90’s Bollywood Potboiler/Masala Movies

These movies weren’t necessarily shot in exotic locales, nor did the music had likes of Snoop Dogg or Pritam or Himes Unkil and had 6 standard songs with no remixes of RDB Style, Tiger style, iska style, uska style, the actresses weren’t necessarily the babes in bikinis and the heroes weren’t exactly the men on mission with superpowers or metrosexual tags.

Mast 90s

Mast 90s

Coming back to the point, here goes the list…and yes you are more than whole heartedly welcome to give me your suggestions, lets expand the list people…  😉 Please note that I am not trying to add the obvious known choices like Hum or Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander or HAHK,KKHH  type movies here, these are the otherwise masala potboilers we have forgotten or are now a cult movies….

1. Andaaz Apna Apna – Well I don’t think I have to give reasons for this being in my list. Aamir and Salman actually tied their jeans with slim belts (way over the waist hahaha). Karisma looked straight out of school with bright orange lipstick and Raveena – my she looked so pretty (she does today too!).This legendary movie introduced us to the nephew of Mogambo – Crime Master Gogo, the famous ‘do dost ek hi pyaali mein chai piyenge‘, ‘Teelu‘, ‘Teja main hu Mark Idhar Hai‘, ‘sorry sir galti se mistake ho gaya‘, ‘balki main to kehta hu aap purush hee nai hai’. The beautiful yet crazily shot songs – Dil Karta Hai tere paas aau, Ye Raat aur ye durri – Salman and his cute dholak and Karisma in her cute pink nightdress or Aamir’s cap going up seeing Raveena blushing in her yellow dress or the romantic Aye Lo jee Sanam hum aa gaye with OP Nayyar’s reminiscence. (PS I have joined Crime Master Gogo’s fan page on FB and yeah guys they have some seriously funny updates that will make you laugh everytime you open your homepage).

2. Tahelka – First things first – I so badly want to ask Naseeruddin Shah why why why did he sign this movie? The amazing Shom Shom Shom Shamo Shasha anthem by Sitar playing General Dong aka Amrish Puri (of Dongrila), the cross dressing, the rip off of Old McDonald had a farm in Mere Dil mein tera dil hai eeya eeya o, the dancing Dharam Paaji on Put on the ghungroo on my feet and watch my dirrama, the overtly patriotic Mukesh Khanna, young looking Pallavi Joshi or hypnotic Firdaus Dadi, passable Sonu Walia or Ekta…..the truck scene where they served them a unique drink – god I don’t wanna type more. Read another hilarious review here.

3. Gopi Kishen – Who can forget the kid crying – ‘mere do do baap!‘. The double role of Sunil Shetty, buxom Shilpa Shirodkar in tight bright lehengas, catty Karisma and the famous Hanuman Ji scene. 100% fultoo masala potboiler bole to!

4. Thaanedar – O c’mon don’t tell me you don’t remember the path breaking – Tamma Tamma loge and Madhuri and her famous black dress. Coincidentally at a wedding I actually saw a girl wearing the same outfit much to our surprise! Sanju baba fooling the poor villagers and they singing his praises in the long title song……pehli pehli baar aisa thanedaar aaya!! 😉 or the nerve wrecking song for all the recently married grooms – jab se hui hai shaadi aansu baha raha hu, aafat gale padi hai usko nibha raha hu

PS IMDB tells me there is a Thanedaarni as well 😀

5. Raja Babu – Shakti Kapoor, yes that is what I remember the most from this movie now with his shorts and naada coming out and jumping and yelling – Raja baabu aa gaye. The songs were OTT – Aa ee ooo mera dil na toddo or Pak Chik Pak Raja Babu and and and the highly embarassing Sarkaye Leyo Khatiya jaada lage. Trust me only Lolo and Chichi can make this song look cute while mouthing and acting the vulgar meaning lyrics!

6. Saajan Chale Sasural – One of the few movies apart from Biwi No.1 where Tabu has a gala time crying OTT and being a pati parmeshwar type wife. Tum to dhokebaaz ho – the video of confusion, Govinda dancing in hotel’s adjacent rooms with both wives. The climax scene where all of them are hung on a rope! The cute Ram Narayan Baaja baajjata……

7. Hathkadi – Well kudoz to Govinda for the third entry in my list. This movie had him in a double role opposite Madhoo and Shilpa shetty (with or without her original nose that I ‘d have to probe further). The songs were quite a chartbusters – Lekar Tujhko Jaunga Dulhan Aanan Fanan, Mere Chaandi Jaise Baal Kamaal Kamaal. The double role was well played by Govinda, I liked him specially in Rajnikath’s role.

8. Dil Tera Aashiq – Salman and Madhuri starrer with Anupam Kher playing a strict uncle falling head over heels with wig wearing fat Madhuri. This had some chartbusters as well – Dil Tera Aashiq, Namaste Namaste. Madhuri portrayed the role of a poor girl so poooooooor that she didn’t had food in her home and the home was worse than a regular house maid’s home, still she had perfect lipstick, modern clothes and the attitude of a city girl! Waah

9. King Uncle – Rakesh Roshan’s production starring SRK, Jackie Shroff and Anu Aggarwal (!!!!). The cute girl child was the same girl who played Kajol’s baby sister in DDLJ and she also appeared in Nazia Hassan’s remix video – Aakhein Milane Wale. The story was cute and the girl did win lots of hearts. Anu played the stupid PA to strict and boring Jackie Shroff. The lovely snowy locations and a cute song featuring SRK and Nagma on a cycle in fields (anyone here who remembers the song??? Ooo ooo actually I remember now Is jahaan ki nahi hai tumhari aankein, aasma se ye kisne utari aankhein in Nitin mukesh’s voice!)

10. Trimurti – Subhash Ghai’s magnum opus, a film too high on hype and low on quality – this one tanked at the BO so badly that it left Mr Ghai poorer (a la Yaadein, Yuvvrajj) I just thanked god because the cliched role of strong yet revenge seeking mom was not given to Rakhi but to apni Rajni – Priya Tendulkar; I mean god why – why does she have to raise her sons to seek revenge from Thakurs all the time (mere bete aayenge, my fingers are digging inside my palm right now). Top three stars of Bollywood of that time – Anil Kapoor, Jackie Shroff and SRK were casted in this movie where Mohan Agashe played the baddie. Songs were needless to mention superhit on Superhit Muqabla, sample these – Bol bolle bol tujhko kya chahiye, Duniya Re Duniya very good very bad

11. Roop Ki Raani Choron Ka Raaja – Boney Kapoor’s magnum opus that teee tanked at the BO flat out. One of the most expensive movies of 90’s it featured Sridevi and Anil Kapoor in lead roles, songs were a rage and so was Sridevi’s dancing. I don’t remember anything further about this movie…..

12. Mehndi and Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat – Well these are put together as I don’t see any other reason to separate these two where the similarities begin and never end with buxom and thigh thunderous Rani doing weird dance moves with Shadaab Khan and then Faraaz Khan and gives social message in such thakela manner that you feel like screaming and cursing your existence on this planet. God Bless you Vikram Bhatt and K.Jo for adopting her and giving us the perky Alisha of Ghulam or hawty Tina of KKHH.

13. Ishq – ROFL, LMAO……the first half is a roller coaster ride with constant fighting of Aamir and Juhi – yelling at each other, throwing tooth pastes, killing each other with fake knife, coming as a ghost in night, a long smooch and the funky dance on ‘Neend churaai meri kisne o sanam’, the hilarious scene of walking on wire from roof top saying ‘Ram Ram mara mara‘ while hinting to the deaf servant – don’t cut the wire or his master telling him I told you to cut another wire! O god my stomach hurts while watching this scene. End note – Mr Lova Lova teri aankhon ka jaadu or Shweta Menon in white short skirt dancing with the boys on cacophony of Anu Malik’s Humko tumse pyar hai jiya bekraar hai aaja meri bulbul

14. Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa – If my memory serves me right this came out at the same time as Jurassic Park. I remember this as my bro went out with his friends for this movie and I cried my heart out sulking in dad’s lap till my eyes swelled for him to take me out for JP. That was my first movie with dad and we both enjoyed it a lot! Coming back to KHKN – its a cute movie with amazing scenes showing father-son emotions. Naseerji is great here as a church Father and so is SRK. The movie had some of the most beautiful numbers – Woh to hai albela, Aye Kaash ke hum, Aana mere pyaar ko na, Deewana Tera Deewana or one of the rarest dramatic story telling songs in history of bollywood – Sachi ye Kahaani hai sun lo meri jaan. Ashutosh Gowariker played the role of a band member too.

15. Judwaa – ‘Oonchi hai building‘, ‘Tan Tana Tan Tara‘, ‘East or west India is the best‘ – Salman Khan in double role with Rambha and Karisma in this crazy mind caper. The innocent Salman was my favorite. Total time pass.

16. Hello Brother – Havaldar Hatella aka Johnny Lever, Pungi baja, thunderours thigh Rani in toooo short mini skirts and Arbaaz Khan in this heart transplant crazy love story.

17. Khiladi – 100% entertainment bole to paisa wasool. The mother of all Khiladi legacy movies. The awesome murder mystery with cool college pranks, awesome songs and cute chemistry between Akshay and Ayesha Jhulka. The heart rendering ‘Waada Raha Sanam Honge Juda Na Hum or the naughty ‘Khud Ko Kya Samajhti hai‘ – this is shudh ghar ka desi asli khaalis Abbas-Mustaan production for you.

The others that are coming in my mind are Chamatkaar, Guddu (both SRK starrers), Dulhe Raja, Kshatriya/Parampara (/ intended as both have too similar a story line with different ensemble caste), Hindustani (mind blowing music by HRH AR Rahman – Latka Laga Dia Humne Jhatka Laga Diya Tumne, Maaya Machindra, Telephone Dhun mein hasne waali – yes people I still listen to these numbers – they are in my iPod 😀 ), Viraasat (beautiful movie with impressive performances from Anil Kapoor, Tabu, Pooja Batra and Amrish Puri – who can forget – Taarein Hai Baraati or Payali Chunmun or Dhol Bajne Laga), Hero No. 1 (Chi Chi again – Sona Kitna Sona hai – full too take on 70’s Baawarchi!), Coolie No. 1 (Chi Chi Karisma again with Husn hai Suhaana and Kader Khan with his comic timing), Beta and Madhuri’s hot Ouch Dhak dhak karne Laga…eh I know too many right now…..come on share your potboilers too in the comments below.

You know you know one! 😛



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Aamir – a rare gem

Blogosphere has been mushrooming with reviews on Sarkar Raj. These days bloggers are giving their verdict on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na/Thoda Pyaar thoda Magic/Love Story 2050.

I was earlier regular at posting my reviews on latest movies I saw. But I discontinued it to reasons unknown to me too….but this movie- this rare gem made me write a dedicated post..

Aamir is a tight thriller about a muslim guy Aamir who is welcomed by strangers thrusting a mobile phone in his hand at the airport. His life shifts onto the top gear and his medical profession takes a backseat in order to save his family. He is brainwashed to become a real Musallman. Aamir was released on 6th of June alongwith Sarkar Raj. The producers took a big gamble considering the fact that this movie doesn’t boasts of a start studded caste. The film’s crew, caste, director(Raj Kumar Gupta)-all are debutantes. It takes a lot of courage to compete against the stalwarts of cinema- the BACHCHANS.

A must watch

A must watch

I saw Sarkar Raj first and then Aamir. As much as I was disappointed with Sarkar Raj I was shaken by Aamir- so much so the movie gave me goosebumps and I had eaten half my nails by the climax. The movie explores so much..the scenes are actual shots taken in Mumbai street and the characters in the background are real people with real emotions. The plethora of emotions showed by Rajeev Khandelwal almost shocked me. I am aware of his acting prowess but this movie is like a jewel in his crown. The background score is in sync with the movie and so is the cinematography. The movie doesn’t looses at grips anywhere. Though I have read few critics sying – that no reason has been given by the script as to why Aamir was the chosen one. I feel there was no need howsoever to show a reason. The movie openly explores the spirit of being a sacha musalman. Why for the sake of religion the whole community is labelled as traitor? Why do we not call Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan or Salman Khan or Irfan Pathan a musalmaan every time we see them on screen. Why do we love the bhajans written by Javed Akhtar and give him National award for penning Pal Pal hai bhari from Swades? I know people who are still not comfortable with sharing the same table with a muslim. This same issue was shown in the only good story RICE PLATE in Dus Kahaniyaan. Aamit tell us that we can make our own destiny….but it can get ruined too in the name of a concept that doesn’t occurs to us- RELIGION. Aamir Ali studies hard and gets scholarship and goes to London. He is a victim like many of us who haven’t got admission in management/engineering/medical thanks to the reservation system and yet fought and emerged successfully as a good doctor(will tell you about my story later……)

The movie doesn’t lets your mind boggle with these ethical or religious questions while watching..but it leaves you with a big question when it ends. Aamir becomes Aamir in the end – the chosen leader…he shows he is a follower of islam and follows his heart. I wouldn’t say it’s a thriller-because cheap churn outs like Woodstock Villa are also labelled as thriller. Aamir is a beauty- a dark beauty that makes you sit and realize the real power Cinema beacons. Its a coincidence that the movie is namesake of another actor who has realized this power and canvassed it in form of another gem- Taare Zameen Par. The songs are nice- specially ha Raham (Mehfuz) -its too good..I can listen to it back to back.

Somewhere I am at fault for not writing this earlier and not doing my bit of mouth publicity. I take full responsibility and apologize for my behavior and hereby ask my readers to take one and a half hour of their life and see this master piece.

I am proud of Aamir’s team. And kudoz to them for having the courage to launch it…….and kudoz to Rajeev for not having a Yash Chopra like romantic film as his debut platform. You’ve got guts dude…..all the best.

What is ethic to you, me or them?

I remember vividly the subject Business Ethics we had in third semester and how proudly our course director announced- this is a relatively new subject and not even IIM-Ahmedabad has teachers or relevant books for it. I passed the discipline with a GPA of 9 courtesy all the search I did on internet to read theories related to ethical decision making. But even standing at that surprising GPA I bear no capability to define Ethics per se.

I read Indian news stories daily, I see global news daily, I use endorsed brand daily, I make an environmental related decision daily- and they are all related to ethics. My wordweb dictionary defines ethics as ‘A system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct’. But who is to explain the context of acceptable. It’s a fancy word some philosopher used to veil his inability to measure anything that is pure right or wrong- anything that is pure black or white. It’s just a picayune excuse some genius picked up to write heaps of circumlocutious non meaning theories to hide the evil sides- the grey sides.

The topic of this post is -What is ethic: to you, me or them? When I see a poor kid in CRY print advertisement I resolve to adopt a child but never do it in reality…but when I do see a kid enjoying Baskin Robbins ice cream I nag my partner to go to parlour and take one bite. Am I ethical?

When I see my fellow friends being conscious and aware enough to dedicate a post on youth Unite about Bhookh and add a badge on their WordPress blogs…I aimlessly click on the feedthemouthxxxxxerrttsomethingsomething.com site in hope to feed the hungry……but when I don’t like the taste of a dish I vainly leave the whole dish go in trash cans with a certain arrogance. Am I ethical?

I see a movie daily- that’s my routine and a way to rewind after sitting in the comforts of my workstation and sipping endless mochachinno’s and tapping laptop glaring into the matte finished screen. I see the imaginative world of songs and dance routine- criticize them and then compare with better quality English movies safely ignorant of the situations in Somalia/Myanmar/China/India. Am I ethical?

I read about rising rates of rapes and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing a post. I read about deplorable conditions of elderly and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing another post. I read about Aarushi and her ill fated media tryst and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing yet another post. I sit conveniently in the calm comforts of my electrically heated bed and write about people I can’t help. I talk about rapes- but have I researched what’s actually happening to women in Gulf countries or Asia? I talk about elderly not doing a thing for my own mother who is alone in India. I talk about Aarushi and let some perverse people find a way to write their even more perverse ideas about horrible things and do not even attempt to moderate them in honor of Freedom of Expression. Am I ethical?

I see a larger than life Shahrukh talk superfluously claiming that how his son was upset when he couldn’t see a match and how he bought a whole cricket team for him to relish! Now you people – who treat him ahead of god can be kind enough to tell me a single just a meagre quote from this man about his daughter? Wait he has a daughter- oh yes he does…But does he ever talks about her? No…never. Way to go King Khan our Indian hero- you’re perfect ambassador to support Female Foeticide cases in Harayana or Punjab. Wait a minute- but you need to charge a crore for that..no you can’t do that..but shell out a few crores more and you can prance around in your underwear in a glitzy Page 3 private party. So why don’t we leave the ambassadorship of Polios and Female Foeticide to Aamir Khan and Mr. Bachchan and then malign them by blog-wars? Or why not smoke a cigarette in public and set an example to youngsters to take light (pun intended) and forget that others exist. So back to square one- Is he ethical?

A team in Olympics works hard and manages to win a bronze medal and we get to read about it in the sports section right under the major write up on Irfan Pathan’s love life all revealed on Orkut. A Police Officer stresses that Shruti was found in OBJECTIONABLE state totally unaware of even the poor girl’s name and dares to speaks this in front of hungry carnivorous reporters. An actor takes a cool cheque for two crores to endorse a cola brand and a physically challenged Pullela Gopichand declines few thousands to endorse a cola brand saying it’s not good for children’s health. The actor gains publicity and is seen on billboards and Pullela is lost in his own loop of same picayune excuse- Ethics. Is the actor/Police Officer/Reporter/Media ethical?

You take it from here my friend. Congratulations for coming so far till the end for this is a heavy dose post not a page 3 gossip or some perverse tips giving post. You must have felt something too or had a connection with my inner callings….still you will head straight out of this browser window and open Orkut/Facebook/MySpace/Gtalk/Yahoo/MSN/Skype and talk repeatedly- ‘Sup? Aur Batao? What’s new ‘; without even bothering to let your inner calling grow and make you aware or even write a line about it here assuring me I am not insane to write this. Here my friend the question is – ‘Are you Ethical?’ Think about it and if you know the answer then for my sanity’s sake drop a line or two.


New age Indian Cinema for Children~Taare Zameen Per

Kudoz to Aamir Khan………..Kudoz to you!!! You genuinely deserve a standing ovation for the extraordinanry performance as Director ..as an actor you actually never had anything to do in front of that kid -Darsheel Safary (Ishan)…a gem has been found…The kid deserves Best Actor Award in National Awards category…….not a la Screen Awards Best Child Artist.He shows an entire gamut of emotions-laughter, angst, frustration, humilation,sparkle,separation, joy,solitude et al….

The entire movie kept me fixated…although the year 2007 did manage to have a movie dealing with the similar theme-Apna Aasman starring Anupam Kher and Shobhna. But somehow it couldn’t touch the heart like Taare…did. Its beautifu, pure and transparent. It shows the simplicity glorified in its finest sense.

I also somehow had problems like Ishan in my school days. I was always confused between ‘Lesser than greater sign < or >‘. I could never get it. I knew which number was greater but still don’t know why always put the other sign. Forget that till today I spell one letter backwards while typing like problme(thanks to Spell check you hardly see them here). Analysts say that this is a sign of getting Alzheimer’s disease in old age.

But I did face lot of problem back in school regards to my< or >. 🙂

The treatment of caning is another important aspect which gave me goosebumps.

The title track makes me move. Every word that comes out reminds me that truly-‘Child is the father of the nation.‘ Its simply beautiful, the words are carelessly comparable to every child. Little dreamy eyed angel full of hundreds of questions and with their own interesting answers, their long explanations, their long sequences of whys, their genius discoveries….

The Maa song is beautiful. It belongs to all of us-ain’t it? All kiddies, rebellious teengers, carefree college kids, messy working kids..to those hwo( I am leaving this otherwise who unattended to show I still make my spell mistakes) even have their own kids. We don’t show but we do love our Maa. After all she was indeed our first friend. Miss you Mummaa!

I feel it is brave on part of Aamir Khan to carefully select children as his theme for his very first directorial venture.

Rockford by Nagesh Kukunoor is another gem that falls into the same category.Few years back NDFC did produce few films for children but it also faded away like an old book under dust! NDFC lost its focus but its good to see a mainstream actor choose a subject very well avoided by film makers.

Film makers like Vishal Bhardwaj (Makdee, The Blue Umbrella) have made an earlier attempt and they deserve their fair share of accolades too.

Thank you makers….for enriching the film content for children and why only them for elder ones too. For reminiscing us of our old school day; for making us aware that we are not going to throw our children in the competition or rat race. we are not going to compare them with our relatives or neighbour’s kids and we are not going to make them believe they’re going to be future doctors, engineers, CAs or Managers. They will be what they want to be!

This movie should be straight away made Tax-free and be declared mandatory for all schools………..

Aamir-You did manage to make me teary eyed in the last few scenes……

Will wait for your next venture!!!

All the best! ) to you Aamir and all future film makers of multiplex movie or crossover trend who dare to think different and make something for children!