Of Fashion,irks, music and part 2

Strange title- hmmmm I can’t help it as my brain is ordering me to write on all these varied topics and as time s running out I am blending them in one single post!!!


Well its about the movie Fashion. First things first- film pundits might be calling it Priyanka Chopra’s best till date, but I sincerely felt anyone could have done justic to that role. People who striked the right chords were Kangana Ranaut and Kitu Gidwani. Kangana Ranuat has by far become so convenient to such powerful roles. She does have repetitive sketch but she has handled the role with great sincerity and maturity of a 21 yr old. The movie has extracted the expressions which showcse her journey from a mean super model to a lunatic drug addict. Kitu Gidwani is so dignified and subtle that I feel all actresses specially the ones from OTT TV daily soaps should take lessons from her. 

Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies have always ended with lumps in our throats. This one is an exception. It leaves you with agonizing pain cursing its length and sad melodramatic fashion sequences. Speaking of Fashion shows- the title does not lives up to its standards. Its a story of models sorry ‘Supermodels’ and fashion has nothing to do with it apart from occasional remarks on – avant garde, summer collection, Indira Market et al. What made me laugh real out was character of Raj Babbar. The same guy who doesn’t approves of his daughter’s modelling aspirations is torn when he sees her berserk. He is the same guy who knows fashion world has changed her daughter and still coaxes her to go to the big mean world!! Okay I admit he was supportive and was trying to make her brave-but like that???? Oh c’mon. And then the second laughter came when we saw Priyanka Chopra fully dressed for the fashion show where her parents are also present- I mean OKAY!!! Yeah right!

And why did they had to kill Shonali when she was perfectly on the road to recovery! Was it because Madhur had to give the complete focus to Priyanka? Can’t Shonali be equally made the International supermodel?

Kangna Ranaut is looking killer in the movie. She has the attitude, the mood and the frame to look a supermodel. But I sincerely feel she needs to work real hard on her diction. The way she said -‘congrats’ god I cringed in my chair.

The only person who I felt could have sizzled the character of Meghna (Priyanka Chopra’s) is Bipasha Basu. Man she looks awesome and acts great guns. She was the reason people didn’t notice Deepika Padukone in Bachna Ae Haseeno. Priyanka Chopra is not looking modelling material anywhere. (I have never liked her ever since she was crowned as Miss World which was a big gaffe or fashion faux pas but I am not being biased. I am writing what I genuinely felt)


No this is not about Fashion’s music. Its about music of all Hindi albums that have been releasing these days. I am giving the recipe for average Hindi album here:


One cup of Hinglish lyrics

Mixed spices (Pritam/Himes Baba/Vishal and Shekhar/Shankar Ehsaan and Loy) (I mean whatever happened to Jatin, Lalit, Nadeem Shravans -eh!!!)

One cup of Hinglish Lyrics (small town girl, desi girl, Tandooori Nights) – yes this ingredient is repeated and to be used for marination and sauce as well!!!

A pinch of Mohit Chauhan, Raahat Fateh Ali Khan, Labh Janjua, Hard Kaur, Mika, Shreya Ghoshal (I mean whatever happened to Udit narayans, shaan, Alka Yagnik, Kavita krishnamoorthy and all)

Leftovers of remixed songs of same versions titled – tiger style, lounge mix, RD Style, yeh style, woh style, sabka style

Drizzle of some rap by Labh Janjua and why not Snoop Dogg


Mix all the ingredients together in a blender till it comes out in the shape of a CD. Garnish it with a 100 fold something CD Cover and add hawwwwtt images of heroines and even heroes in bare nothing essentials in a hope this might promote the album.

The dish is ready to serve and to be enjoyed on streets in cars of some dudes who have serious hearing disabilities or some other dudes & dudettes who have some strange organ deformities in their ears and supported by a device called iPOD!!!!


  1. I mean seriously what is irking me most these days is – have I not mentioned boldly everywhere (Facebook, Orkut, blogs and every where I am networkingly active -that I am married!!!!!). Guys don’t you have self respect!!!!!! May be I should have sent you my wedding invitation to make you believe yes I AM MARRIED!!
  2. My fingers thrust inside my palms when I hear some random person specially a dork friend (point one to be read in conjugation with this point) I had back in school or college ages ago saying – Hi kya ho raha hai Yaar!! Yaar- me? Oh yeah right-specially when I can’t even remember your face and having you as my classmate yeah go ahead have liberties and call me yaar. Gosh I hate this word.
  3. The lovely long list of spam comments on wordpress. Akismet- you’re not doing such a great job you know. 200+ spam comments ranging from russian brides to investments solutions to adwares to softwares to pervertwares!! We have all in our spam roll.


No there is no part 2 for Closer Closure. And yes machaa– Mohit has been there in my other story as well. He is a dork and trust me a bigger one that too in real life! Amit – sorry dear I am not talking about your cousin and even if I do I don’t know what is he doing with Maya 😉

The story ends here only. I am not sure if it genuinely calls for part 2. For me the story is real and something that I feel will happen sometimes in real life few years down the lane. I want you to wish Dia peace of mind.


I want to say three cheers to Avant Garde Awards Blogging team for a spectacular work they are doing. Its a great effort and a personal thank to Poonam. You are a rockstar! All the best for the D-day…..

The sun is gorgeous today. Probably will relax and see some DVDs. Oh yeah by the way New Zealand went to poll yesterday and John Key is the new Prime Minister. Helen Clarke is out after 9 long years of being Prime Minister. I voted for John Key too (my first ever vote in life….). Lets see what he has in store for us in the current global financial crisis. One thing which I am happy and content about is he is pretty serious about Global Warming and is planning to reduce NZ’s fair share to it by a whooping 50%..Kudoz and all the best….

Okay I am done here. I was planning to make Aam ka achaar (Mango pickle)today  but I don’t think I will be able to do that as there is no fennel (saunf) (hubby dear loves saunf and mukhwaas- he devours all of them in one go!!). Gosh I miss India, I would have to just get out of the house and get it from the local general store. But yeah..I am stuck….

Au Revoir….


19 thoughts on “Of Fashion,irks, music and part 2

  1. @ anantha – thanks for telling me you share my sentiments regarding the current music scenario..
    Hey fruity!
    I am keenly waiting for an awesome album as well…
    The last compilation which I like cent percent was tashan…..but V&S are now getting repetitive as well..
    Yep I quite agree with the ARR bit….I really miss Chitra ji’s golden voice…

  2. @ Harsh – you’re the first guy telling me he liked Fashion…..others were cursing its length and monotony…

    well I am glad you’re well informed…


  3. @ Ish – HAHAH yeah its true…it had high gay angel..for what I don’t know…
    And you’re quite correct..it takes a certain touch of venus influence to appreciate women and the fall of clothes…..

    Hard kaur – seriously no comments …Labh janjua is still digestable to me…
    And I hate snoop dogg’s Singh is Kinng’s song…its so so so boring…

    I do like Haule Haule from Rab ne….though in the current music scenario..

  4. @ Sakhi – Hmm I never said I hated it..but I must say I hated its length and monotonic themes….

    Yep may be I should come out with an album and shoot the video in an exotic location….what say you???
    And thanks in advance for buying my album..


  5. @ Suda – Heheh I should probably punish you by making you watch Fashion, karzzzz, Yuvvrajj and Drona…. and punishment for what- don’t even ask me that!!!

    I was not referring to you..but yeah there re some retards who can’t get over the fact and get over themselves… huh
    Dork is my coyright as well – Garfield se baat ho gai hai he has no problems…
    Thank god the spam count is low now……
    And yaar- hahah punishment- is doubled now..

    You’re now sentenced to my jail…

  6. @ Amit – Ugly photo- hmm now I need to photoshop them as I don’t think I have one …..but good idea…

    there won’t be a part 2 but surely Mohit and Maya and dia will keep appearing in other stories…I will keep updating you about how Maya’s coping..and has Mohit come back to her or is Dia still feeling left out….Don’t worry I am in constant touch with them…but not Mohit though..
    Bips was smokin’ hot in BAH..but can’t deny so was Priyanka in dostana…

  7. Hey fruity!

    checking your blog after a long time.
    I have few things to say about the ‘Music section’ mentioned in your post. You are very right. Bollywood music is getting more and more cliche’d.

    I am dying to hear Alka, Udit, Abhijeet again in a superhit musical.

    Have complaints against ARR also. Why is he testing all new half baked voices in his recent music? What happened to Chitra, Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam…?

  8. watched fashion recently……I think Bhandarkar has done justice with his job…..movie is worth watching….. 😀

    P.S. I know you are married ….. 😆

    With this comment:
    I mean seriously what is irking me most these days is – have I not mentioned boldly everywhere (Facebook, Orkut, blogs and every where I am networkingly active -that I am married!!!!!). Guys don’t you have self respect!!!!!! May be I should have sent you my wedding invitation to make you believe yes I AM MARRIED!!
    I am sure there are no more guys hitting on you! And machi, the more the number of men who hit on you, the more you should feel proud of your “hot”ness! 😀

  10. I still haven’t watched Fashion. However, one thing that I heard was that every 2nd guy in the movie was gay. I think this portrayal is wrong. There’s a difference between feminine and gay, isn’t it? Designers have to appreciate women and their clothes because they’re making them goddammit. Doesn’t mean that they’re gay.

    Labh Janjua is seriously annoying. So is Hard Kaur. And Snoop Dogg too, I’ve always felt that he destroys all the songs he sings. I cringe everytime Singh Is Kinng plays somewhere. And this being Punjab, it plays in here quite often.

  11. I heard a lot many negative comments on “Fashion” that when i saw it on sunday i actually liked it!! okay, okay, there’s no need to roll your eyes and think that i don’t have any taste!! 😀 😀

    Hindi music: Ohhhhhhh, you are sooooooo true! Actually now that you already have the recipe, why not try to have your own album. if you are saying that i am not a musician, don’t worry sweets, these days you don’t need to have much knowledge of music… if you can handle computer and mix and match, you are done! I will definietly buy your album!! 🙂 😀

  12. Fashion!!! No comments!!! 😀
    Music!! OoooooooooOOOOOOOOOOoooooo,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 😀 😀

    You are married??/ Ohh my god, thats a news for me 😛 (on a serious note: I hope you were not referring to me in any way, otherwise………!!! )
    Dork…. I heard Garfield few days ago and he was saying the word is copyrighted to him 😛
    And hey, you get variety of spam mails (yaar 😀 ) , I only get…… well, one or two type of spams 😀


  13. You should put up a really ugly photograph of yours to get rid of all those guys. 🙂
    And ok, so there is no part 2? 😦 I would have loved a part 2.
    And I haven’t seen Fashion. The movie had negative vibes and I knew it wouldn’t work for me. 🙂
    And yes, Bips is getting sexier. She is the only thing I remember in BAH!

  14. Well I think Bipasha also had the same character sketch in Bachna Aye Haseeno. I could feel the change in her graph throughout the movie. But that didn’t happen for Priyanka. I don’t know if its the stylist/designer/make up artist to be blamed! I just couldn’t see her grow from a Chandigarh lass to a supermodel…..

  15. Bipasha doesnt have that middle class air/look so thats why Priyanka is better choice. Bips is too glamorous. And I’m doubtful whether she could have enacted the emotional scenes any better than Priyanka.

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