The Image

Of all the many things that bothered him, this was the one that had been there for the longest frame of time. It challenged him in a way that was unique, challenging and yet captivating. He had started to miss it when posed with banalities of routined life.

Trying to sum it down in number of days, weeks, months or years was a practice stopped long back. It was part of him now – a secret that only he knew, a projection that only he could feel, a conundrum that only he wanted to remain unsolved. Sharing it with others was useless, no one had the time, patience and most important the skills to even appreciate its captivating elements. He was the sole audience to the glory of its magnanimous evil wrath.

He tried sharing it with the stranger in the mirror, but that was too absorbed floating in the emotions of self-pity and denial. He knew sharing it with the people of normal race would take away the exclusivity he held. He was one of the very few who chose not to be part of this race. He had painfully tried for several years to project this image. The image had become him. Giving up on the image would defeat the purpose. Giving up on the image would reveal the stranger to him.

He panicked. He shut the door once again.

He could disinter the image he had hidden,

Still he didn’t

 The mere thought melted his pliable heart,

The image was what set him apart,

 He was ready to reveal it all,

In fear not to be abhorred by all,

 The decision was stanch and he was worried

Time to reveal the emotions hidden and buried.



30 thoughts on “The Image

  1. wow… i started reading it.. and initially i was not very sure what did you wanted top convey.. i stopped in between and started reading again… it has so many interpretations to it.. as described in some of the comments above… every one can relate to it.. its damm true… even i love leaving my article a little open for the readers so that they can read between the lines.. go in the different layers of the article.. just loved it.. from the last few months.. i have felt the same like the guy in your article.. and i was so involved in the write up.. its amazing..
    keep writing…

    • Thank you Divyanshu. Like I always say, if any of my stories make you reminisce and say, ‘hey this is me’, my purpose is solved. I too like to keep the plot and characters open and let my readers’ interpretation do the work.

      So glad you liked it. And thank you for this lovely comment.

    • Thanks doll. Missed you all so much. I am back to blogosphere. Thanks for the comment. Wrote after a long gap. Good to know my cherished readers liked it.

      Be blessed.

  2. “Ooops! You did it again.” – I’m sure everyone here can relate the post as in “It sounds familiar.”, actually yes, We all feel the same at one point of time, Honestly. Thanks for making us touch our inner self time and again M.

    Hats off Mahak.

  3. One word: Beautiful.

    In this story, there is a person who is still unsure of himself. He is still trying to find his core and does it on the sly. In a way, he is one of us and in another way, he’s just a self-imposed pariah. But whoever he is, he is happy being himself, methinks. The way you portrayed the part vis-a-vis with the mirror was simply awesome.

    Lovely choice of words and emotions expressed in the finest way possible.

    Great work, keep writing. This is worth the effort. 🙂

  4. Another breathtaking one coming from you! What do I say about this? Haha, so many things I would love to say but I have no words. Creating an image is easy, but living up to that image can be very hard. That’s what I have learned from time. All I can say is that your posts make me think very seriously! Keep it up M! ❤

    • Dear Doll,
      Thanks for sacrificing your beauty sleep and posting this cherished comment. Yes the lessons we learn from life are the lessons no school can teach us. The experiences define us.
      Thanks for your continuous affection and support.

  5. Aaah.. yet again… there is another story which has so much of emotions n feelings within it. Dont know y.. bt yes..i m able to relate to all your posts. May be coz d whatever you write has instances which most people would have experienced sometime in their lives. Way to go Mehak. You Rock!!!

    • Thanks S. Yeah it is clearly mentioned in my disclaimer. Any expertise that is present in the content here belongs to the people or event I have met/experienced.

      Thanks for your continuous encouragement.

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