Come back to me

Come back to me. I want to see you, take that warm palm of yours..that is full of so many complicated lines that intersect at so many places. I wonder where I fit into that fate line. Let me hold your palm. It is bit rough and I like it. Makes it even more inviting to hold it.
Let’s spend some time together. In the same coordinates of the universe. Spend a day together. Just talking nonsense. Or even better, don’t say a word. Just make few shapes with our fingers and play with their shadows on the wall. Just find something new about each other. Notice a mole or a scar on our skin. Notice how the lines on our faces changed since the time we met.  Just watch each other breathing. 
Then fall asleep when the eyes would give up after staring. Then let our dreams continue our story.
Partners in rhyme

Partners in rhyme

Currently listening to – Your body is a wonderland // Something ’bout the way the hair falls in your face 
I love the shape you take when crawling towards the pillowcase //
This post was inspired after some heavy J. Mayer dosage. I am trippin’ on Born and Raised. Hey, he got me out of oblivion on this blog space.

28 thoughts on “Come back to me

  1. I just love to read whatever you write. Your words and the way you express feelings is just exceptional. You rock Mehak. ❤

  2. whenever I feel lonely, sad, happy… i used to visit this blog and specially this post. beautiful words n beautifuly crafted

  3. Oh not a few days back somebody had said this to me…. you made me go back in the time and remember it all again… nice to have you back (though I am here only in spirit 😀 )

  4. Such a beautiful post… I could feel my heart get all warm and mushy…. You should write more often.. Loved it!

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