Why spill dirt???

We love criticizing..we love throwing brickbats, we love seeing everything as negative!!

Be it the lovely and soft emotions of youths associated with V-Day celebrations or any modernizing decision. We force girls not to wear jeans and tops to college in name of eve-teasing remedial measures.

We love to criticize the Indian panormama view shown in Slumdog Millionaire. We love to criticize it ’cause first we are not capable of producing a decent movie.If you look at stalwart – Yash Chopra’s work he made movies like Kala Pathar, Mashaal, Daag, Ittefaq which were backed with good scripts. His current plethora of factory churn outs include – same old cast members and same foreign location. Now don’t point his recent Rab Ne Bana Di jodi being set in small town- it is anywyas a STUPID movie where a wife doesn’t recognises her hudband!!!

Guru Dutt was another producer who made work much ahead of his time and ironically like Pyaasa his work was widely acclaimed after his sad demise.

Slumdog Millionaire has been criticized by the film fraternity (Sounding every bit like KJo!!). I feel so anguished when I see people criticizing it. Has anyone considered the vision of the director and how fantastically he has captured Mumbai? Danny Boyle is not even Indian and he has brought the Mumbai city so alive.

People are criticizing by saying the movie has portrayed as too negative image of India. Hasn’t the movie also shown the advancements in scenes where Salim shows Jamaal from an under construction building the new look of the city. Isn’t the movie positive when a ‘chaiwalla’ works in a call centre inspite of having an option to go back to underworld and have a luxurious life?


I agree few things did disturb me like I don’t know why Anil Kapoor felt insecure of him and then in another scene in toilet he praises him and says he too has come up from slums?


I also didn’t like the fact how Amitabh Bachchan’s comments were misinterepreted (he was the first one to write on this movie) – he never criticized it. He just mentioned why certain set of movies are Oscar favorites.

But bravo to him for writing with open heart, receiving brickbrats and still coming back to blogging every night!! Yes he writes every single day.


The filmmakers who are criticzing it should first check their own history -what mindless crap they’ve been generating in form of Chandni Chowk to China, Victory , Kidnap, Tashan, Woodstock Villa and many more. The current USP of movie is which heroine is wearing what color bikini or which movie has more controversies surrounding them.

Vikram Swaroop’s book has been nicely made by Danny Boyle…Chetan Bhagat’s perky novel – One Night At Call Centre was made into a cheapish film ‘Hello’. I was shocked after seeing ‘Hello’. No one criticized Hello!!!! Because it was Indian cast and crew!!! Or the fact that it was not contender for Oscar race, or the fact that the weird song Bang Bang didn’t win a first ever Golden Globe?


I am waiting for Angels & Demons, Shantaram and 3 Idiots coz I have faith in the producers behind it.

I hope no more filth is mucked over Slumdog Millionaire or over its name!!!!

And Yash Chopras and Karan Johars please stop relying on your heroines and their exposing bodies and concentrate on a thing called the ‘SCRIPT’.


Ab to Prajatantra hai??

Yes, before I go on praising Welcome to Sajjanpur – let me tell you yes I did see Chandni Chowk to China..have got just one thing to say- its ok Akki we can leave our brains behind and digest Welcome, Singh is Kiing but how much and how many times…..Please do a favor on mankind and please RE-reinvent yourself..enough of silly mad capers…..PLEASE I really adore you since your Khiladi days -so please please fruity please STOP IT..its getting hazarduous…

Welcome to Sajjanpur is one of my personal favorite movies that have released recently. It was subtle and had humor with social message intact well between the lines and the lovely characters and the village setup provided.

Well before you guys think that I have gone into past year and presenting the critical review here let me say….Nuh huh…

I just felt like sharing the lyrics of the awesome song that is so true for India – the largest democracy or Prajatantra in the world. The lyrics are perfect for India, where genealogy is the ticket to Parliament house (read Dutt family – who is Maanyata? Why the sisters don’t gel with sister – in – laws and yeah my favorite talk of the town nephew- his royal highness Prince of Maharashtra – Mr Raj Thackeray!!!!)..

Satta ki yeh bhookh vikat- aadi hai na ant hai,ye to prajatantra hai?????

Well before my nails dig further in my palsm over these people, let me just post the lyrics here….

Aadami Aazaad Hai, Desh Bhi Swatantra Hai
Raaja Gaye Raani Gayi Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai

(Jan Ke Liye, Jan Ke Dwaara, Janata Ka Raaj Hai
Prajatantra Sabse Bada, Hum Sabko Naaz Hai) – (2)
Vote Chhota Sa Magar Shakti Mein Anant Hai
Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai – (2)
Aadami Aazaad Hai, Desh Bhi Swatantra Hai
Vote Chhota Sa Magar Shakti Mein Anant Hai
Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai – (2)
Aadami Aazaad Hai (Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni Re….)
Aadami Aazaad Hai, Desh Bhi Swatantra Hai

(Khil Rahi Thi Kali Kali, Mehke Thi Gali Gali
Aap Tabhi Saanp Huye, Hum Ho Gaye Chhipkali) – (2)
Satta Ki Yeh Bhuk Vikat, Aadi Hai Na Ant Hai
Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai – (2)
Aadami Aazaad Hai
Satta Ki Yeh Bhuk Vikat, Aadi Hai Na Ant Hai
Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai – (2)
Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni Re….

(Arre Jiski Laathi Usaki Bhains, Aan Ne Bana Diya
Hey Note Ki Khan Khan Sunaake Vote Ko Gunga Kiya) – (2)
Party Fund Yagya Kund Ghotaala Mantra Hai
Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai – (2)
Aadami Aazaad Hai
Party Fund Yagya Kund Ghotaala Matra Hai
Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai – (2)
(Aadami Aazaad Hai (Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni)
Desh Bhi Swatantra Hai (Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni Jheeni)
Raaja Gaye Raani Gayi Abb Toh Prajatantra Hai) – (2)

Resilience againt terrorism

Light shines the brightest??

Light shines the brightest??

Terrorism is weapon of weak – a cloak draped by someone who wants to hide the weakness by terrorizing the innocent who are strong enough to survive every passing day with love, compassion and affection. Those innocent souls who are somewhere out busy shopping for the daughter’s wedding, the innocent woman negotiating with the grocery seller, the rickshaw puller ignoring the sweat on the body, the children learning the tunes of ‘Jana Gana Man’, an old man trying to get his old watch repaired! A sudden jolt comes and turns the sweet chaos of city into an eerie silence! A silence so deafening that punches you right in the middle on your heart with such great force that for a second you wish you were killed too! You pray for the trauma to end! But it doesn’t. It comes back and back – sometimes in your city, sometimes in other. You watch the hungry media shoving the 5 inch long microphone into the mouth of survivors for one nice byte. You read the front page of newspapers telling stories about how many died, how many injured- you are never to sure- all papers show different figures. Terrorism is not novel – its been hackneyed upon us deliberately- its a tattoo on our bodies – we take pleasure in showing it through our bleeding shoulders! Hope to see just one day during my life time where I can proudly say – ‘Sanity prevails’. Lighting this candle in my heart for this hope.. 

I am lighting candle for them!

I am lighting candle for them! I request all the dear readers to light this..... thanks shades of grey for this great endeavor- GOD BLESS

Lets pray what we prayed back in school..its powerful! Lets chant the powerful Gayatri Mantra three times

Aum Bhur Bhuvah Swah, Tat Savitur Varenyam

Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi, Dhiyo Yo Nah Prachodayat

ॐ भूर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं । भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि, धीयो यो न: प्रचोदयात् ।।

Oh God, the Protector, the basis of all life, Who is self-existent, Who is free from all pains and Whose contact frees the soul from all troubles, Who pervades the Universe and sustains all, the Creator and Energiser of the whole Universe, the Giver of happiness, Who is worthy of acceptance, the most excellent, Who is Pure and the Purifier of all, let us embrace that very God, so that He may direct our mental faculties in the right direction.

~*~ AMEN ~*~

New Geography

Well I have always been amused by the statements of somebody-nobody called Raj Thackeray. Not because of the fact that I support his views and not even because I am against. I read his statements to laugh out on a clown’s imagination and self belief that he has finally become the ‘Hero’. I laugh at his mind’s radius which is so small that we can’t even see it now! I laugh over how can someone become so illiterate and backward in 2008 – coming from an influential family? I laugh at this guy’s CV expereince of vandalism in name of Indian culture by burning card galleries! I laugh at this guys amateurish and backward effort to get Orkut banned totally unaware of how his own family’s children are having profiles on the networking site!!!!
Quite frankly who is this guy anyway- RAJ THACKERAY. Is he the chief minister or the governor of Maharashtra or his local den- Mumbai? Family lineage trace him to be nephew of Bal Thackeray who was another man who imposed his dogmatism on Indians and gave us the legendary – Shiv Sainiks who are expert in vandalizing, creating new laws a la Taliban. He has got his freedom of speech and enjoys his moments of fame while speaking blatantly on the microphone amongst even sillier reporters who create a big byte out of his mindless crap.
He has been in open war against the Bachchans when the Bachchans have been polite and resilient enough to come out and apologise for god knows what!!!!! Looking at Raj T’s past records -why shouldn’t he ask the Republic of India to create Mumbai as a stand alone state and make him the self proclaimed King oops the CM.
He says that North Indians are crowding Mumbai and are still doing favors to the other North Indian states from where they hail from. But how do we stop someone from their philanthropic acts in the name of regions. Should we start asking NGOs and other social organisations to first confirm the states of the donors and then work out the fundings accordingly? And why not even ask the blood banks to ensure the blood of a North Indian is provided only to the North Indian and not South Indian?
Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and is cosmopolitan just like Delhi. People are working towards the upliftment of the corporate and financial sectors. They are contributing their efforts towards boosting the Indian economy rather than the local hub’s economy. What will Mumbai be in reality if the other region people weren’t there? Majority of them would be still doing fishing or working in Sugar mills! What does Raj T got to say to the depleting Parsi community? What does he got to say to the Gujarati community? Should Ambanins pack their bag and move to Gujarat? Does Raj T has the determination, intellect and charisma to create another ‘Reliance’ and provide jobs to the thousands of Mumbaikars who will lose the job? Will he ask the Mangeshkars to sing and compose a ‘Mumbai Anthem’, the same Mangeshkars who have created a charitable hospital with funds from all communities of India? Will Raj T allow the Indian Navy to have its dockyard and its crew members on the Mumbai port only if they are Mumbaikars?
If the answer to all the above is true then might as well give him what he needs.
And not forgetting – tomorrow, another somebody-nobody will get up from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Ludhinana. Amritsar demanding his own little state.
We will then forget the Kashmir and Eastern conflict and will solely dedicate ourselves in making a new provincial India.
So dear friends- prepare yourself for a new provincial India; the geography is about to change courtesy one man -THE LEGENDARY RAJ THACKERAY. Future beckons to him. Lets all bow in front of his extra ordinary thoughts and write odes praising his excellent policies.
‘Jai Mumbai’ ‘Jai Delhi’ ‘Jai Banagalore’ ‘Jai Kolkatta’ and please don’t put me in jail if I haven’t mentioned all the new states. You see I am still learning my Geography.

Wake up- Break-up

The venue was set and so was the time and date. She was excited and was glad to be finally take out some time from studies and her study table and go out with her friends and laugh. She told her boy friend about her plan who immediately gave a disapproving nod asking her not to go. She knew his possessiveness level -so she tried to calm him down by assuring him she is going to have all her friends there and she will not talk to boys and won’t sit with any guy. She even told him she won’t talk to any boys of her group. But he was persistent and stuck to his disapproving nod.


She decided to go ahead and be herself after all those years of painful courtship. She wanted to go out and have just a single day enjoying the laughter, the leg pulling and silliness of jokes she shared with her pals.



It was her birthday and she met him in the morning. She was beaming and expected some sort of surprises for her- but here were none. He asked her for treat and she gave him one still waiting for a surprise. The surprise came- there was no present, no card, no candies not even a hand written note. He dropped her at her college and before leaving she said standing by the car door- I am going out for lunch and quickly left to ignore all yellings and swearing that followed.

He was standing outside the college gate when she was coming out crowded by her jolly friends. She was laughing at her childhood friend’s silly jokes when she saw him. He came to her and said – he is going to drop her to the restaurant where she was having her birthday lunch. She was quite suspicious and told him her friend would also come with her. He hesitantly said yes and they drove a little far from the college precincts when he parked the car next to a building and told her friend to go from there to the venue adding carelessly that she will not be able to make it for her own birthday lunch. Her friend was dumb founded and looked at her to gather a single streak of response. She gathered some courage and told him- she is not going to listen to him and will surely make it for the lunch. He sweared a lot and kept cursing her. She asked her friend to get out of the car. Before she could open the car’s door she felt a strong punch hitting her hard across the face immediately followed by a sharp slap on the same cheek. Her friend yelled out and went out of the car and took her injured friend out and called for a rickshaw. They took it and the friend told the rickshaw puller to go as fast as he can. She couldn’t hear at all from her left ear and cried heavily. Her friend also helped her ease off her already sprained left arm and held her closely confirming if she could still hear. She thought about taking her to hospital as her friend was not reacting. Before the friend could took any decision she saw the white car merging from behind and brought to screechy halt right in front of the rickshaw. He came out of the car and pulled the girl and kept swearing and telling her not to create a scene. The friend called her other friends on mobile and they talked to the guy on phone trying to retaliate. The public kept looking at the scene. The boy calmed in fear of police.

The girls reached the venue and went directly to washroom where she washed her face and tried to look good for her own birthday treat. She just broke out and confided that the guy only had twisted her left arm a day before knowing very clearly she is left handed and rarely uses her right hand. She looked swollen and had trouble speaking and hearing. She went out and saw her friends laughing and giggling. She sat in middle of her two best friends and ignored the stares she got from her friends knowing very well the talks in the air- where everyone knew the nature and reason of her injury. She couldn’t eat the food, she couldn’t enjoy the jokes, she couldn’t appreciate the presents, she couldn’t thank her friends.

Her friends had been telling her to have a break-up for long time but it seemed as if she was hypnotized by the retarded guy who had convinced her she was nothing without him. He had convinced her she had no good looks and he was pitying her and favouring her by having him in his life. She tried coming out of the relationship after that incident. Six months later she was coxed by the retard who begged for forgiveness. She was trying to forget him and move on ahead with her friends and a new guy who loved her deeply. But the fool she was she forgave him and gave him another chance.

They spent next two years fighting bitterly over who should pay for date expenses or movie tickets. he asked her to give him some amount of money from her new job’s salary every month.

One day after a hard day’s work she got out of office at 8:45 pm dying to go home and have dinner and get back to her MBA preparation when she saw him waiting outside the office gate in the same white car. She gave a sigh of relief thinking hugging him would make her forget her headache and the day’s fatigue. He drove the car fast and parked it in a secluded area and slapped her hard across the face- asking what was she doing so late at work? Who is her lover in the office? Before she could speak he slapped her again and tried to rip her shirt apart. She screamed loudly and he feared the public. She kept crying loudly and he dropped her lamelessly outside her apartment gate. The girl cried her way to home in agony. Her parents were worried why was she crying. She lied and said – ‘ she fell down’.

She broke up him after wards and faced physical violence while having the break-up also. She slapped him hard across his face in their last meeting ever.



Physical violence is entirely the victim’s fault and sign of weakness. Well educated girls, intelligent girls are continuing to live in a torturous relationships everywhere- even in metropolitan cities.

Wake up- break-up sucks but life is beautiful after it. You only love some one who deserves you entirely- don’t feed yourself emotionally and physically to retards who can’t treasure your presence in their life.


Happy Independence Day

From the day when I stood on stage and couldn’t even pronounce Swatantrata….I’d yell out Jai Hind loud enough for the rest of school to yell with me…

From the day when I got up late in the morning on 15th August….I’d rush to the terrace to see the Planes and salute…..

From the day when I was born in my motherland…………I’d never thought I’d miss the kite flying, the get togethers with my cousins, the mom made snacks brought my dad to the terrace……….

I miss everything back home….and felt so good seeing all the wishes pouring in since morning-Feels great to know I am equivocal sharing my excitement..


Thanks pals…..

Happy Independence Day!!!



Happy Independence Day
Happy Independence Day




Cricket -national sports of INDIA

Ok We won Glod medal….fine! Ok Bindra’s back home and enjoying accolades…..fine!!

I am tired of hearing BINDRA BINDRA BINDRA..before you label me spoil sport or hyperbole me as not Indian let me emphasize I am happy and proud as much as I can be, but not being ignorant of the sad fate India has in Olympics. First things first the parade was a mess- major fashion faux pas by team members, then the drug controversory surrounding Monica and ill fated tryst of Raghvendra Rathore.
Now Bindra is enjoying all the walk galore and smiling to the shutterbugs-but ain’t it a while back same place was adorned by Karnam Malleshwari or Raghvendra Rathore and many others? Where are they now? What has happened to them? Is silver sheen fading in front of newly acquired Gold bling? India recently won the 8 nations AFC football tournament securing them qualification for the 2011 Asian Cup finals in Qatar but what to write home about it?

I had a very interesting conversation with my chinese friends and here are the excerpts from yesterday’s morning:

GMM: India won its first gold..wow congrats.
Me: Yeah we did- our first individual gold ever. Technically we got our first in 1900 but as we were British colony the medal went to British tally.
DX: Oh is it? I never knew that.
GMM: Well your cricket Cricket is pacing up in young Chinese and we are working towards it.
Me: Oh! So you mean you are coming in competition in that too.
GMM: Naaah! We can’t compete with you- its your National Sport eh!
Me: Nooooo! Cricket is not our National Sport- hockey is.
DX: Are you sure? I think its cricket.
Me: C’mon it is hockey. Though as per mass appeal Cricket is the heartbeat of nation.
GMM: India has dismal performance in Hockey. I have never heard of its competency.
Me: But that’s how it is dear.
DX: They should change it to Cricket- its high time.

Well I couldn’t say anything apart from telling them according to my belief- Cricket is no longer a sport now, so it can’t become National Sport anyways. Cricket is business – with everyones mega stake in it- Media, sponsors, advertisers, television,newspaper, film industry,big corporates et al. Recent 20/20 were good- glamorous- but how acute were they in promoting the spirit of game wherein we knew clearly mega bucks were involved?

Another interesting excerpt from yesterday evening:

RH and IW: Hey congrats dear! India got its first ever Gold.
Me: Yeah. Thanks. It is really our first and most cherished. He is gonna get so good welcome back home. Cash rewards and other windfall gains is the thing for him now.
IW: Imagine 1 billion people and just one guy with Gold.Phewww….he is gonna get so lucky.
RH: Yeah it is true. One billion……

Really ONE BILLION and one gold medal. Well if we get away from our administrative ways, favoritism, nepotism then only we can think about having more medals. It is sad team members don’t get sponsors or good gear! Who is listneing to them?Only  Sahara- who sponsored the hockey team….?

Well I don’t wanna really really go further into it. May be you can probe in deeper?

I am already jerked off today- I slipped this morning as it was hailstorming and my left side hurts- OUCH!! 😦 😦