Pura Essenza (About Me)

This space was created on 8 October 2007 to explore the creativity someone spotted in the author when she was 5. This space and any iota of talent that you may perceive she has belongs to him. Any errors are hers.

Thoughts reflected in the posts are purely the thoughts the author has flirted with. If you choose to agree or appreciate, leave a comment. If you choose to disagree, leave a comment.

For release of your anger or hate messages please spare the comment section. Write your own blog post and the author shall be more than happy to read it.


3 thoughts on “Pura Essenza (About Me)

  1. Hey ( I don’t even know your name),

    But I followed your comment to your blogger’s profile then the blog and then this. The write up about ‘Dolly’ struck a chord somewhere. Don’t know if you’ve read the recent posts but I am intrigued so as to how you found me.. and also wanted to tell you that your blog made me think of going back to where I began. Using any energy- negative or positive to be expressive. Life is short, after all and creativity comes in spurts… but it depends on energy of some/any sort. Look forward to your comments and will be following your unique voice with interest.


    • Thank you for your lovely comment.
      Hope all your questions are now answered.

      Dolly’s story is part fiction. It is inspired by the daughter of our maid in Delhi. I started this blog to channel my energy. Writing has been therapeutic. It has helped me sail through the most difficult years of my life. Feel great to know you drew inspiration from this space.

      I also look forward to more comments and read your brilliant posts.


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