Jolt to reality

A jolt from reality always shows the difference between what we aspire and what we have actually achieved. Not knowing what to do was the underlying cause of most of his miseries. The taken for granted achievements coaxed him to submit his dreams to struggles of daily life. The day was predictable but some of the dreams still struggled in eyes. The old musical notes flew out of the tightly tied file and touched his feet when the hands hurriedly tried to perfect the tie knot. Battling with immature demands of his inner child was an art he learnt with his batch mates while struggling to get placed.

 A half-hearted hello was said to that child while laughing over a repeated joke heard near the pantry. A half interested glance was given to the several glossy magazines that enjoyed the freedom on the breakout room table. The pool table and dart board reminded him of several bets that were placed in one life time that was lived a long ago. Some old friends found place in the instant messenger window. The chat engine never encouraged him to connect with them. The banalities of conversation gave him another excuse to submit his aspiration to struggles of his daily life.

 It is not that that he didn’t try to let the inner child win or take over. He tried. But the taken for granted achievements of his job title and monthly e-payments gagged him. The achievements mocked him when he took a look outside the office window. The people on the streets were walking in leisurely motion. He could have swapped places but he was being mauled by the responsibilities that the recent appraisal got in. The clients were the ones who talked to him at length and his team was the one who listened to him for too long. Although, ‘was he heard’ was a discarded question altogether.

The evenings were spent dragging himself to the vacant apartment. It was never his home. Several channels were flicked and nothing could amuse him. The frozen meals were heated and dishes were done. The refrigerator was searched for something more to satiate his hungry inner child. Any amount of ice cream or frozen pie couldn’t satiate it. It was as if the inner child wanted more than a sweet dish. It was as if the inner child wanted some time off from the life he was allegedly leading. It was as if he wanted to backpack across an unknown continent. It was as if he wanted to escape the captivity of social networks that guaranteed anything but connection. It was as if he wanted to yell once and tell others to shut up. It was as if he wanted to slower the pace of world that zoomed in front of him.

 It was as if he wanted to give a jolt to reality.


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83 thoughts on “Jolt to reality

  1. MD the problem is that we get addicted to spending/living life king size…

    I had lot of times thought of going for higher studies again..but im afraid of not losing monthly credit to my account.

    Means of happiness have changed..and we just assume that we are happy.

    Jo bhi kaho reading this i felt its written for me.Everyone of us usually feel this sometime or later 🙂

    • Thank you Sachin. Though I may not have much influence on what you choose to do, but going back to uni is a good decision. Not only career wise but also, it gives us a chance to be younger again.
      There is no life as exploring as a student’s life.

      Good luck.

    • Story of (nearly) everyone’s life around me… Nice write up…
      Now one line reminded me of something else altogether… the line ‘…he wanted to backpack across an unknown continent…’ .. does it remind you of something from a famous TV show (F.R.I.E.N.D.S.)? Story of backpacking across Europe..? Ring any bells? 😀

  2. Anu, I read this and thought of the way I was last year. Enslaved to my career, to making money and buying properties. That is until I met my inner child. Curiously I met her in my dream and she persuaded me to abandon all to seek, and explore. Since leaving London and meeting others in my travels who are on the same path of discovery I understood that I am not only seeking to find unfound places in the world, but also unfound places in my mind.

    • I am undergoing the same turmoil. I want to escape this monotony but the coward in me is pulling this inner child back.
      I am so proud of you to pursue your dream and enjoy what this life has to offer. Someday hopefully I too will gather courage to follow my dreams too.

      Thank you for your comment. I cherish this a lot. First one from you.

  3. I believe this inner child is the reason we are good at most times in things which we don’t even like or are passionate about. A repulsive phenomenon somewhere in our head, synchronous with Newton’s third law of motion sets the propulsion in us. Without even letting us realize it is about proving a fact to ourselves that if I can be this good at what I’m not supposed to do, I would do a damn good job at living the life I actually want to.

    Taking it further, we might not attain that altitude in what we always aspired to be but it contributes in almost guaranteeing that we are perfect at something else. One of its example is hearing Brett Lee say that he doesn’t like watching cricket at all which came as quite a surprise to me. To me someone had to be passionate enough to at least watch the game to make it to playing at that level at which he is. But at second thought I realized that this might not always be true.

    I remember a professor once telling me in regards to his subject matter that for something to take place everything involved has to be in the right numbers, no more no less and this holds for everything in life. So, in a way this child is playing its part in setting things where they should be.

    All this might sound absurd but the story triggered the thought mechanism in this direction. Again a great subject chosen to write on and brilliantly put. keep it going !



    • Alright. You have again mesmerized me by this lovely comment.

      Your professor is so right. There’s a popular saying in hindi, ‘samay se pehle aur kismet se zyada kisi ko kuch nahi milta.’

      Brett Lee’s example is quite intriguing. I have seen few singers who want to do anything but sing in a gathering.

      I simply loved your comment. God, I am so lucky to have you as my reader.


      • Pleasure is all mine and everyone else’s who likes to read what is close to their own life and also initiates a thought process in mind.

        Sahi mein samay se pehle kuch nahin milta. There’s another quote to add to it which has a much greater influence on me, ” karam kar phal ki icha mat kar.”How true is this one. If you really like something it shouldn’t bother if you really get something out of it or not or you get any appreciation. One just does it for the pure pleasure derived from it. Hard work to me is a completely relative term and not absolute at all. In fact it is where the problem starts. The other person might feel that the person is working hard but he is doing it because he enjoys doing it and would not associate this word hard work with it. Bottom line is if we are working hard, means we are not following our passion because in that case we would be loving doing it and be alien to this term. Following passions and being true to oneself are the keys to remain happy.

        Again yaar, sorry to scribble all this on your post but if a thought comes,always better to let it out. Look forward to reading more frequently such life related segments.


        • ‘Following passions and being true to oneself are the keys to remain happy.’ I can’t agree more.

          Please don’t be sorry for the comments. Each and every comment here means a lot to me. Your comments provide another perspective to what I share here.


  4. Nice one Kish.
    The best thing about your posts is – they are taken from instances from a real life and many of us can relate to. Second best thing – is the way you describe them.

    What you depict here is a very common problem with the Gen-Y. Love and time is the cure. Come to think about it, these are the two things missing with Gen-Y people.

    All d best for d coming posts. Looking ahead to read, associate and comment.

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  6. He needs love. The only question is whether love can help him break out of the above monotony or whether it’ll be added onto the daily routine of everything else.

    Loved the post. Keep writing.


    • You are right. @kapo_regime also saifd the same thing and I can’t agree more. Love conquers melancholy.

      Thank you for the comment. Keep visiting. Love your perspective.


  7. Dear Mahak,

    I must say that your creativity has reached such heights that you not only allow readers to relate to your character but it seems as though the character is the author. Not sure if it made sense. But simply put: Excellent and engaging!

    Cheers for this creation!

    • Whoa! Raj coming from you this means a LOT.
      I got what you tried to convey and trust me I cherish this comment a lot.

      Cheers for being such a good friend.

  8. Besides the obvious connection to everyone around us. The story has an aching broken heart of its own. I’ve been here. This itch, this deep bond; its a delicate subject. Nostalgia. Hard to keep oneself “alive”. No doubt.

    I’d like to quote from my all time favourite series Mad Men.
    “Nostalgia literally means the pain from an old wound..” this –

    • Loneliness is the worst enemy of any person.
      We all have been a part of this phase.

      Nostalgia brings pain. Agree.

      Lovely comment OoO. 🙂

  9. This, is so true and painful.
    Shows us how attractive the life may look from outside but how hollow it can turn out to be.
    I don’t know who or what to blame–The dreams, which are shown to us or developed in our minds that can never be achieved, or the harsh reality of life which crushes those dreams?

    Brilliantly written! Looking forward to reading more posts by you! 🙂

  10. So much has been already commented on this post.

    I can relate to this post because there was a phase when I was living alone for about 3 and a half years.

    I really don’t know what else to comment M. It’s just beautifully written.


    • Thank you R. This makes us aware of the importance of finding someone who loves as. As @kapo_regime said, ‘Love is the only cure of loneliness’.


  11. nice post M. it is absolutely relate-able to everyone of us. we really try to cover up the child in us, pretend to lead a happy life.In actuality, we need to take some time off the busy routine to treat that child to whatever he wants.he doesn’t want big things.he just needs some little things. something to make him feel good.
    We have been mechanised by habit to do what we do everyday. our hands do things involuntarily. we find ourselves walking to the bus stop without even realising we ever left home. The world is moving at a rapid pace,toward nothing. Time will come when we will be robotic in every action.

    The fake smiles, the fake greetings. we dont need that. we need peace.we need time for ourselves.time to nourish the child in us.

    (sorry for the really long comment. it might not have made sense either. keep writing, you 🙂 )

  12. Seems like i was the last to lay my eyes on this one. sorry M, Nevertheless.. you bring out the real ‘me’ or ‘you’ or ‘us’ with such conviction,it seems like Im reading my own thoughts.
    Theres no way I can get any closer to my own thoughts, than this !
    But theres still so much excitement in the busy mundane life of a man .. i kind of miss it at the moment 🙂 So the irony is , the more you are dragged out from the worldly matters ,searching for the child in you, the more desirous it gets for you to go back in it ..BUT, that should never stop the search . I consent with you on this .


    • Thanks babe. Better late than never.
      I agree. There is excitement in the routined life. Its upto us to get ‘bored’ or not.

      As for me I hardly get bored as there is plenty to think about.


  13. Lovely post. Sorry it took me ages to read this… Wonderful description of how we, even though are grown up, still remain children!

  14. Wow. Just Wow. You realise that this is the story of life of every.single.person out there? It was as if I was reading a page out of my own diary.


    • Thank you Pradyut.

      Oh Good lord Greece, I am so glad Samoa’s liking my work. I always Kuwait to read your brilliant comment.

      Its a sheer Rwanda you could relate to it so well.

      Thank you 😛

  15. On surface level this story does seem like millions of working class men and women !
    Kudos to get that part so perfectly and so striking in contrast or mirror to present times.

    But then, every one has an outlet for such thoughts , a medium to scream your anger out. Search of that and mastering the art is what life all about !

    Brilliant story Mehak 🙂

    • Absolutely! You said it so perfectly. Blogging is my way of connecting with my aspirations. I may slog daily at work but I also let my aspirations fly with my writing.

      Thank you for this beautiful comment. Means a lot to see it coming from you. Your poems are so beautiful.

  16. it looks like a prose…but is more of poetry..
    and perhaps put words to thoughts that are echoed by a lot of people …and wonderful words as well to those feelings and thought..:P

    and off course the song you were listening to makes it even more special..:)

    • Thank you Surendra. My stories are reflection of you, me, him, her, us and them. The aim is to get your thoughts reflected via my words. The purpose is attained if you feel the effect too.

      Aah the song. Pink Floyd must be smokin’ some elixir while crooning this.
      Matches the story line perfectly! Isn’t it.

  17. NO! No. no!

    I am to start working soon and reading this reminds me of how things were when I was in employment earlier. If something like that happens again, I will give you a rude jolt for making the evil predictions. 😛

    • :O whooops.
      But as long as you take time to pamper that inner and (outer) child in you, you’ll be fine. 😛

      Thank you for the comment. Good luck.

  18. Lovely post M.
    Somehow, he got dragged to real life.
    Out from his dreams, to the harsh reality.
    Still, everyone has a little child in the who refuses to grow up. And I feel that we should never force that child to grow up either.
    Keep writing. *hugs & lots of love*

    • Thank you girl. I agree, that child deserves pampering once in a while for us to be aware of the luxury of being alive!

      Keep visiting. Love love and more love.

  19. A.W.E.S.O.M.E post Mehak. You have written it so beautifully that I never wanted it to end. This is so my story. A jolt from reality for me indeed. I am also one of those who dream, aspire but then reality comes into play. Reality is a bitch, indeed!! And mark my words, you are a future writer 🙂

    • Thank you thank you thank you. Aah I am floating in clouds. So much love.
      I am glad you could relate to the story.

      Please keep visiting this space.

  20. Awesome work Mahak. This is actually the kind of life that most of us are leading. In our effort to be big and powerful, the kid inside dies its slow death. Loved the post, keep writing 🙂

    • I knew you’d agree G. Remember we discussed this on twitter once. It takes courage to follow our dreams. It takes spirits to nurture the inner child.

      Thank you for the lovely comment and the lovely gesture of sharing it on fb and twitter. You are my awesome rocking big B.

  21. Nice post.
    Once again I’d like to echo my thoughts, (something that I read somewhere) in which I firmly believe…. “I’d rather sit back and do nothing than do something that I hate.” If you know me, you’d understand what I mean.

  22. Two words, LOVED IT! Felt so close to home. Almost teared up a bit at this line – The refrigerator was searched for something more to satiate his hungry inner child. Yes, your words have that effect!
    Kudos to your expressions. Keep writing.

  23. thats what life does to us. we are chained to monotony. ignoring what we need, doing what we have to.
    b’fully woven.

  24. The final 2 paras kinda resembled me. And for a moment I was thinking… is this me being written about? In some ways, this has been my life for quite a while. And honestly, I don’t know how to change it. I want to fly away, swap my place with that man I see walking leisurely on the sidewalk by my office. But then who knows why is he walking near my office. Who knows what’s going on in his mind, what problems he is facing in his life. Still, if only I could… I would do it.

    • I look outside the window and see these people. I also try to weave stories about them. Sadly the corporate life has made us ignore the inner child in us.

      Thank you. Lovely comment. अति उत्तम | 😛

  25. An old man sitting in a dark room.. shackled up.. desperately trying to break free.. and suddenly a light comes from above.. he stares at it blankly.. and the knowledge comes in a flash.. he gets up.. breaks all the shackles.. and realizes.. one is as free as one wants to be.. just rise from that unfathomable abbeys where we are just the prisoners of our own desire..
    and thats how is this jolt to reality.. awaking.. shaking.. commendable job as usual Mehak 🙂 dont stop write more.

  26. Nice post M, I can really correlate it with my own life. Anyways there is a lot reality teaches us, its reality that makes us decide whom we love, whom we miss and whom we hate… & this choice between missing (as per your post)/loving/hating people becomes the story of our lives.

    Read somewhere that Love is the only cure of loneliness.. and there are some feelings that sink so deep in the heart that only loneliness can help them find again.

    • Thank you K.

      I have seen so many young people who are sent offshore and above story is a slice of their life. As soon as they get married and the wife joins them in the foreign land, there life taks a better turn.
      Love is indeed the only cure of loneliness.

      I loved your comment (as usual).

  27. Ennui. The vein running through this post. How often does one encounter such lassitude that threatens to encompass our entire self. This stasis can be paralysing or can be the launch pad of something entirely new. Holden Caulfield is one literary character stuck by it as was Agastya Sen.
    The writing is stellar and you have made the point remarkably well. I hope that you keep writing.

    • Ennui. The worst enemy ever. I can’t agree more with the payalysing effect. It can be launch pad of something new – deep/dark/bright/revealing.

      Would read about Holden Caulfield’s character.

      Means a lot to hear first words of encouragement from you doc. Sincere heartfelt thank you.

  28. Voila Mahak! You attacked “mundanity” full throttle. The person in the picture looked a lot like me… or should i add, millions like me! 🙂

    Lovely work (again) with expressions and continuance. Simply loved it. The final punchline was the perfect climax for whatever you said about me… or should i add, millions like me. 😀

    Keep writing. It’s getting more poignant but beautiful each time i visit this side of the blogworld.

    • You do know Anna your comment is one I *really* look forward to read like an excited lil girl.

      Yes the person resembles a millions like us.
      Your constructive feedback makes me want to outdo myself. Heartfelt genuine gratitude is all I have for you.

  29. *bang bang*

    Two hawai fires with my revolver was enough or I should do something else to tell you how good the post is? ‘Jolt to reality’ – the title is apt. Indeed.

    The ‘inner child’ portrayal is awesome, just for the fact that we all do have one, right? And for the zillionth time, I say ‘Your posts make myself jolt to reality’. \m/

    Keep writing,
    *bang bang*

    • *Dodges in Trinity style in a severly hot leather over coat*

      Thank you. Fixing the title took time. And I am glad it met your high standards.

      Yes, we all have one inner child. We all must nurture him. He needs attention to keep us aware of the how luxurious it is to be alive!

      Keep commenting,
      *Dodges the hawai fire and lands up in Neo’s arms*

  30. It looks like he chose this to prove her that he was not a child any more. He could handle responsibilities. And, in a much better manner too. It looks like he chose this to prove that he could make his inner child to get over her.

    • Thank you P. ‘He’ always mans up in front of ‘her’. To tell you what, its the ‘her’ that suddenly becomes a child who is laregly dependent on ‘him’.

  31. Not many people can give words to the thoughts and feelings. Those who can are blessed.

    The entire set up and building up of the moment which is happening “here and Now’ in the scene is so lively that you can not help but imagine yourself in that situations with every detail, even the innate things mentioned here makes it presence felt.

    Beautifully conceived and written.

    • Thank you. Seriously, I am so touched by this lovely comment. Makes me feel that the story found its destination.

      Thank you once again Hitesh.

  32. Very precise. Hits the nail hard on the head. This seems to be my Biography, very well written, and also the story of so many around us.

    In the rat race with bills to pay, our inner happiness is a quest that’s long forgotten.

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you Tbg. It is sad in this rat race, our real self is getting lost. In end, we remain a rat – scared to follow our aspirations.

      Thank you for the lovely first ever comment on my blog.

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