Lazy Mornings = Quick Creamy Mushrooms

Gone are the weekends where all that I did was sleep eat read and repeat. 

Life has become extremely hectic and in an extremely good way. 

Cooking is something that rejuvenates me. It calms me down when I am low or super hyper. 

My go to brunch item is always creamy mushrooms and a nice simple salad on the side with a cuppa. 

This recipe is the shortcut version of proper creamy mushrooms in bechamel sauce. Trust me if I had the time to prepare the roux, I would rather prefer taking a nap. Sleep indeed, is a luxury. 

So here it goes:


Mushrooms 4-5 large

White wine – A quick guzzle 😉

White Onion – 1 small roughly chopped

Mustard Powder (optional)

Garlic cloves – 2 big ones

White pepper powder

Chilli Flakes

Brie cheese



1. Heat a frying pan. Add sliced garlic and white onions. Do not brown them. 

2. Add roughly chopped mushrooms. 

3. Keep sautéing till the mushrooms are cooked in their own liquid. Add a glug of white wine when the mushrooms start to stick to the pan. 

4. Add white pepper powder, mustard powder and chilli flakes. 

5. Add brie to this and wait for it melt and till all the ingredients are combined. 

6. Add finely chopped chives. Healthier alternative is to add baby spinach. 

7. Lightly toast some bread. These mushrooms taste heavenly on toasted ciabatta. I generally toast two slices of Molenbergh Wholemeal Grain Bread. 

8. Spread the mushrooms generously. 

9. Add baby spinach leaves and some fruit like apples or pears or mandarins. 

10. In a small bowl mix a tsp each of honey and dijon mustard and little EVOO. Mix well and spread over the baby spincach. 

11. Sprinkle fresh black pepper and salt from the mill if desired.

VOILA. Enjoy your creamy mushrooms with a hot cuppa. I used Jarrah’s Bavarian Bliss to make my coffee with a hint of hazelnut. 


Quick Creamy Mushrooms

Quick Creamy Mushrooms