Why spill dirt???

We love criticizing..we love throwing brickbats, we love seeing everything as negative!!

Be it the lovely and soft emotions of youths associated with V-Day celebrations or any modernizing decision. We force girls not to wear jeans and tops to college in name of eve-teasing remedial measures.

We love to criticize the Indian panormama view shown in Slumdog Millionaire. We love to criticize it ’cause first we are not capable of producing a decent movie.If you look at stalwart – Yash Chopra’s work he made movies like Kala Pathar, Mashaal, Daag, Ittefaq which were backed with good scripts. His current plethora of factory churn outs include – same old cast members and same foreign location. Now don’t point his recent Rab Ne Bana Di jodi being set in small town- it is anywyas a STUPID movie where a wife doesn’t recognises her hudband!!!

Guru Dutt was another producer who made work much ahead of his time and ironically like Pyaasa his work was widely acclaimed after his sad demise.

Slumdog Millionaire has been criticized by the film fraternity (Sounding every bit like KJo!!). I feel so anguished when I see people criticizing it. Has anyone considered the vision of the director and how fantastically he has captured Mumbai? Danny Boyle is not even Indian and he has brought the Mumbai city so alive.

People are criticizing by saying the movie has portrayed as too negative image of India. Hasn’t the movie also shown the advancements in scenes where Salim shows Jamaal from an under construction building the new look of the city. Isn’t the movie positive when a ‘chaiwalla’ works in a call centre inspite of having an option to go back to underworld and have a luxurious life?


I agree few things did disturb me like I don’t know why Anil Kapoor felt insecure of him and then in another scene in toilet he praises him and says he too has come up from slums?


I also didn’t like the fact how Amitabh Bachchan’s comments were misinterepreted (he was the first one to write on this movie) – he never criticized it. He just mentioned why certain set of movies are Oscar favorites.

But bravo to him for writing with open heart, receiving brickbrats and still coming back to blogging every night!! Yes he writes every single day.


The filmmakers who are criticzing it should first check their own history -what mindless crap they’ve been generating in form of Chandni Chowk to China, Victory , Kidnap, Tashan, Woodstock Villa and many more. The current USP of movie is which heroine is wearing what color bikini or which movie has more controversies surrounding them.

Vikram Swaroop’s book has been nicely made by Danny Boyle…Chetan Bhagat’s perky novel – One Night At Call Centre was made into a cheapish film ‘Hello’. I was shocked after seeing ‘Hello’. No one criticized Hello!!!! Because it was Indian cast and crew!!! Or the fact that it was not contender for Oscar race, or the fact that the weird song Bang Bang didn’t win a first ever Golden Globe?


I am waiting for Angels & Demons, Shantaram and 3 Idiots coz I have faith in the producers behind it.

I hope no more filth is mucked over Slumdog Millionaire or over its name!!!!

And Yash Chopras and Karan Johars please stop relying on your heroines and their exposing bodies and concentrate on a thing called the ‘SCRIPT’.


10 thoughts on “Why spill dirt???

  1. I too loved the movie ….. I already had a heated discussion with one of my frnds over the same topic …. he also belonged to the same “criticisers’ club” …. duh !!!

  2. Everybody has a “Right to Criticize”
    And since I feel like criticizing people for their habit of criticizing, I wont criticize!!
    Aaahh…seems I have been caught in a vicious circle 😉

  3. It was a good one. Using the brain, the way it should be used.I loved it, although I didn’t find SM worthy of the hype it has received, but then opinions will always be there 🙂
    Life is Beautiful.

  4. Hello probably wasn’t criticized because nobody watched it in the first place. Criticizing is a human tendency, we really can’t see others getting successful which is what was shown very effectively in Slumdog through Anil Kapoor’s character. Having said that, I think he was pretty horrible everywhere else and all through the beginning of the movie I was wondering – “Who treats contestants on a show like the way they’re showing? I’ve never seen anything so disgusting. Amitabh and SRK were such gentlemen when they hosted the show. And Anil Kapoor kept going chaiwallah chaiwallah. Other than that, I thought it was pretty good. And the entire name of the movie thing is insane. The slum dwellers criticized it for calling them dogs but I guess they should’ve seen the movie and seen for themselves how that guy from the slums came out of everything and became a millionaire. Sadly, everybody chose to ignore that. And now this controversy over Billu Barber. The barbers got offended and now the movie will be called Billu. What kind of crap is that man? How is using the world barber in the name of the movie derogatory? I guess God should’ve sued Salman Khan for naming his movie “God tussi great ho” then.

    I hope 3 idiots turns out to be a decent movie. Otherwise it would be sad. I heard Chetan Bhagat was there when Hello was being shot. How could he not have realised that they were ruining the movie?

  5. It was a great movie. I could never understand why we have to be so critical of good movies. I never felt that it was made by a man who is not an Indian.

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