the upliftment of the corporate and financial sectors. They are contributing their efforts towards boosting the Indian economy rather than the local hub’s economy. What will Mumbai be in reality if the other region people weren’t there? Majority of them would be still doing fishing or working in Sugar mills! What does Raj T got to say to the depleting Parsi community? What does he got to say to the Gujarati community? Should Ambanins pack their bag and move to Gujarat? Does Raj T has the determination, intellect and charisma to create another ‘Reliance’ and provide jobs to the thousands of Mumbaikars who will lose the job? Will he ask the Mangeshkars to sing and compose a ‘Mumbai Anthem’, the same Mangeshkars who have created a charitable hospital with funds from all communities of India? Will Raj T allow the Indian Navy to have its dockyard and its crew members on the Mumbai port only if they are Mumbaikars?
If the answer to all the above is true then might as well give him what he needs.
And not forgetting – tomorrow, another somebody-nobody will get up from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Ludhinana. Amritsar demanding his own little state.
We will then forget the Kashmir and Eastern conflict and will solely dedicate ourselves in making a new provincial India.
So dear friends- prepare yourself for a new provincial India; the geography is about to change courtesy one man -THE LEGENDARY RAJ THACKERAY. Future beckons to him. Lets all bow in front of his extra ordinary thoughts and write odes praising his excellent policies.
‘Jai Mumbai’ ‘Jai Delhi’ ‘Jai Banagalore’ ‘Jai Kolkatta’ and please don’t put me in jail if I haven’t mentioned all the new states. You see I am still learning my Geography.


30 thoughts on “New Geography

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  3. A nice view on RT. LOL for the sentence in last line

    //*Jai Mumbai’ ‘Jai Delhi’ ‘Jai Banagalore’ ‘Jai Kolkatta’ and please don’t put me in jail if I haven’t mentioned all the new states. You see I am still learning my Geography.*//

    😀 .

  4. Mind you! Itz not “Jai Bangalore” it’s Jai Bengalooru!!! lol
    Ok, now, I am dying to see Raj Thackeray’s Passport. Does it really have “Republic Of India” embossed on it? If so, his passport has to be unconditionally seized. Because he doesn’t think he is an Indian. How can he hold an Indian Passport? He must be punsihed!

  5. I have also written my views about RT long time back.

    No matter how much we say that he has few followers and his comments border on absurdity, still he is having an effect and his followers are still able to terrorize people. I think all the people should speak and someone atleast file a PIL against him challenging him to prove that on what basis is he asking north Indians to leave Mumbai? As per Our Constitution we are free to reside wherever we want in India.

  6. I really wish that Mumbaikars would catch hold of hime and give him a thrashing to mind his own business. But no, for slefish interests like not to lose money on their upcoming movies, even people like AB resort to grovelling! What was he apologising for!!

  7. oh this white beard oldie …why cant he mind his own bloody business …..acting as a moral police as if he is the only one who cares about the culture and all the hoopla his party creates seems to end nowhere…….and how could you forget saying jai maharashtra …..he will come banging on your door! [:)]

  8. @ Nikhil- they’ll be banging your door soon…just wait macha..Actually me lil scared….hope the plan doesn’t turns the other way..who knows you might become Shiv Sainik Activist?


  9. @ Shanti -thanks dear! You’ve givne an apt example of euro!
    And thanks for pointing the error- I updated it. I knew he is his nephew but sub consciously typed as son. Apologies!

    Where have you been? No new post? too busy- dont tell me you too getting married??

  10. @ Nikhil- Umm I am thinking about sending them to ‘lore and let them have a meeeting with you! You being the charming yo-yo will give them some wisdom and then take them to ”prominent night clubs’ in night and then they will be changed forever! Ah- problem solved!


  11. @ Littleindian- from a shorter perspective I agree he is a very very clever rather shrewd man but if at all he could focus his energy or cleverness on long run -I ‘d be the first one to support him! India has taken so many years to come where it is now! We need dynamic leaders not someone like Raj T

  12. @ Sharad- yeah even i wonder why people follow him aimlessly?? BTW thanks for pointing the error- I updated it. I knew he is his nephew but sub consciously typed as son. Apologies!

  13. Down with communalism.

    India belongs to each one of us. An issue such as this should not be allowed to become an instrument amongst selfish leaders to hog the limelight. One should think over the narrow lines of boundaries. See the Example of Euro…where 15 countries adopted the same currency. Let’s not claim..our land..your land..we have seen enough bloodshed. Creation of Pakistan and Bangladesh and now..Kashmir and the NE.

    BTW Raj T is not son Bal T’s son but nephew.

  14. There will always be those who will resent ‘immigration’.
    Blaming their own failures as been robbed of a ‘job’ or ‘power’ by foreigners.

    Then there will be those who cannot think beyond their province/ region/ state.
    India is divided from within – always has been.
    Fragmented in the hearts and minds of many such people.

    All that Raj Thackery is doing is gathering their support.

    It is not politics based on an ideology, it is trying to gain political power by capitalising on inherent hatred,
    making a bad situation worse,

    Don’t you think he could be a very very clever man?

    Every state must have many such individuals –
    Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
    It is upto every ‘indian’ to decide what we want our India to be.

  15. hmmm… it really hurts… Raj T’s comments makes no sense… but but but don’t know why he has got a few followers who are ready to do anythign for him.

    and just a small correction Raj T is not Bal T’s son he is his nephew.

  16. LOL 😀 but it won’t happen with people know that all communities are needed…and well we have a large no of north Indians living here…for eg,in my class there are only 3-4 tamilians… 😛 and besides its stupid,if a person is not qualified to do something,then they are going to do more damage then anything else…

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