Baat Nikli hai to phir duur talak Jayegi

Baat Nikalegee To Phir Duur Talak Jaayegee
Log Bewajah Udaasee Kaa Sabab Poochhenge
Ye Bhee Poochhenge Ke Tum Itnee Pareshaan Kyoon Ho
Oongliyaan Uthengee Sookhe Huye Baalon Kee Taraf
Ek Nazar Dekhenge Guzre Huye Saalon Kee Taraf
Choodiyon Par Bhee Kai Tanz Kiye Jaayenge
Kaanpate Haathon Pe Bhee Fikre Kase Jaayenge

Log Zaalim Hain Har Ek Baat Kaa Taanaa Denge
Baaton Baaton Mein Meraa Zikr Bhee Le Aayenge
Unkee Baaton Kaa Zaraa Saa Bhee Asar Mat Lenaa
Warnaa Chehre Ke Taasur Se Samajh Jaayenge
Chaahe Kuchh Bhi Ho Sawaalaat Naa Karnaa Unse
Mere Baare Mein Koi Baat Na Karnaa Unse
Baat Nikalegii To Phir Door Talak Jaayegee 

 Click here for video.

This is one of my most favourite ghazals by Jagjit Singh Ji. It is beautifully rendered by him.
The beauty of the ghazal is one can draw several parallels with it.
Read – log zaalim hai har ek baat ka taana denge//Unkee Baaton Kaa Zaraa Saa Bhee Asar Mat Lenaa, Warnaa Chehre Ke Taasur Se Samajh Jaayenge.

Isn’t it true that sometimes people keep asking us why we are upset and we feel like not sharing. But we are forced to and when we have told our things, the strong grapevine circulates our tiny emotion of heart to the world and due to chinese whisper syndrome it turns out to be a totally different thought courtesy figment of imagination of someone else’s idle mind?

Other parallel drawn is like a story that I imagine in my mind whenver I hear it – like a music video.

A woman in her fifties, recently widowed is lonely and looking for someone. Her childhood friend is there in the same hall…..standing far from her. She is sitting and looking at him asking lots of questions with her dry eyes. He wants to go and comfort her but he is scared of all the people sitting there – of all the men who are busy talking about the weather, business, politics, budget and of all the women who have just taken the woman for her bath and removed all signs of her happy and colourful life – her sindoor been smudged badly, her bangles taken out, her toe rings taken out while she kept crying inconsolably but no one to console her.

Is it really necessary to do all this? Isn’t it true that the woman is having a colorful life full of memories of happier times, her children, her laughter, her proud achievement of being a great mother and wife and daughter in law.

Why is she an outcast? Why she has to be alone while others are celebrating Holi? Why she has to dress up in subdued colours and without bindi reminding her children that they have lost their father everytime they look at her face? Why?

Tomorrow or day after, these same women might be standing in the same bath and hall as her.
Reminds me of Dor and how widowed grandmother tells her married daughter -in law that she should not hurt  her recently widowed daughter in law (Ayesha Takia) as no one knows she might be standing in the same place as her.

See how I started and how I ended this post – ‘Baat Nikli hai to phir duur talak Jayegi’. Another parallel.


18 thoughts on “Baat Nikli hai to phir duur talak Jayegi

    • @ macha – unfortunately, my urdu hindi and english isn’t advanced enough to translate it with the same emotions as the original lyrics…

  1. @ Sakhi – girl you are more than welcome to take my whole blog’s space.
    Thanks for sharing your story…..a lot of what I have written above is what I have gone through personally.
    Even my chemistry with certain ‘relatives’ has changed completely.

    No matter how much educated they are or where they are living, this ‘outcast’ factor always remains because they are so occupied with their own happy happy place that they can not understand the trauma of others and can’t think of ruining their positive vibes in life.

    I can’t see my mother’s pics now -she looks….barren is the word I am looking for.

    I know for a fact that these other women are also not immune to this stage in life.
    So yeah – peer parayi jaane re

  2. how true fruity… when dad passed away thank god my mom did not pass through all these. For one thing our family is not stuck with such things, secondly, i am too strong to allow anything to happen to mom which she might not like. But recently one wedding took place from mom’s place where the girl was to get married from mom’s place. All was well and the atmosphere was all very jovial till the rituals started and suddenly my mom was made an outcast.. I was so livid with anger, but kept quite since it was no fault of my cousin who was getting married and we didnt want to spoil her best day. But till date i cant talk to my uncle-aunty normally. And you know what, these uncle -aunty i am talking about are DOCTORS!!

    Somebody has rightly said: “education can’t change the culture” atleast not altogether!! SIGH!!!

    But apart from the above incidence, mom is well now and though she misses dad a lot (obviously!!) she has picked up her life well! 🙂

    sorry to take up a lot of space here.. but couldn’t help but tell you this!! hope you dont mind 🙂

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