Age and Tension

For some strange and weirdest reasons we all grow up and become a strange specie called ‘ADULTS’. Hmm I know you are nodding your head and saying – oh yeah being an adult sucks..I will tell you yeah BIG TIME. 😦
I often say, life was so easier as a kid…all the major tension I ever had was grabbing the window seat in school bus or not forgetting to carry the crayon box for drawing period on Wednesday or finishing my homework on time so I could catch some generous dosage of TV time. 😀

Then I was in my teen years all the major tension I had was of nursing those heart breaks caused by crushes on random guys or at the thought of not being able to look prettier (told you I am an ugly duckling story personified!)

College days were great – offcourse for all of us..all the major tension I had was how to improve my grades, what to wear on what day, where to go after classes got over or solving some rather infamous love trignometric equations or handling some jilted lovers. 😛
First job was great too – coupled with minor headaches – handling five projects in one day, doing the impossible task of testing a whole project in day one and even installing it while honing my java skills (not so great….considering it was so not part of my job description..but then its Indian IT house- kuch bhi ho sakta hai) and at the same time escaping my meals (I was too conscious of calories!!)..the other tensions were yes – which movie to see, what to wear to office on what day (again), what event to organize in the otherwise inspid office space, how to say no to go for dates and most important where to shop next weekend! 😉


Then boom boom pow… takes a 360 degrees turn…and headaches come often….you start depending on pills wishing they would go…


Family tensions, nagging relatives, politics, people, marriage proposals, what to DO NOW type Questions, higher studies, focus on career, choose love over career, go abroad, study loan arrangement, choosing between options, finding your true love (sometimes he is just there in front of you and you don’t notice type questions), getting married.

And now I am married – so the headaches don’t seem to go away – No no the guy is amazing its not his fault 😉 😛 …its my stupid typical libran trait…of not being pacified ever…the tension is sometime to change some decisions I took a couple of years back, managing house-job-uni, maintaining the work-life matrix, save more money and what to buy what not to buy, random people (whom I haven’t talked to in ages) asking when we are starting a family – I mean helloooo hellooo!! (this bugs me big time!!), loose weight and go to gym daily, take care of myself – pamper myself, be punctual, do things I always wanted to – learn to play guitar/drive/swim/sky-dive, be in love all over again, smile often not just say ‘lol’, meet my ‘friends’ and hang out with them………

What should I do? Perky Squirrel here tells me I should look at the future and don’t think so much! Yeah that’s right…..but its not that easy – I am trying..going for a road trip this weekend before I begin a new chapter of life starting from 17 August….

Wish me luck..I know you all have your fair share….but right now I am on the brink of breakdown….I have never felt this way before and I am not too good at handling this….

Sorry folks for bearing my mood swings, I know I have been too dull at lunches and at home! Hopefully the ‘ massakalli version 2.0’ would be back from next week 😀

Then I’d sing – ‘Ek ghoont mein duniyadaari ki main saari samajh nigal gai, rang biranga paani peeke seedhi saahi kudi bigad gai, Dekh ke mujhko hansta gaata sadd gai ye duniya sadd gai’ 🙂

9 thoughts on “Age and Tension

  1. Ah, you echo my feelings… so true, the days gone by were the days we forever look forward to… but how impossible is that! Don’t worry about your libran trait! I am one as well.. 😀

    Librans are known for balancing myriad equations, so if YOU cannot do it, trust me, no one can! 😀

    So, friend, say ‘cheese’ and say cheers to life! 😀 😀 😛

  2. Ah, well, i know what you mean. Its been there, done that kinda thing!! But trust me sweetie, this too is a phase, will pass and next year, you will miss THIS phase 😉 Trust me!! 😀

    I love this one too! …‘Ek ghoont mein duniyadaari ki main saari samajh nigal gai, rang biranga paani peeke seedhi saahi kudi bigad gai, Dekh ke mujhko hansta gaata sadd gai ye duniya sadd gai’ …
    [as if you didn’t know already! 😉 ]

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