New Geography

Well I have always been amused by the statements of somebody-nobody called Raj Thackeray. Not because of the fact that I support his views and not even because I am against. I read his statements to laugh out on a clown’s imagination and self belief that he has finally become the ‘Hero’. I laugh at his mind’s radius which is so small that we can’t even see it now! I laugh over how can someone become so illiterate and backward in 2008 – coming from an influential family? I laugh at this guy’s CV expereince of vandalism in name of Indian culture by burning card galleries! I laugh at this guys amateurish and backward effort to get Orkut banned totally unaware of how his own family’s children are having profiles on the networking site!!!!
Quite frankly who is this guy anyway- RAJ THACKERAY. Is he the chief minister or the governor of Maharashtra or his local den- Mumbai? Family lineage trace him to be nephew of Bal Thackeray who was another man who imposed his dogmatism on Indians and gave us the legendary – Shiv Sainiks who are expert in vandalizing, creating new laws a la Taliban. He has got his freedom of speech and enjoys his moments of fame while speaking blatantly on the microphone amongst even sillier reporters who create a big byte out of his mindless crap.
He has been in open war against the Bachchans when the Bachchans have been polite and resilient enough to come out and apologise for god knows what!!!!! Looking at Raj T’s past records -why shouldn’t he ask the Republic of India to create Mumbai as a stand alone state and make him the self proclaimed King oops the CM.
He says that North Indians are crowding Mumbai and are still doing favors to the other North Indian states from where they hail from. But how do we stop someone from their philanthropic acts in the name of regions. Should we start asking NGOs and other social organisations to first confirm the states of the donors and then work out the fundings accordingly? And why not even ask the blood banks to ensure the blood of a North Indian is provided only to the North Indian and not South Indian?
Mumbai is the commercial capital of India and is cosmopolitan just like Delhi. People are working towards the upliftment of the corporate and financial sectors. They are contributing their efforts towards boosting the Indian economy rather than the local hub’s economy. What will Mumbai be in reality if the other region people weren’t there? Majority of them would be still doing fishing or working in Sugar mills! What does Raj T got to say to the depleting Parsi community? What does he got to say to the Gujarati community? Should Ambanins pack their bag and move to Gujarat? Does Raj T has the determination, intellect and charisma to create another ‘Reliance’ and provide jobs to the thousands of Mumbaikars who will lose the job? Will he ask the Mangeshkars to sing and compose a ‘Mumbai Anthem’, the same Mangeshkars who have created a charitable hospital with funds from all communities of India? Will Raj T allow the Indian Navy to have its dockyard and its crew members on the Mumbai port only if they are Mumbaikars?
If the answer to all the above is true then might as well give him what he needs.
And not forgetting – tomorrow, another somebody-nobody will get up from Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta, Ludhinana. Amritsar demanding his own little state.
We will then forget the Kashmir and Eastern conflict and will solely dedicate ourselves in making a new provincial India.
So dear friends- prepare yourself for a new provincial India; the geography is about to change courtesy one man -THE LEGENDARY RAJ THACKERAY. Future beckons to him. Lets all bow in front of his extra ordinary thoughts and write odes praising his excellent policies.
‘Jai Mumbai’ ‘Jai Delhi’ ‘Jai Banagalore’ ‘Jai Kolkatta’ and please don’t put me in jail if I haven’t mentioned all the new states. You see I am still learning my Geography.


Aamir – a rare gem

Blogosphere has been mushrooming with reviews on Sarkar Raj. These days bloggers are giving their verdict on Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na/Thoda Pyaar thoda Magic/Love Story 2050.

I was earlier regular at posting my reviews on latest movies I saw. But I discontinued it to reasons unknown to me too….but this movie- this rare gem made me write a dedicated post..

Aamir is a tight thriller about a muslim guy Aamir who is welcomed by strangers thrusting a mobile phone in his hand at the airport. His life shifts onto the top gear and his medical profession takes a backseat in order to save his family. He is brainwashed to become a real Musallman. Aamir was released on 6th of June alongwith Sarkar Raj. The producers took a big gamble considering the fact that this movie doesn’t boasts of a start studded caste. The film’s crew, caste, director(Raj Kumar Gupta)-all are debutantes. It takes a lot of courage to compete against the stalwarts of cinema- the BACHCHANS.

A must watch

A must watch

I saw Sarkar Raj first and then Aamir. As much as I was disappointed with Sarkar Raj I was shaken by Aamir- so much so the movie gave me goosebumps and I had eaten half my nails by the climax. The movie explores so much..the scenes are actual shots taken in Mumbai street and the characters in the background are real people with real emotions. The plethora of emotions showed by Rajeev Khandelwal almost shocked me. I am aware of his acting prowess but this movie is like a jewel in his crown. The background score is in sync with the movie and so is the cinematography. The movie doesn’t looses at grips anywhere. Though I have read few critics sying – that no reason has been given by the script as to why Aamir was the chosen one. I feel there was no need howsoever to show a reason. The movie openly explores the spirit of being a sacha musalman. Why for the sake of religion the whole community is labelled as traitor? Why do we not call Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan or Salman Khan or Irfan Pathan a musalmaan every time we see them on screen. Why do we love the bhajans written by Javed Akhtar and give him National award for penning Pal Pal hai bhari from Swades? I know people who are still not comfortable with sharing the same table with a muslim. This same issue was shown in the only good story RICE PLATE in Dus Kahaniyaan. Aamit tell us that we can make our own destiny….but it can get ruined too in the name of a concept that doesn’t occurs to us- RELIGION. Aamir Ali studies hard and gets scholarship and goes to London. He is a victim like many of us who haven’t got admission in management/engineering/medical thanks to the reservation system and yet fought and emerged successfully as a good doctor(will tell you about my story later……)

The movie doesn’t lets your mind boggle with these ethical or religious questions while watching..but it leaves you with a big question when it ends. Aamir becomes Aamir in the end – the chosen leader…he shows he is a follower of islam and follows his heart. I wouldn’t say it’s a thriller-because cheap churn outs like Woodstock Villa are also labelled as thriller. Aamir is a beauty- a dark beauty that makes you sit and realize the real power Cinema beacons. Its a coincidence that the movie is namesake of another actor who has realized this power and canvassed it in form of another gem- Taare Zameen Par. The songs are nice- specially ha Raham (Mehfuz) -its too good..I can listen to it back to back.

Somewhere I am at fault for not writing this earlier and not doing my bit of mouth publicity. I take full responsibility and apologize for my behavior and hereby ask my readers to take one and a half hour of their life and see this master piece.

I am proud of Aamir’s team. And kudoz to them for having the courage to launch it…….and kudoz to Rajeev for not having a Yash Chopra like romantic film as his debut platform. You’ve got guts dude…..all the best.

What is ethic to you, me or them?

I remember vividly the subject Business Ethics we had in third semester and how proudly our course director announced- this is a relatively new subject and not even IIM-Ahmedabad has teachers or relevant books for it. I passed the discipline with a GPA of 9 courtesy all the search I did on internet to read theories related to ethical decision making. But even standing at that surprising GPA I bear no capability to define Ethics per se.

I read Indian news stories daily, I see global news daily, I use endorsed brand daily, I make an environmental related decision daily- and they are all related to ethics. My wordweb dictionary defines ethics as ‘A system of principles governing morality and acceptable conduct’. But who is to explain the context of acceptable. It’s a fancy word some philosopher used to veil his inability to measure anything that is pure right or wrong- anything that is pure black or white. It’s just a picayune excuse some genius picked up to write heaps of circumlocutious non meaning theories to hide the evil sides- the grey sides.

The topic of this post is -What is ethic: to you, me or them? When I see a poor kid in CRY print advertisement I resolve to adopt a child but never do it in reality…but when I do see a kid enjoying Baskin Robbins ice cream I nag my partner to go to parlour and take one bite. Am I ethical?

When I see my fellow friends being conscious and aware enough to dedicate a post on youth Unite about Bhookh and add a badge on their WordPress blogs…I aimlessly click on the site in hope to feed the hungry……but when I don’t like the taste of a dish I vainly leave the whole dish go in trash cans with a certain arrogance. Am I ethical?

I see a movie daily- that’s my routine and a way to rewind after sitting in the comforts of my workstation and sipping endless mochachinno’s and tapping laptop glaring into the matte finished screen. I see the imaginative world of songs and dance routine- criticize them and then compare with better quality English movies safely ignorant of the situations in Somalia/Myanmar/China/India. Am I ethical?

I read about rising rates of rapes and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing a post. I read about deplorable conditions of elderly and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing another post. I read about Aarushi and her ill fated media tryst and take out my angst onto wordpress by writing yet another post. I sit conveniently in the calm comforts of my electrically heated bed and write about people I can’t help. I talk about rapes- but have I researched what’s actually happening to women in Gulf countries or Asia? I talk about elderly not doing a thing for my own mother who is alone in India. I talk about Aarushi and let some perverse people find a way to write their even more perverse ideas about horrible things and do not even attempt to moderate them in honor of Freedom of Expression. Am I ethical?

I see a larger than life Shahrukh talk superfluously claiming that how his son was upset when he couldn’t see a match and how he bought a whole cricket team for him to relish! Now you people – who treat him ahead of god can be kind enough to tell me a single just a meagre quote from this man about his daughter? Wait he has a daughter- oh yes he does…But does he ever talks about her? No…never. Way to go King Khan our Indian hero- you’re perfect ambassador to support Female Foeticide cases in Harayana or Punjab. Wait a minute- but you need to charge a crore for you can’t do that..but shell out a few crores more and you can prance around in your underwear in a glitzy Page 3 private party. So why don’t we leave the ambassadorship of Polios and Female Foeticide to Aamir Khan and Mr. Bachchan and then malign them by blog-wars? Or why not smoke a cigarette in public and set an example to youngsters to take light (pun intended) and forget that others exist. So back to square one- Is he ethical?

A team in Olympics works hard and manages to win a bronze medal and we get to read about it in the sports section right under the major write up on Irfan Pathan’s love life all revealed on Orkut. A Police Officer stresses that Shruti was found in OBJECTIONABLE state totally unaware of even the poor girl’s name and dares to speaks this in front of hungry carnivorous reporters. An actor takes a cool cheque for two crores to endorse a cola brand and a physically challenged Pullela Gopichand declines few thousands to endorse a cola brand saying it’s not good for children’s health. The actor gains publicity and is seen on billboards and Pullela is lost in his own loop of same picayune excuse- Ethics. Is the actor/Police Officer/Reporter/Media ethical?

You take it from here my friend. Congratulations for coming so far till the end for this is a heavy dose post not a page 3 gossip or some perverse tips giving post. You must have felt something too or had a connection with my inner callings….still you will head straight out of this browser window and open Orkut/Facebook/MySpace/Gtalk/Yahoo/MSN/Skype and talk repeatedly- ‘Sup? Aur Batao? What’s new ‘; without even bothering to let your inner calling grow and make you aware or even write a line about it here assuring me I am not insane to write this. Here my friend the question is – ‘Are you Ethical?’ Think about it and if you know the answer then for my sanity’s sake drop a line or two.