Doctor’s Day

July 01 in India is celebrated as the ‘Doctors Day’. This is different to US’ Doctor’s Day which is celebrated on March 30 every year. The official symbol for this day is a red carnation.

For all the doctors

For all the doctors

I would like to wish all the doctors who have treated me so far – Dr. Sunil (who gave me my first stitches and injections ouch!!!), Dr.Malhotra, Dr. Gupta, Dr. Mangla (she is my aunt also), Dr. Kashyap and above all my dear dad-in law. I talked to him first time ever in life on phone where he prescribed me medicine for my acute sinusitis pain. I was too scared of talking to him as back then I was only dating my hubby and we were not formally known to each other. I would like to thank my Mum-in law who keeps taking care of my mom and her regular medicines. I would like to thank and pass my regards to my brother-in law for sending me those really nice eye lubricants and giving vision to those who have lost hope and sight.

I would like to pass my regards to all my schoolmates who are doctors now – Shweta, Charu, Priyanka, Padma, Ravi and many others – I am proud of you.

I would like to send a big bear hug to my blog doc – Sakhi (Dr. Shah)

And and and before I sign off – its my dad in law’s birthday today – ‘Happy Birthday Papa’, we are missing you lots and wishing may all your dreams come true.

Do you have a story where a doctor has played a significant part in your life?

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11 thoughts on “Doctor’s Day

  1. My self vaishnovi.i suffering resistance bone t.b.something i think very uncomfortable & getting tense but my doc tke me out deterioting i wish happy doctor day

  2. Well, there was one enchanting lady doctor in Chennai who have me some nice injections in the butt for an infection. Ahem! How can I forget her touch! 😉
    Happy Doctors Day to all the Docs!

  3. stories ? no, but I should think about all doctors who helped me cousin bro, a 9 year old kid 🙂 he fell from the terrace, and was unconscious for about 22 days, ( most of the time in ICU .. ) no one thought he would come out fine … we were expecting memory loss, or some disability etc .. but he was just fine when he woke up after 22 days … and all these days, doctors worked very hard, and they were very nice …. left us all touched ..

  4. Wow… you remembered ME??? Awwwwww… I am soooo glad!! Thanks a bunch buddy! 🙂

    And wish your Dad-in-law a very happy b’day!! 🙂

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