First Look

She was shivering while holding the disposable coffee mug. He wanted to move the curled up tresses that were dripping rain drops in her mug. He knew doing that was sacrilegious. Then she looked up and smiled. He looked down to cease his presence just when he heard hi, can you please share your umbrella?


Story idea came after looking at the picture above(courtesy: Eternal Click of a Spotless LenseI saw, I captured).

That first look of love is inked on our heart forever. What was your first look of love like?  Share.


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Tumhein hai pata, maine pehli baar jo dekha tumhein, Mujhe yeh laga chahun bhi to kaise pa sakunga Tumhein, Sapna tha ek din to main hoon tum ho Tum dheere se bolo, Tumko apna mana hai, Dekho hona hai Aur kya?



Gyanji were looking at her. She was quiet and unusual. She didn’t get him tea this morning. He was worried, he shook her fragile shoulders. She didn’t reply.
54 years and now this deal was broken. He felt angry and betrayed. He felt cheated.

Worth the risk?

Sameer, Sameer Malik, Technical Analyst‘, she said the name putting her lips closer to the mouthpiece. The cooing engines made it difficult for her to listen. She was crying when the operator said – sorry this person is not working for us. Were her friends right – was he really not worth taking the risk for?

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In my own little world

The date was now ending after saying bye to each other since last one hour. The gotta go and bye take care were coming after each interjection of missing you. The vibes were mutual – of not letting go off that moment – the precious moment where they two were in their own little world.

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Implications of a kiss

He was still confused. He couldn’t understand what was that that happened five minutes back. Was it a lucky streak or a sheer banal expression of affection from her?

He was holding his right cheek and trying to figure out what that kiss meant, when did it happen so suddenly and what it really implied?

(my first attempt at 55ers, a story woven in just 55 words – what do you think?)