Bollywood Flashback 2010

Disclaimer: As the year gets closer to form New Year’s resolution I think its time for me to write the top 5 post like last year. This time its strictly filmy duniya and in no order of hierarchy.
Before you issue any fatwa against me please note this post is strictly my endorsement (Pssst yes I was asked to look into mirror and called ugly after I commented about Priyanka’s look in Anjaana Anjaani). Tees Maar Khan is not included anywhere as I am sure I won’t be getting to see it before January next year.

Please to be not throwing any nasty brickbats – for that start your own blog. Apart from that suggestions/ perky statements are heartily invited in the comments section.

Top 5 Cliched movies of 2010

1. Pyaar Impossible – Solo hit for Uday impossible. Another movie that just about proves Priyanka Chopra is entirely a director’s muse. Without them she is pretty much a sore-eye material.

2. I hate Luv Storys – The entire movie was cliched except a few dialogues that induced laughter. Music was the saving grace. Sonam literally sleep walked through the entire movie. Who can forget the legendary war of tweets between Punit Malhotra and Shobhaa De? 😛

3.Anjaana Anjaani – So you take Priyanka Chopra post this discovery of being PV Narsimha Rao’s relative. She has proved her nick name Piggy Chops right. She has actually looked like a pig with that horrible lip job. Ranbir oh Ranbir is the only eye candy. Aas Paas Hai Khuda is the only good thing about this major cliched flick.

4. Chance Pe Dance – Shahid’s biggest problem is he tries TOO HARD in his roles that it looks like a pathetic caricature instead. Terrible execution and fail script.

5. Housefull – One day I would like to understand the forced humour courtesy the laughter gas. I hope Saajid Khan gets a bit sane with his next one. Dude you cannot  poke fun at other directors while you churn up the same ol’ shit to the audience. This movie shares the dias with another Akki starrer.
Khatta Meetha – As Masand said, this movie is indeed a schizophernic movie. You expect us to laugh right after the lead supporting actress is brutally murdered?  And Akki we are allergic to bullshit. Sad you used Sir RK Laxman to promote this cheap flick.

Top 5 movies that are so bad that they are good

1.Veer – Oh c’mon don’t tell me you are over those Kat look alike jokes on the overweight Zarine Khan.

2.Get Educated:Paathshaala – I was actually laughing at the dialogs of this movie. What was with Ayesha’s role? I really want to probe further. Shahid was his usual CLICHE self. He tries so HARD that it sucks.

3. Aisha –  Still trying to get over Sonam Kapoor’s Retweets about the ‘alleged’ box office collection. The entire movie was a larger than life fashion show. C’mon Arjun *fans her face with hand*

4.We are Family – Yes you DO NOT cast Arjun Rampal sandwiched between Kajol and Kareena – who by the portrays almost the real life role in this movie. Pbbbttt Sara and Ibrahim’s daayan. 😛 it was not Kajol it was indeed the audience who died by the end of this epic failure.

5.Hissssss – I don’t exactly know the exact number of S in the title neither I know what made Irrfan Khan sign this movie. But the dialogs are legendary. I highly recommend it on a crazy crazy Saturday night with beer in tow.

Dabbaang – No you cannot give a number to this movie. Its a sheer guilty pleasure. With the B grade dialogs and Munni Badnaam Hui song ladies and gentleman we clearly have a winner here. If you have fainted by now, try sniffing some phus phus.
Top 5 surprise packages that made us proud

1. Love, Sex aur Dhokha – Dibakar Banerjee nailed it yet again. A super strong script, rocking and stellar performance by caste and hat-ke execution.

2. Peepli [Live] – The movie that talked about a lot without being too preachy. A rare dark comedy after Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron. Kudos to Anusha Rizvi. Good luck Aamir for the Oscars. I hope you bury the hatchet with Anusha.

3. Do Dooni Chaar – One of those light feel good movies that makes you reminisce about tough time your family would have faced in past. Remarkable chemistry by my favorite on-screen jodi – Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh. Duggals rock!

4.Phas Gaye Re Obama – Smart Script. These were the two words that popped into my head once I finished watching this movie. Stellar performance by Manu Rishi.

5.Udaan – This is clearly my favourite movie ever. Its hard to see such layered and real-life characters in hindi film industry. Ronit Roy makes your jaws dropped. Amit Trivedi’s legendary music and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics will leave you feeling positive. Do check the IMDB trivia. Click on the movie title or here.

Top 5 duds

1. Kites – Seriously, what was the fuss all about? Even the alleged romance between Mori and Hrithik couldn’t make this a success. Music was a big big big letdown.

2. Raavan – Why oh why? This movie was a visual treat with OTT acting by Abhishek Bachchan (later on conveniently supported by Papa Bachchan). Music received mixed response from the ARR fanatics.

3. Prince….its showtime – Yes a sequel is planned. You can kill me now. Viveik Sleazy Oberoi’s maha epic drama with not one, not two but three heroines left us crying for our money back. You saw this FDFS? Yes I am judging you right there.

4. Teen Patti – So you take Mr. Bachchan, Ben Kingsley and R.Madhavan and ruin a perfect caste. Its almost a federal offence that can lead you to punishment to watch Himes’ Radio and Kajra Re back to back.

5. Action Replayy – not even the star cast nor the interesting genre could save this Vipul Amrut Shah’s presentation from the audience who literally got Zor Ka Jhatka.

Top 5 OSTs

1. I hate luv Storys – Movie was a big cliche but the soundtrack is peppy, soothing and has songs to match all genres.

2. Aisha – Oh c’mon it gave us Gal Mitthi Mitthi bol and the haunting Lehrein and the soothing Shaam. Brilliant work by Amit Trivedi again.

3. Karthik Calling Karthik – Every guy’s wish should be to sing Jaane Ye Kya Hua to the love of his life. Uff teri Ada IS the dance floor song of 2010. Hey Ya was mushness personified and the title track haunting.

4. Udaan – Kahaani Khatam hai ya shuruwaat hone ko hai? Each and every track is a master piece. Positive lyrics and Amit Trivedi’s tunes will leave you wanting to hear it on infinite loop.

5. Guzaarish – Sau Gram Zindagi has been on loop playlist and so has O Saiba. Tera Zikr still leaves us hopelessly in love.

AND YES leaving you with…..Top 5 Dance Numbers for your New Year’s  Party List

1. Munni Badnaam Hui
2. Uff Teri Adaa
3. Sheila Ki Jawaani
4. Gal Mitthi Mitthi BolZor Ka Jhatka
5. Ainvayi Ainvayi Lut Gaya

Leaving you with a poll to solicit response for best 2010 flick.

Have a spectacular 2011 folks. Enjoy the party season. Be safe!


35 thoughts on “Bollywood Flashback 2010

  1. I have just seen very few movies in the list this yr.. Dabangg I liked it (coz of Salman) 😀
    Other than that, I like Karthik calling Karthik and Tere Bin Laden (really hilarious!)
    I watched Chance pe Dance and My name is Khan too.. they were okay.. I really wanna watch Udaan!
    Happy new yr gal! and thanks for the list.. now I know which movies to catch up on 🙂

    • Yes please oh so pretty please watch Udaan. That kind of emotional layers and strong characters are not seen on silver screen that often. I also recommend you to see Do Dooni Char.

      Happy New Year my special angel. Cheers!

  2. Still few of those movies are in my to-watch list … I love Guzaarish … loved it to the core … movie of the year for me … for sure ..

    P.S. wish u a rocking 2011 😉

  3. A thumbs up to your selections. I fully agree with the surprise movie list. All the choices are worth watching though I haven’t watched them all.
    Hope we get to watch some good movies in the coming year.

    • Thank you for the comment. Please make sure you watch all the surprise ones. They deserve viewershop.
      Here’s hoping for a saner bollywood 2011. Amen.

  4. Dear K, Badmaash Company was impactful but too reminiscent of Bunty aur Babli. Secondly the tricks were repetitive. Shahid acted too hard.
    I haven’t seen Band Baja Baraat yet (unfortunatelty). I left Jhootha Hi Sahi mid way. Aashayein I didn’t bother to see.
    Thanksfor your lovely comment and I much appteciate your suggestions. Cheers.

  5. I think there were some decent movies made this year. To name them Badmash company, Aashayein, Jhootha hi sahi, Band Baja Barat. Was wondering if its an irony that you didn’t watch any of them or just a difference of opinion. Anyhow great work in assembling your thoughts.

  6. Peepli Live was my pick of the year. Guzaarish came a close second, all thanks to Hrithik. And yes believe it or not, I still haven’t heard Sheila ki Jawaani.

    Sigh! I think I’m becoming a workaholic. And that’s not good for me 😐

  7. Ek hota hai film ko dekhna. Aur ek hota hai film ko dekhkar samajhna. Aapki samajh bahot tej hai. Har achhi film mein ek sandes chhupa rehta hai jo kuch hi gine chune nirdeshak hi dete aaye hain. Aur hum film dekhnewalon ki khusnaseebi hai ki wo parampara kayam hai jise naye daur ki naye yuba nirdeshak bhalibhaanti nibha paarahe hain. Bahot bahot shubhkaamnayein naye saal ki apko. Aur aap itni achee achee likhte rahiye. 🙂

    • शुक्रिया| आशा है कि आने वाले साल में हमें और बेहतर फिल्में देखने को मिले |
      नव वर्ष कि आपको भी हार्दिक शुभ्कामनाएं |

  8. Correction – I meant – with Dibankar, it wasnt a surprise that LSD turned out to be a good movie…thoda grammar mistakiya gaya main… 😦

  9. Agree all through. Very nice post. I cant believe someone actually put their money to make films like aisha and i hate luv stories…both sonam kapoor movies…yaaaaaaaa thuuuuu movies i tell u 🙂

    Am still rolling with ur quote almost a federal offence that can lead you to punishment to watch Himes’ Radio and Kajra Re back to back. (unquote)

    Amit trivedi is the future of ‘sound’ of good music for sure.

    I would add that with Dibankar, it was not a surprise that LSD Will be a super movie. You remember how eerie it was to see a movie shot mostly using camcorder and close circuit cameras? 🙂

    Do Dooni char was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

    TL ka movie critic ho tussi!


    • Thank you R. With LSD I wasn’t really sure it would be as big a hit as it turned out to be. And I am saying coz when I too saw it, it took me time to adjust to the mode in which the three tracks were shot – camcorder, CCTV camera and spy cam. At this juncture, I’d like to congratulate the audience as well (no I will not use the term – multiplex audience).

      Do Dooni Chaar was slice of my family’s life. I loved it.

      Thanks once again

  10. I was lucky that I didn’t watch the duds. 😀

    Udaan is one kickass movie which we won’t forget for a long time. Peepli is another good movie.

    Overall, a fantastic post. Keep writing. Loved it.

    • Thanks Jinesh. I am glad you retained your sanity by not watching those duds.
      Udaan is clearly my favorite movie.

      Keep coming back to this space. I look forward to see your comments.

  11. Nice post… share the thooughts on udaan, peepli live and Dabaang.

    Amit trivedis music and Amitabh Bhattacharyas lyrics were definitly the highlight of the year passing by.

    • Yes and I am so glad we have talent like Amit’s. I am quite bored of Vishal and Shekhar. The churn the same ol’ OST now. SEL however do try to be different. But hey little bit of variety is never too harmful.
      Thanks for the comment and vote. Cheers

  12. There are only two favorite movie critics in the World for me, Pritam Sharma and Van Diablo, naam toh suna hi hoga? Well now I’ve three..

    Okay, moving on the post, UDAAN is ‘the’ movie of the year. Indeed. #CommentsLikeLord_Ram

    Cliched movies of the year for me: ‘Housefull’ for me – WHY Oh WHY I watched it? 😡 And Mr Sajid Khan is making a sequel to it and says it it’s gonna be 10 times better than it. Ten times of negative is…??

    Top 5 movies that are so bad that they are good: It has a tie between Paathshala and Aisha for me. *face/tractor* – And Dabangg, every time someone says it was an EPIC movie, I think, Yes Indeed. Duh!

    Top 5 duds: I’ll pick all of ’em and add Tees Maar Khan. Indeed.

    Oh yeah, last but not the least, OST – I Hate Love Storys. Indeed. “Bin Tere” is a #FTW song. #MusicForSoul and #embee.. whatever..

    P.S. – Kudos for the R & D of this post Mahak. If you still have not guessed the third favorite critic for me, it’s you.

    • Hum teen mil kar Masand, Taran Adarsh aur Anupama Chopra ki watt laga denge. 😛 Ok may be too far fetched. Its hard for Taran to STFU 😛

      Yes Udaan is the movie of the year and many more years. Sadly Bollywood still specializes in run of the mill/tried and tested formula. And then once in a lifetime a talent like Vikram Motwane or Anurag Kashyap makes us restore our faith in the sanctity of hindi cinema.

      And Housefull two? Matlab I will again lose my precious manicured nail while stretching my gorgeous hair? Sigh! tsk tsk. its gonna be 10 times shittier.
      Dabaang is a movoe for masses and kudoz to Arbaaz for choosing his target audience well. The small towns made it the epic mega hit that it is today. It will never be remembered for acting, solid script or any path breaking technique anyway. That my dear I feel is Aamir’s department at most of the times.

      I haven’t seen Tees Maar Khan. Neither I have any intentions to watch the crap served by one of the most over-rated directors we have in the country.

      Bin Tere (Reprise) is the song my dear. So beautiful it is.
      Thanks for your epic comment and vote. And now as I end this almost a blogpost like comment, I am leaving a saanp on you 😛 Hissssssss waala 😀

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  14. Holy whiskers of kurvi Tash!!!! You wrote it all? All by yourself? Using your own personal fingers on the keyboard? WOOOOW… I recommending your name for Twitter Movie Critic for our TL. Great job. Loved the Hisss’s verdict. One must watch Hisss to know how pathetic a movie can be and ‘No Problem’ which also managed to touch the new heights of pathetic.

    • Yeah used my tiny tiny fingers to type this mega post. HAHAHA I like the new title of Twitter Movie Critic. Bollywood queen I am. I haven’t yet managed to watch ‘No Problem’. The very idea of Kangana attempting comedy role is starting to give me tumour.
      😛 Thanks for casting your vote

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