Music Review : Dil Bole Hadippa

After being literally addicted to Love Aaj Kal, I am finally back to listening another Pritam’s soundtrack in Dil Bole Hadippa. The promos are fresh and funny…. (thanks Kanika babe for sending the Youtube link). Rani is looking leaner and hope this saves her titanic. Shahid is usual hot himself and hope he strikes this time too after his Kaminey act.

The album comprises of 6 tracks – and all have heavy punjabi feel to them. The lyrics are the usual hinglish composition and have a BIG Pritam stamp on it. Caution: The album won’t surprise you with any track! All the songs have similar dhol beat to it courtesy the story background.

1. Discowale Khisko – The background music-that’s what I love about this song, reminds me of Punjabiyaan di shaan in form of Yeh Desh hai veer jawaano ka interlude or barah barsi tune. The songs belong to Sunidhi Chauhan and KK does his fair bit too. ‘Ajj Disco paale khisko ab desi beat bajaani’. This has Pritam’s stamp all over it. Already a major chartbusters for sure.

2.  Ishq hi rab hai – God what’s with YRF and fixation of Rab Ishq…matlab made a whole movie on RAB Concept but still need more. Like Himes unkil’s chunariya fixation. The song starts on a breezy note and I wait for Shreya Ghoshal’s magical voice to come. This is the only soft number comparing to the other solid punjabi tracks. The lyrics are again Punjabi and Shreya Ghoshal is not sounding too great. The voice is weak I don’t know but I didn’t like it and then waited for Sonu Niigaam to take over the mic. The song has got a little bit of Aisa Desh Hai Mera (Veera -Zaara) feel to it in terms of lyrics. Sonu Nigam makes an entry in the second half of song. Its a cakewalk for him nothing to write home about. Not a great track overall.

3. Bhangra Bistar – Yes sounds interesting…Alisha begins with hinglish lyrics and I can so totally see bindaas Rani ala Bunty Babli mouthing these. And the second line – Sunidhi comes and you will just love her and thank her for coming and you can see the Surdy Rani doing bhangra on this. The punju traits are all over there – ‘Aa gaye Ji Punjab ke Sher with Bhangra Bistar Beer Bater’ I wish I could say a loud brrruuaaah. Then you have barah barsi khattan gaya see coming…and you will just love it.Hard Kaur does her fair job here. The combo of Sunidhi, Alisha and Hard Kaur works perfectly fine! The stanzas are run of mill and I keep waiting for Sunidhi’s line. Lyrics are total time pass – ‘subah subah muh apna beer se dhote hai, thaane hi jaake sudhre ye aise khotte hai’// ‘Khotte dil ke bure nai shakal aisi hai, Dil pet se juda hai ye akal aisi hai’. Li’l Birdie tell me this ones featuring Rakhi Sawant wooing surdy Rani!

4. Gym Shym – This track is by Joshilay (loved their albums and thank god they have made a come back). The song starts with a heavy hinglish mix and you won’t probably get the hang of it as a first time listener. And I so totally don’t see myself listening to this while working out in gym now. 😦 The interludes are typical of Pritam. I can pass this track with no regrets. Liked the ‘Eh hadippa, doh hadippa, aha hadippa bit’ and can see people mouthing this loudly in dance clubs!

5.Hadippa (Remix) and Hadippa – Mauja Hi Mauja reprising here totally…what more than even Rani looking like Kareena’s clone in her outfit; I infact mentioned this on my FB Status update when the video came out!!!
What I loved – //’Chewing gum hai chabbi jaa, handpump hai dabbi ja,life da juica kaddi jaa, fikar kare fukre//.
Mika is his usual self and Sunidhi supports himself in this title track and obviously this is already a chart buster. The Delhi crowd specially is gonna go bonkers (But but but when I am there I am still dancing on Aahun Aahun! Ok Kanika???).

6. Disco Khisko (Remix) – Master Salim has lent his voice and I am not sure who he is..Salim I know of Salim-Sulaiman fame but master Salim? He has sung this in super bratty jatt voice and nothing exceptional. The line- ‘Na Boli Na bhaasha dil gaali pe o bhaasha’ has ‘Oye dippo oye toni ab kaise taali honi, hudd ki karna is khotte ta khoon peeke’ (Bhootni ke from Singh is Kiing)’ tune to it. This has Mika meets Jazzy B feel.

My fav picks Bhangra Bistar and Hadippa (Remix)

Rating : 2/5


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