Implications of a kiss

He was still confused. He couldn’t understand what was that that happened five minutes back. Was it a lucky streak or a sheer banal expression of affection from her?

He was holding his right cheek and trying to figure out what that kiss meant, when did it happen so suddenly and what it really implied?

(my first attempt at 55ers, a story woven in just 55 words – what do you think?)


10 thoughts on “Implications of a kiss

  1. Hey Mahak!
    Loved your blog.. it has many emotions in it.

    Please educate me, is there any thing more beautiful that an affectionate kiss?.
    Nice write up πŸ™‚

    I’m going to add you to my google reader right away.

  2. Awesome work yet again…. m really impressed wid your work, and thats the reason I feel like reading your articals again and again. How bout writing a book of 55ers. N yeah, you should write some sequels also.

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